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Improve Sediment Basin Efficiency
Sediment basins are designed to capture sediment before outflow. However, when there is a high flow rate in the pond, sediment laden runoff quickly flows in and out of the basin. If sediment doesn’t have time to settle, it will contaminate stormwater systems, drinking water, rivers, lakes, etc.
Baffles slow the velocity of water so more sediment will settle in the basin.
Baffles can be constructed from plywood, silt fence or coir but for maximum efficiency, we recommend using Priority 1 Silt Fence.
Priority 1 Silt Fence installed as a baffle
What makes Priority 1 a superior baffle?
  1. Sediment removal efficiency
  2. Pre-attached with wood lath
  3. Internal scrim for strength
Priority 1 also performs well on transmission lines and long term projects

Removal Efficiency

Priority 1 (P1) has a 97.3% filtering efficiency (ASTM-D-1541) which means it removes more sediment during the dissipation process than standard silt fence. Water will flow through the basin at a reduced rate and sediment will be trapped. Plywood might be great for slowing flow but it can’t remove sediment like P1 can.
Priority 1 Silt Fence features an internal scrim for support


A wood lath attaches wood stakes every 4 feet on the 36” x 48’ roll. This connection is stronger and more dependable than staples. Installation is also faster and easier with pre-attached silt fence. Just dig the trench, install and backfill.
>>Download Installation Instructions

Internal Scrim

Priority 1 is one of the only products on the market that has an internal scrim woven into the fabric for added load support. Check out the test results for Priority 1 here
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Baffles provide turbidity control for retention ponds but for larger bodies of water you'll need to control sediment with a Turbidity Curtain. Learn more here
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