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Inlet Protection You Can Count On 

Product Spotlight: The Silt Saver Dome

When you need on site drop inlet protection, chances are you're installing a silt fence box with 2x4s and silt fence fabric.
The box holds up fairly well until the first rain event hits. Sediment laden runoff starts to pool around the silt fence fabric instead of filtering and releasing. The pooling runoff also softens the soil where the stakes are driven.  
As weeks go by, you move equipment, new contractors enter the site and there's more bad weather. The silt fence fails, the wood posts collapse and now you have an inspector who is ready to hand you a fine or a stop work order.  
If that scenario sounds familiar, it's time you find a better solution. 
Replace silt fence boxes with Silt Saver Domes
Clean off inlet before installing Silt Saver Dome
The Silt Saver Dome is designed to provide long term protection without risk of collapse. The strong HDPE frame is covered with a highly efficient filter fabric and is weighted in place with stone or sand. The only maintenance required is the occasional filter clean up after major storms. 

Key Details

  • VDOT Approved for Standard EC-6 Inlet Protection
  • Square or Round Domes available
  • Each Dome unit comes with a reusable HDPE frame and a filter
  • Additional filters can be purchased
Fill Silt Saver Dome with stones to weight it in place
Silt Saver Domes protect drop inlets
The Dome is most successful on multi-phase projects and high profile sites. If you are the responsible land disturber, you're responsible for Erosion Control maintenance even when you're off the project for long periods of time. With the Domes in place, you can rest assured that the inlets will be protected in your absence.
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