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Presidents Message
Executive Officer Report
Tasplan On Track
Resource Sharing Success
Special Interest Group Updates
Meeting with the Minister
Rocking the Cradle Review

Presidents Message

Welcome Members to another fantastic year with LG Professionals Tasmania.  As the newly elected President  I attended my first Presidents’ Summit in Canberra on 24 November 2016. As one of the two State Presidents, not on the National Board I really appreciated the opportunity to attend the summit and thank Andrew  Wardlaw for this great initiative.
My quick take from the President’s Summit is as follows:

  • Local Government Reform appears to be on the agenda in most mainland states
  • South Australia is dealing with planning reforms and rate capping discussions
  • Victoria have commenced rate capping and a major review of the Local Government Act
  • Western Australia have rate capping discussions underway and a review of their 1995 Local Government Act
  • LGMA WA is changing its name to Local Government Professionals Australia, Western Australia which will align with the Federation name and branding.
  • In the Northern Territory following elections in August 2016 the new Labour Government that won in a landslide has abolished the Local Government portfolio and there are currently 3 CEO vacancies among the 17 Councils
  • Queensland have 2 councils with advisors appointed and a recent history of astonishingly high CEO turnover. One council has had 5 CEO’s in 4 years.
  • New South Wales are still dealing with amalgamations and court challenges

Closer to home, 2017 promises to be a big year with the National Congress in Hobart and the Australasian Management Challenge.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Board members for their ongoing contributions to the Board.

I would also like to thank Alyce for her smooth transition into her role. Finally, a big thank you to Karen Hampton for her significant contribution as President for the past two years and the previous six years as a Board member.

Over the next twelve moths I will attempt to get to as many Branch meetings as possible to keep abreast of your issues.

I look forward to an eventful and productive year.

Gary Arnold

Dear Members and Subscribers,

Welcome to 2017!

I sincerely hope that this year is an amazing year for you and your families and wish you a most prosperous 2017.

We have recently released our calendar of events which can be found on our website HERE and a downloadable and printable version is also available should you find this handy.

Kicking off the new year I would like to thank all those who attended our Annual Conference in October at the stunning Cradle Mountain Hotel.  Overall, it was a very successful event and the professionalism and engagement of the speakers was amazing.  This year, we are pleased to announce that the Southern Branch will be hosting the conference and although the bar has been set high after Cradle Mountain I’m sure the event will be spectacular.

A reminder that the Australasian Management Challenge is now open for registrations and with only limited time left for the early bird discount, I encourage you to get your teams in now.  This fantastic hands on team work event will be held in Hobart in March and further information can be found by visiting our website.

I look forward to seeing you all sometime at our events over the next 12 months. 

If there is anything I can assist you with or if you have any feedback to provide, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Kind regards,


Tasplan On Track

Tasplan is introducing a new investment option that might just be perfect for you!
People have different investment habits and different feelings about risk. Some are close to retirement and others, nowhere near it.

Tasplan OnTrack – is a new kind of investment option (for Tasplan Super members) that changes with you over your life. In this option, your investment strategy shifts in four stages from long term growth when you’re younger to a safer approach as you get older.
As our new default option Tasplan OnTrack will become our MySuper product and MySuper balanced will be renamed Balanced.

The four Tasplan OnTrack stages

Tasplan OnTrack:
  • automatically reduces risk as you age
  • means Tasplan shifts your investments for you
  • is an improvement on a traditional ‘one size fits all’ strategy.
Next steps
To find out more: Not a member, yet? Join Tasplan at

Resource Sharing Success In Tasmania

In an ever-changing environment and in time of uncertainty around continuation of resources, councils in Tasmania are expected to do more with less.  Across Australia State Government Policies have focused on council amalgamations as the solution for improving community outcomes, however, four Tasmanian councils have managed to achieve cost savings in excess of $1.5 million combined and improved processes through the implementation of a resource sharing model.

Unlike amalgamations whereby councils are merged into a single operational entity, resource sharing provides councils with the ability to maintain individuality and serving the communities they represent whilst gaining economies of scale, improved service quality and increased strategic capacity.  Resource sharing involves sharing assets such as people and capital between collaborating councils to achieve mutual benefits.

The councils of Kentish, Latrobe, Waratah-Wynyard, and Circular Head in Tasmania engaged the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government and the University of Technology Sydney Centre for Local Government (UTS:CLG) to review their resource sharing arrangements. The review considered governance and decision-making arrangements, the current State Government reform agenda, strategic capacity of the councils and a financial analysis of savings from resource sharing arrangements.

The success achieved between these sets of councils has been fantastic and the work they have done demonstrates the possibilities and opportunities resource sharing can provide.

