Newsletter No.58 – 20th September 2021

  1. Traffic in the Triangle
  1. Signage
The Committee followed up with the County Highways Authority (CHA) as to whether the 20mph signs situated at entry junctions will be repositioned to make them more conspicuous and, if so, when.
The CHA responded that recent work has included some vegetation clearance and adjustment of the signs on the existing posts to try and make them more visible. The CHA is hoping that with this and the additional 20mph repeaters the message to drivers would be reinforced.
The Committee reiterated that, in its view, the principal issue, particularly with the junctions between Hanger Hill and Pine Grove and Hanger Hill and Princes Road, is still the closeness of the signs to the road junctions concerned which means that drivers negotiating the often difficult traffic conditions are focused on what they are doing and not on a sign which is quite high in the air above them as they make the turn. The 20mph road markings could have ameliorated this somewhat, but they too have been placed right at the end of Princes Road and Pine Grove, instead of some yards along the road, so they too can be passed without being taken account of.
We await the CHA’s response.
  1.  Potential future works
Potential trial closure of Princes Road and Pine Grove/modal filters
In the Newsletters No 56 and 57 we referred to the idea which originated with SCC that Princes Road could be closed at a point between York Road and Hanger Hill and Pine Grove at a point between Dresden Way and Daneswood Close, in order to address the issues of speeding, rat-running and illegal use by HGVs.
Our thanks to those residents who have shared their views, which appear, at this stage, to be reasonably equally divided.
Further views would be welcome to inform our thinking and provide additional perspectives. The Committee will then assess whether it would be worthwhile putting the option of a trial of the proposal to a popular vote.
For any trial to take place there would have to be a Triangle wide vote with at least 70% of respondents in favour of proceeding.
  1. Planning application 2021/2765, 85 Queens Road on land to the Northwest of Campbell Cottage and No. 1 Beacon Mews, South Road Surrey KT13 9DZ
This is an application for the construction of a two-storey building comprising two-semi-detached cottages to the rear of 85 Queens Road on land to the Northwest of Campbell Cottage and No. 1 Beacon Mews, South Road, Weybridge.
No off-street parking is proposed. This application therefore fails to address adequately the amenities of residents and the significant additional and cumulative parking pressures that it would impose on the surrounding area already subject to acute and increasing traffic and parking stress to the detriment of residents. It should therefore be rejected as contrary to policies DM2 and DM7 of the Development Management Plan 2015.
This is one of several applications from apparently different applicants submitted by Halo in respect of this particular plot. Previous applications (with the exception of 2021/2588 still under consideration at the time of writing) have treated the plot as separate from the developments at No.85. This proposed development should be considered alongside the developments under way and proposed for No.85 as they are clearly part of the same plot. The submission of multiple applications and the flip-flop by the developers between treating this as one site or two is a constant source of unnecessary confusion for residents and detrimental to coherent planning for the most effective use of the former Café Rouge site. The decisions made by Inspectors in relation to the rejected appeals on No.85 (2020/1288, 2020/0473, and 2020/0265) and the arguments made by residents and officials in respect of the applications on the land NW of Beacon Mews rejected (2020/2174 and 2020/2179) or still awaiting a decision (2020/3188, 2020/3190, and 2020/3213) should therefore be taken into consideration.
The current proposal does provide a survey in an attempt to show that there would be sufficient non-controlled parking spaces available in the area to justify no parking provision. This survey fails to sustain the developer’s case. In particular:
  • The survey was taken well after midnight. It gives no indication whatsoever of daytime parking pressures. All it confirms is that there might be some parking spaces if people arrived home in the early hours.
  • The survey was undertaken when business activity was far from normal as a result of the lockdowns. This was particularly the case in the late-night hospitality businesses, considerably reducing the demand for parking.
  • The Queens Road village is a mix of business activities and residential properties. There is also a school (Manby Lodge) close by. The bars and restaurants along the Queens Road parade, the Jolly Farmer pub in Princes Road, the several businesses in Princes Road and New Road, the boutiques and hairdressing saloons, and the offices and businesses just off the main road, all generate substantial demand for parking space across the day.
Thanks to the 7 residents who have objected. TRG will shortly be submitting an objection. 15 objections, as a minimum, are required to elevate this application to the Planning Committee
Residents are encouraged to object. They can do this by email to, remembering to include the application details and number and their own name and address, or via the EBC portal at 2021/2765
The closing date for submissions is 24th September 2021.
