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CCDC continues to serve the local families and villages during the rising cases of COVID-19 in India.

Covenant Child Development Centers are located in two specific districts, in two different states.  A majority of CCDC centers are in the Prakasam District of Andhra Pradesh.  Two are located in the state of Telangana in the Khamman District. Both states have been struggling to keep the COVID-19 cases under control.

For nearly three months, India has been in a state of on-and-off lockdown. 
But for a long while, the lockdowns seemed to work -- there were no recorded cases of COVID-19 in the rural areas of Telangana, particularly in Khammam, where these two CCDC centers, Yellandhu and Vallapuram, are located. After many weeks, lockdown was lifted, and people began to go about their lives.

However, all of that changed a few weeks ago. A local villager from the Khammam district was reported to have contracted COVID-19 during a visit to the city of Hyderabad, infecting -- accidentally -- several people before becoming symptomatic.

Days later, the people of Yellandhu and Vallapuram woke up to discover that lockdown was once again imposed in their villages. These people have lived off of meager government assistance for months, as it is nearly impossible for a day laborer in rural India to save enough to sustain their families for long periods of time without work. Now, they are being plunged back into economic uncertainty -- but this time, the virus is spreading around the district, too. 
A local newspaper documents the first cases found in Yellandhu.
Your support of these centers during the 2020 pandemic has been irreplaceable as it gives these local churches substance to their Sunday sermons.
By the grace of God, none of the CCDC children, nor their families, have contracted COVID-19.

Despite this, CCDC is persistently trying to minister to our families' every need, be it spiritual, material, physical, and educational. 
The streets of Yellandhu are empty now. But the struggles that the people are facing have only just begun. We ask for prayer not only for the children and families of Khammam district, but for our CCDC staff as well, who work tirelessly to support the vulnerable people of this region. 

CCDC friends, we are praying for you during this trying time. Thank you for your support and care for our mission in rural India. 
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