Dear colleagues,

I hope you had a nice summer and feel refreshed for the fall work season. I did :) and I am now available to help you with your projects 
  • Petroleum system studies - regional to prospect scales
  • Play-based exploration evaluations
For your reference, here is my CV and Recommendations on LinkedIn.

Here are a few examples of what I can do for you:
  1. Fluids character in your basin or prospect? - It’s not just about a source.
    Seals commonly get a passing thought only because we don’t have much data. However, migration scenario testing at any exploration stage can give you a powerful statistical a graphic indication what fluids to expect in your prospects and basins. Seals do not just control whether a trap holds a charge. Seals fractionate fluids and exert an important control on the character and distribution of accumulated fluids. The triage of source character - fluid PVT - migration/seal fraccionation all must be considered together from early regional exploration onward.

  2. Early reservoir quality assessment
    Simple quartz cementation model will give you a good indication of what porosities are possible and probable in the earliest exploration phases yet hardly anyone applies it even in the major companies. Forget about the outdated concept of "porosity floor". This is an easy way to get ahead of others... and if you are in an appraisal phase you can predict porosity and permeability with high accuracy (majors know). And did you know, in toe or tectonic thrust regime, porosity evolves very differently from passive margin setting? 

  3. Done with PSA and basin modeling?
    Modeling best serves its purpose when performed iteratively. Model is never “done”. It is a tool that is to be used to explore ideas (scenarios) and implications of new data and to communicate within team. It should be continuously interrogated, checked against data/ideas and updated. Thinking within the framework of petroleum systems is the way we should explore. If you haven’t touched your petroleum systems model for a year you are probably missing its benefits

  4. In need of a PSA support?
  5. Starting a new exploration or PSA project?
  6. Regional mapping?

If you think about these or other exploration issues, don't hesitate to contact me.
For your reference:
In the meantime, check out these resources on petroleum systems: 

Looking forward to work with you.

David Rajmon, PhD
Consulting Geologist
Petroleum Systems Analysis, Exploration Geology

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