  1. Appeal, 91 Queens Road, Weybridge, KT13 9UQ Appeal Reference APP/K3605/W/21/3271737 in respect of Planning Application 2020/1007
The application was for a detached two-storey building containing 6 flats with no off-street parking.
The appeal’s start date was 14th September 2021. It will be decided on the basis of an exchange of written representations.
TRG will be submitting a representation.
 All further representations must be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate within 5 weeks of the start date quoting the appeal reference. Representations can be made on-line at
Alternatively, residents can send comments to: The Planning Inspectorate, 3D Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol BS16PN
  1. Planning application 2021/2558 in respect of 85 and Land rear of 85 Queens Road Weybridge Surrey KT13 9UQ.
This application is for a detached two-storey building, ostensibly for retail space and storage with no provision for off-street parking.
The plans are for a two-storey building suitable ready for easy, almost immediate conversion into 4 apartments.
Even were its use to remain as retail space and storage, parking would still be needed for employees, for visitors to any retail outlet and for deliveries to the storage facility. In TRG’s view, concerns about the parking implications for the Triangle remain just as valid for this proposal as for previous applications
17 objections, including one from TRG, have been lodged.
The application is currently under consideration. Residents can still object to the planning application by emailing, remembering to include the application details and number and their own name and address, or via the EBC portal 2021/2558
  1. 85 Queens Road Weybridge Surrey KT13 9UQ  2021/1552
This was an application to convert the first-floor accommodation above the existing shop into 2 flats.
The certificate of lawfulness for proposed use or development has been granted by Elmbridge.
  1. 85 Queens Road, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 9UQ – Application 2020/3289
The application for a roof extension creating a fourth floor on top of the former Café Rouge building, incorporating a roof ridge height of 2.4m to create a 2-bedroom 3-person apartment with a front balcony is still under consideration. This is a variant of the already refused application (2020/0473).
43 objections have been registered.
  1. Land North West Of Campbell Cottage And 1 Beacon Mews South Road Weybridge Surrey KT13 9DX  (Application 2020/3213)
 This was an outline application for a detached two-storey building to provide 4 flats (28 objections),No off-street parking was proposed in this application.
It was resubmitted to the Planning Committee on 16th September 2021, where it was refused, principally on the grounds of zero 0ff-street parking provision (DM7).
  1. Land North West Of Campbell Cottage And 1 Beacon Mews South Road Weybridge Surrey KT13 9DX  (Applications 2020/3188 and 2020/3190)
The applications are as follows:
  1. Outline application for a detached two-storey building to provide offices for use by the visually impaired (24 objections to date)
  2. Outline application for a detached two-storey building to display works of art (not for sale) (24 objections to date)
No off-street parking is proposed in either of these three applications. If either were to be approved, the parking burden would fall on already saturated local roads, principally Princes Road, York Road and Oatlands Avenue.
While these applications are under consideration, residents who have not done so already, can still object by emailing, remembering to include the application details and number and their own name and address, or via the EBC portal at 2020/3188 and 2020/3190.
  1. Wessex South Road Weybridge Surrey KT13 9DZ - Planning Application 2021/0245
This is an application for a detached, three-storey block of 10 flats following demolition of existing house. Approval has already been granted at appeal for a three-storey block of 9 flats. The developer would appear to be seeking to increase its profitability by this intensification.
This change would have little apparent impact on the dimensions of the building. However, an additional apartment would add further to cumulative parking pressures. As the Inspector discounted lack of off-street parking provision in the appeal, saying there would be parking availability in neighbouring roads which are not protected by parking restrictions, objections on these grounds in this instance are unlikely to be sustained.
5 objections have been lodged which means the decision will be delegated to the Planning Officer.
The closing date for objections was 10th September 2021 but residents can still object while it is under consideration. They can do this by email to, remembering to include the application details and number and their own name and address, or via the EBC portal at 2021/0245
  1. TRG Committee & Communications
Triangle residents who would like to join the Committee or participate in TRG activities should email  or speak to Nick Thripp on 01932 855579.
TRG normally communicates with residents via email. Please let us know at if you would like to be added to our e-mail list.
The TRG Committee (Nick Thripp, Dave Arnold, Ferdi Fischer, Greg Popper and Alan Wright)



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