The full media release from UTS:CLG can be found here

The recent Human Resources Special Interest Group meeting saw a presentation on a council specific online learning system from Global Vision.  This system called 'Team Builder' is offered by our counter parts LG Pro Victoria and as such, LG Professionals Tasmania is investigating the possibility of this system in conjunction with LGAT.  The HR group had a rundown on the system and an opportunity to see its features and will be giving the system a test run for applicability to the sector prior to further developments.   This meeting also had fantastic discussions between council representatives in attendance on areas such as EBA's, council policies, disputes and resolutions  and everything else HR related.

If you are interested in joining the Special Interest Group meetings, please register your attendance at the next one here

The Legal and Property SIG met in mid December to discuss the Building Act, sale of land and property for unpaid rates and the implications of Air B&B and the Planning Scheme.  It was a very informative session with Marc Edwards from Page Seager providing excellent advice and information to the questions raised by attendees. 

The sale of land and property for unpaid rates was a topic of much discussion that had council representatives sharing their experiences and  knowledge as how to best address this issue in varying scenarios.  Following this meeting, the group enjoyed a networking lunch.

If you are interested in joining the Legal and Property Special Interest Group meetings please register your attendance a the next session here.

LG Professionals Events

9/2/2017 - HR SIG Meeting
22/03/2017 - Management Challenge
23/03/2017 - Legal and Property SIG Meeting
04/04/2017 - Management Excellence Awards

At the recent LG Professionals Board meeting in December 2016, the Directors met with the Honourable Peter Gutwein, Minister for Planning and Local Government to discuss emerging issues facing the sector.  This meeting was very productive and a range of topics were discussed in depth including:
  •  Update on the Targeted review of the Act
  • City Deals future scope and application LG Reform and feasibility studies
  • Update and feedback provided on the Planning and Building Regulations
  • The focus of the LGD for the future
  • The Governments Interest free loan scheme
These discussions with the Minister allow us to ensure that we continue to provide relevant and timely information and events for Local Government Professional members.  It was pleasing to note that the Minister is dedicated to continuing to support Local Government in delivering better community outcomes and working with our association and our members to achieve this.


Rocking the Cradle Review

Although long overdue for a report, the October Annual Conference was a big success with feedback from delegates indicating that the speakers have been some of the best had at a conference to date. 

The conference was officially opened by Mayor Don Thwaites immediately after the AGM on the 13th of October and kicked off with a powerful presentation from Adam Mostogl on the topic of 'Change and Innovation'.  Following on, Kathryn McCann addressed the audience with an amazing presentation on 'marketing and engagement', which, without a doubt, was a highlight presentation for many in attendance.  The room was buzzing with energy and the enthusiasm Kathryn bought to her presentation was so much so that there wasn’t a spare seat in the room.

The conference continued with its high opening over the course of the afternoon with presentations from Rod Collinson on ‘Uberizing employment’, Ian Waller providing insight to the Cradle Coast Authorities ‘Master Plan’ for the Cradle Mountain region and finally the day closed with Clynton Jaffray from Productivity Improvers talking about ‘Thinking Lean’ and the application of councils operating in a lean innovative context.

As always, the Commonwealth Bank Conference Dinner was a success with delegates networking across tables and enjoying the social atmosphere of what was a very informative and successful first day.

The second day kicked off with a few tired faces from the day (or evening) before and opened with a relaxed session to introduce the newly elected LG Professionals President Gary Arnold and sought feedback from delegates on the year ahead.  After a short break the speakers kicked back off again with an engaging presentation from Anthony O’Hearn from Cradle Coast Adventures where he discussed the success story of adventure tourism at Cradle Mountain.  Gretel Chen followed on with a very informative presentation on 'Innovation in councils' showing recent examples of councils across Australia demonstrating innovation in their areas but also highlight some risks in relation to Intellectual Property.

 Another key highlight (especially for Hawthorn supporters) was the final presentation from David Cox, who, like Kathryn the day before, showed innovation with marketing, brand awareness and engagement with the target community.  David gave us some insights into the success of the Hawthorn brand here in Tasmania.

Despite some minor IT issues throughout the event, it ran relatively smoothly and the Executive Officer and organising committee didn't seem to have too many more grey hairs by the end of the event.  A big thank you to our wonderful sponsors as without them and their support for our member’s professional development in the sector we wouldn’t be able to run such quality events.

This year it is the Southern Branch’s turn to host the conference and the bar has been set high to improve on the Cradle Mountain conference, however I’m sure they will rise and exceed the challenge.

Thank you to all those delegates who attended, I look forward to catching up with you again at the next event.

Kind regards,

"I know of no single formula for success. But over the years I have observed that some attributes of leadership are universal and are often about finding ways of encouraging people to combine their efforts, their talents, their insights, their enthusiasm and their inspiration to work together."
 - Queen Elizabeth II
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