The results of the 2016 TRG Traffic Survey
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Thanks to everyone who completed the TRG1 traffic survey.  The purpose of this note is to share the results, tell you what we have done since, and let you know our plans.
1.       The Survey 

The Executive Summary can be viewed at the bottom of this email and the full report can be viewed here. We received 82 replies (circa 20% return, which is robust for unsolicited, unrewarded surveys.) In short, respondents consider there to be six serious problems affecting both Pine Grove and Princes Road (and the roads served by them). Each road also has two serious problems of its own.
2.       What we have done since and the advice we have received
We have met with representatives and a prospective candidate of St George’s Hill Independents and St George’s Hill Conservatives and shared the Executive Summary with them. We were encouraged by their openness to the concerns raised. We received helpful advice on how to progress including:

  • To formalise TRG as a residents’ group to add weight to our standing with relevant local authorities including Surrey County Council (SCC).
  • To collect data, develop proposals supported by evidence and put them to the SCC Local Committee rather than purely raise problems for SCC to resolve.
  • As funds are limited, advice on the presentation of a persuasive case in order to secure investment for any improvements.
3.       What we plan to do
  • Formalise TRG. We will draft and circulate a constitution and convene a public meeting at which it can be discussed/amended and ratified. We intend only to address major issues that affect or have the potential to affect The Triangle. The formalisation of TRG will be the subject of a separate communication.
  • Gather evidence, which may involve traffic and parking monitoring, speed checks etc.
  • Conduct informal discussions with representatives of SCC and Elmbridge BC
  • Submit our case for consideration at the SCC Local Committee on 27th June 2016.

Some of these activities are likely to be time consuming and we would welcome volunteers. Please email us if you are willing to help.

If you have any questions, reactions or thoughts on the foregoing, please speak to Dave Arnold, Lorraine Barnett, Bernadette Keane, Nick Thripp, Justin True or Alan Wright or email us.

TRG is a group of residents from roads within the triangle formed by Queens Road, Hanger Hill and the main London to Portsmouth railway line



Residents of Pine Grove and Princes Road set up Triangle Residents Group (TRG) in February 2016.


TRG canvassed views of residents living in the primarily residential roads of Pine Grove, Princes Road and the side roads they serve on the traffic issues which particularly concern them.


A questionnaire was distributed to residents and 82 responses were received. Overall the response rate was about 20%. Two thirds of the responses were from residents of Pine Grove and Princes Road. Residents were asked to score twelve identified issues from 1- 6 where 1 is no problem and 6 indicates a serious problem. Residents were invited to make any additional comments.


Analysis reveals that across the TRG area residents consider there to be a serious problem with the volume of traffic (which includes a high commercial vehicle content) frequently moving at speed along roads with blind corners and junctions which are made even more awkward by parked vehicles obscuring sight lines and reducing road widths to singe lane.


In Pine Grove residents additionally consider narrow or non existent footways frequently obstructed by parked cars to be serious problems. In Princes Road poorly maintained roads and obstructed drives and access ways are additional serious problems. The survey results for the issues of major concern by road are summarised in the chart below.

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