Reinvent, Repurpose, Remake


As announced last month, for this year’s regional conference we decided to run a series of events and social media-based actions under the thread “Reinvent, Repurpose, Remake”

The conference will have a focus on sustainability and wellbeing and although we are still finalizing a couple of events, there are many you should be aware of

1. You can participate in the conference by sending us a short video in which you share tips others should know about (READ MORE). 

2. We have events you will be able to attend and listen to in real-time (SIGN UP: LInk) and events which will be pre-recorded and available on Instagram TV ( FOLLOW: LINK)

3. We will be sending individual emails detailing each event in the next few days


(make sure you check our events page for updates)


(From today, 5th, to 11th of October)


This week, starting today, our Chair Cristina Lanz Azcarate will be hosts at the Australian-based Instagram account for Parlour? LINK

The group is fully committed to supporting female presence in the architectural profession and Cristina will be joining their endeavour (as Chair for NAWIC London and South East) by sharing a selection of the portraits of Architects(*) from the NAWIC London and South East collaboration with the very talented photographer Morley von Sternberg FRIBA, “The Image of Women in Construction” which Morley and Cristina have curated.

Cristina will be using Parlour’s international platform to call for more diversity by showing more diversity. We know this is vital to ensure that we attract the diversity we need to successfully deliver the inclusive Built Environment societies need to thrive.

Do join Cristina in this journey and celebrate with us. LINK

(*) Parlour is a group specifically focused on supporting women in architecture this is why we will be showing architects.


We have  a permanent link in our website for you to find the latest events from NAWIC London and South East 


Memberships renewal:
The NAWIC London and South East team has decided to give our regional members a holiday until 2021.  
We all volunteer to support you and this is another way in which we want to be there for you through these challenging times.
(Renewal emails will be sent by the national team in January)
FREE Events:
Our region also decided to cover all costs for the regional events this year in order for you to be able to benefit without having to worry about costs.
The quality of the events and speakers has remained high and will remain so.
Access has been and will be open to all (members and not, from our region and beyond) until the 1st of February 2021 because we want to bring the benefit of our network to as many people as possible.

Ongoing partnerships of our region:
Our team has been speaking to several of our regular collaborators to formalise our partnerships beyond 2021. This will ensure that you will continue to have access to the opportunities they provide but also that the impact of our work will be widened. 

More on all of this to follow
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