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Newsletter No. 5: January 2017

Dear <<First Name>>,
We would like to update you on some important developments which are likely to have a significant impact on The Triangle.
1. Clive House, 12-18 Queens Road, KT13 9XE (Planning Reference 2016/4126)

Pegasus Life has now submitted its formal application to develop Clive House. (Planning Reference 2016/4126) 

The TRG Committee, both in writing and in a meeting on 8th December 2016, made sure Pegasus Life was aware of residents’ concerns, which we summarised at the meeting as:
- Height/Mass/Bulk
- Moving of the building line closer to Queens Road
- Character of the building and fit with local environment
- Traffic and parking issues.

Despite this feedback, the plans remain substantially the same.

The TRG Committee will consider the application in greater detail and submit its comments to Elmbridge Borough Council (EBC) in due course.

We would encourage all residents to view the plans on the EBC portal and upload their own representations.

Alternatively the EBC Planning Department can be emailed at, in which case it is essential to include the Planning Reference (2016/4126), and your name and address. Those who prefer to do so can write to EBC at the Civic Offices in Esher, and must also include the planning reference and their address.
The closing date for representations is 3rd February 2017.
2. 20mph Zone and HGV ban: Petition to Surrey County Council’s Local Committee.
The TRG Committee has designed a petition to introduce measures including a 20 mph zone and restrictions on HGVs throughout The Triangle to put to Surrey County Council’s Local Committee on 27th February 2017.

We will be knocking on all doors in The Triangle to ask for signatures to support this petition. We believe the more signatures we collect, the more weight the petition will carry with the council. Please support us.
The petition and the background to it are as follows:
We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to introduce more effective traffic management measures along Princes Road, Pine Grove and York Road (South), Weybridge, aimed at reducing traffic volumes and speeds. In particular we call upon the Council in the interests of safety, reducing risks and improving the quality of life for local residents to introduce as a priority a 20mph Zone across this area, supported by appropriate traffic calming measures and restrictions on HGVs.
The three roads in Weybridge at the centre of this petition are two way through roads giving access to a residential area bounded by the strategic routes of the A317 (Queens Road) and the B373 (Hanger Hill) and the main-Portsmouth railway line. The area is characterised in Elmbridge planning guidance as ‘leafy suburban [with] generally narrow streets (around and including Pine Grove and Princes Road)’. Several short cul de sacs are accessed off Pine Grove and Princes Rd.
The road layouts raise a number of key safety concerns for residents that include:
• Wide sweeping junctions at the junctions of Queens Rd, York Rd and Pine Grove with Princes Rd encourage traffic to cut the corners at speed before entering the narrow section of roads beyond. Similar corner cutting takes place at the narrower junctions of Princes Rd and Pine Grove with Hanger Hill;
• Dangerous blind bends on the approach to Manby Lodge adjacent to the Jolly Farmer pub in Princes Rd, between the electricity sub-station and Dresden Way and between Angas Court and Daneswood Close in Pine Grove;
• Narrow carriageways along Pine Grove and between the Princes Rd junctions with York Rd and Hanger Hill (particularly outside Manby Lodge infants’ school);
• Parking  in the narrow sections and on both sides of the road on Princes Rd (between York Rd and Pine Grove) and York Rd effectively reducing the carriageways to a single lane for most of the day and obstructing sight lines at key points (including for residents attempting to leave their properties);
• The absence of pavements on Princes Rd adjacent to the cricket field and on the north side of Pine Grove between Dresden Way and Windsor Walk. In addition a significant proportion of the pavements in Pine Grove are below normally accepted standards.
The safety risks to residents, pedestrians and cyclists have been compounded in recent years by increased traffic in this area. In particular:
• Traffic moves through the area at speed because the through roads are used as rat runs at peak periods by traffic, including HGVs, seeking to avoid the traffic build ups at the twin roundabouts at the top of Monument Hill which is a key junction of the A317, B373 and A3050 (Oatlands Drive) funnelling traffic either through or by-passing Weybridge town centre on its way to the M25, towards Walton Bridge or up to Weybridge station and beyond to Brooklands and the A245 and A3. The junction can be avoided by traffic of all descriptions heading towards it along Hanger Hill and from Queens Rd cutting through Princes Rd or Pine Grove and by traffic along Oatlands Drive diverting along York Road until it joins Princes Rd.
• Parking saturation exists throughout the day, along Princes Rd in particular, by employees and customers of the shops and businesses (including pubs and restaurants) and parents attending the local school. Inconsiderate parking is common, creating hazards from through traffic for residents entering and leaving properties due to blocked sight lines, and vehicles overlapping drives.
These problems are likely to be exacerbated as, for example, Manby Lodge School undergoes its planned expansion; and as more development is crammed into this area (for example at the Trident Honda site on the corner of Princes Rd and Queens Rd  and the Clive House site). There is little evidence to suggest that the cumulative traffic effects on neighbouring areas have been assessed.
In 2015, in response to growing local concerns about the risks of over-development and about the impact of increasing traffic volumes and parking pressures, a Triangle Resident’s Group (TRG) was formed with a particular remit to press for action to secure a more holistic approach to handling traffic management problems in the area.  Local residents recognise that ad hoc measures to deal with a problem in one part of the Triangle might simply create difficulties elsewhere and that there are constraints, including finance, on local authorities’ freedom to act as quickly as they might wish. However, the area is sufficiently self-contained to lend itself to a properly considered traffic management improvement plan that might be rolled out over a period of time.
Residents also recognise that other traffic calming measures would be needed to make a 20mph limit effectively self-enforcing. The signatories are in effect asking for the imposition of a properly signposted 20mph limit and of restrictions on HGVs as essential first steps towards creating a 20mph Zone throughout the area. This should be supported by a systematic assessment of the most effective measures needed to ensure that such limits can become self-enforcing. These measures might include, for example, the narrowing of and/or introduction of pedestrian refuges at the wide junctions of Princes Rd with York Rd, Queens Rd and Pine Grove; redesigning the junction of York Rd with Queens Rd to ensure more effective policing of the No Right turn restriction; and the role speed tables might play in slowing traffic at key points. A specific study of the blind bend problem in Pine Grove has already been agreed and the results will need to be fed in to the overall traffic management plan that emerges from this wider assessment of how to deal with the problems identified in the Triangle.
There may be other options identified in the course of this overall assessment and there is scope for some proposals, for example road narrowing, to be introduced on an experimental basis at low-cost. The signatories also recognise that the outcome will need to be subject to wider consultation to secure the widest possible buy-in from the residents of the Triangle.
If you have any questions, comments or reactions, please email
3.  Consultation on the New Local Plan

Residents are reminded that EBC will be holding an exhibition of its proposed Local Plan on Tuesday 10 January (7-9pm in the Lecture Hall, 1st Floor Weybridge Library), and are encouraged to attend and comment.

The plan seeks to lay out where thousands of new homes will be built in Elmbridge, and will impact directly on the scale and density of future developments, associated traffic and parking issues and encroachment on green belt.
The consultation will end at 4pm on 10 February 2017.
4.  TRG Website

Don’t forget that our website containing a lot of TRG-related matters is live:
If you would like to comment on any of the above or raise any other issues with the Committee, please email
We wish you a very happy 2017,
The TRG Committee (Nick Thripp, Dave Arnold, Lorraine Barnett, David Chiu, Ferdi Fischer, Bernadette Keane, and Alan Wright)

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