TRG Newsletter No 3, November 2016
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November 2016 Newsletter

Dear <<First Name>>,

We would like to update you on some important developments which are likely to have a significant impact on The Triangle.

1. Clive House, 12-18 Queens Road, KT13 9XE

For those who missed the exhibition on 3rd November 2016 at the Oatlands Park Hotel of PegasusLife’s intentions for the development of the former driving test centre at Queens Road, they would appear to be as follows:

* Change of use from office to residential.

* A four-storey apartment block set closer to Queens Road, with the top storey set back by a couple of metres (the developers claim it is therefore a three-storey or a three and a half storey development!)

* Apartments aimed at over 60 year old ‘downsizers’.

* Height line level with the top point of the building on the corner of York Rd.

* Building line pushed forward to level with that of the building next door and to the church.

* 30 parking spaces for 30 two bedroom apartments. (The developers claim that 65% of over 60s don’t have cars, but the source of that data, and whether it is national or based on relatively wealthy people in places like Weybridge who are at the lower end of the 60-100+ year old spectrum isn’t clear).

* No additional spaces for visitors.

* Entrance for vehicles via York Road.

* No parking space at the front and lack of clarity as to where deliveries will be made.

We have already received numerous comments from Triangle residents and plan to collate these and send a summary to Keeble Brown, the developer’s agent, before 18th November.

If you have any feedback from the exhibition which you have not shared yet, or have any reactions to the above description, please:

(i) Email Keeble Brown preferably by 15th November 2016 and, at the latest before 18th November (email address (ii) Copy your response to TRG at

Residents’ feedback we have received to date has included concerns over:

* The entrance and exit to the new development being on York Road which is already congested with parking on both sides. The exit to Queens Road has no right turn which means that a great deal of the traffic from residents, visitors and delivery vans will use Princes Road in order to avoid the no right turn.

* Anyone wanting to access Hanger Hill from the new development will turn right on to Princes Road which will take them past Manby Lodge infant school which is also heavily congested with both traffic and pedestrians at school drop off and pick up times and therefore potentially dangerous.

* Under provision of parking (some residents are sceptical about the over 60s car ownership data.)

* Height of proposed building.

* Mass and bulk of proposed building (though we won’t have definite facts on these until plans are formally submitted).

* Building line being closer to the road.

* Loss of employment opportunities (on top of those lost at former Trident Honda site).

* Over provision already of residences for the over 60s in the locality.

* Character of proposed building (ugliness, flat roof etc).

* Irritation that the ‘gateway’ justification is being used yet again to justify a large building (as it was in the Morrisons site, in the approved application for the Grotto Site, in the approved application for the former Trident Honda site, in the Sunrise homes site at the roundabout linking Queens Rd and Seven Hills Road etc.)


2. Wessex House, South Road, Weybridge, KT13 9DZ (Planning Application 2016/3250)

There is an outline application (Wessex House, 2016/3250) for a detached two-storey building with rooms in the roof space comprising eight flats following demolition of an existing three bedroom house in South Road.

No parking provision is proposed.

In the Design and Access Statement, the following explanation is given for the absence of parking provision:

‘No vehicular access or car parking is proposed since the site is adjacent to the town centre with good access to metropolitan public transport and is therefore, at a highly sustainable location. The Highways Authority says that car parking is not required for developments at sustainable locations and “where this facilitates the most efficient use of land.”’

In the TRG committee’s view this statement is wrong. The site is not adjacent to the town centre. It is tucked in behind Queens Road. The bus service there is poor. While one could walk to the station from there, it is a good distance and most would prefer to drive. Most professionals - and we assume this is the market at which this is aimed - own cars.

We are also conscious that further on-street parking is not available in South Road and that Queens Road is also at capacity.

The consequence of this is that, if approved, several additional cars will be parked within The Triangle, particularly in Princes Road, which you will also be aware is also at full capacity (and that’s without taking into account the impact of additional cars from the former Trident Honda site, when that goes ahead, and Clive House, if that goes ahead.)

Quite apart from the parking issues, this is a case of blatant over-development which will swamp the entire site as well as growing in height.

The TRG Committee has objected to this planning application.. You can read the objection letter here.

If you share our concerns, please register your personal objection with Elmbridge Borough Council by 25th November 2016. You can do this by sending an email to, making sure to include the planning reference (Wessex House, 2016/3250), your name and full address (if you don’t your submission will be ignored), or by making your submission directly into the planning system via the EBC website using the reference 2016/3250 to locate the application)


3. Strategic Priorities

In a very constructive meeting between the Committee and Cllr Gray to discuss the Strategic Priorities, it was agreed that the priorities should be:

(i) Carrying out a detailed review of the bend in Pine Grove with a view to developing an acceptable solution which would mitigate the safety risks.

(ii) Install a pedestrian refuge in Princes Road at the junction with Queens Road, install a speed table at the entrance to Princes Road from Queens Road, and reshape the bend outside the former Trident Honda site so as to slow traffic entering Princes Road.

(iii) Introduce a 20mph limit throughout ‘The Triangle’.

Cllr Gray said he was supportive of all the above initiatives and, in respect of (i) would allocate sufficient funds to carry out a study in 2017. In respect of (ii), above, he would need the support of Surrey Highways Department, which he would seek, before he could allocate money.

In respect of (iii), above, in the expectation that this initiative will not be supported by Surrey Highways Department without the demonstration of considerable local demand for it, the TRG Committee will proceed by way of a petition to The Surrey County Council Local Committee on 27th February 2017.

TRG Committee members believe that early action on the three immediate priorities is essential, principally for safety reasons, but that the other issues raised by the Strategy continued to form part of a holistic solution to safety concerns raised by Triangle residents and need to be addressed in due course.

To this end the Committee is also continuing to engage in discussions with Councillors with some good progress being made. (For example through their good offices the repainting of road markings - which featured as a concern in responses to TRG’s questionnaire - have been expedited.)


4. TRG Website
Our website is now live: It's a great resource for any TRG-related matters should you have missed anything. Take a look.


If you would like to comment on any of the above or raise any other issues with the Committee, please email

With best wishes,

The TRG Committee (Nick Thripp, Dave Arnold, Lorraine Barnett, David Chiu, Ferdi Fischer, Bernadette Keane, and Alan Wright)

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