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Kavya is a young girl who lives in the village of Alagaya Palem, outside of Ongole, CCDC’s headquarters in Andhra Pradesh.

No school means a life of desperation for Kavya
Before she was enrolled in a CCDC, Kavya was the main caregiver at her home. Her mother, Papamma, works all day and her older sister, Poleramma, goes to government school. Unfortunately, her father, Tatayya, is an alcoholic – he leaves early in the morning and returns late at night, sometimes drunk to the point of unconsciousness. When her father is drunk, he rages and beats his family. When work is poor in the region, he takes all of the family money and spends it on drinking.  This is a common problem in rural, agricultural India.

These rough conditions, coupled with neglect and deprivation, thrust Kavya prematurely into adulthood, and also took from her the innocence and opportunities of childhood. At one time, Kavya was also enrolled in government school, but preference was given to her older sister. Kavya was always behind her sister in academics, and never had enough food to eat during lunch breaks. She would wear dirty rags to school and her teachers considered her shabby and worthless. Eventually, Kavya’s father pulled her out of school. He thought it was not worth it to send her anymore.

Kavya’s grandmother sees an opportunity and grabs it!
Shortly after this, Kavya’s grandmother, Meeramma, began to notice the neglect that Kavya’s family had put her through. She took responsibility of Kavya and readmitted her into school, this time with fresh clothes and enough food to facilitate her studies. Since Kavya has moved in with her grandparents, she has become a Christian and still prays for her family daily. Kavya’s grandfather has given her the father-daughter relationship she never had. For once, and thanks to grandparents who have a hope and vision for her life, Kavya is in a place where she is loved.

CCDC works closely with families in rural India to give hope and opportunity to kids like Kavya.
Now that Kavya is enrolled in the local CCDC, she has learned practical life skills along with her education. This time, Kayva excels in all subjects. Kavya’s grandmother says that Kavya is liked by all of her teachers, even the ones who used to think poorly of her. Kavya’s life has undoubtedly taken a turn for the better. She prays for her family’s salvation so that one day, they can experience the hope that she has been given as well.
Because of you, Kavya and others have a chance to live a full life
Thanks to your generosity, Kavya's story is far from complete. Every day, CCDC helps hundreds of children from circumstances just like Kavya's, and we're only able to do so through the grace of God and the kindness of our partners like you. If you are interested in helping CCDC on our mission to bring education and hope to the poorest areas of India, please consider donating here.
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