Reinvent, Repurpose, Remake


As announced last week, for this year’s regional conference we decided to run a series of events and social media-based actions under the thread “Reinvent, Repurpose, Remake”

The conference will have a focus on sustainability and wellbeing 

You can participate in the conference by sending us a short video in which you share tips others should know about (READ MORE). 



21st of October 2020
Start from the basics:
Reduce impact by extending the life of textiles
Join this event live 
The fashion industry, together with the construction industry is ranking high in the list of polluters and this is, in part, due to the loss of life skills which only two generations earlier would have been available to most.

Repairing and remaking to extend the life to belongings used to be a common part of life but we learned to associate convenience with wealth and progress at a cost we are now obliged to face head-on.

As more societies see circular economies as a way to reconduct our trajectory, we want to start with the basics- our skills- to help us look harder at our everyday decisions.


This webinar will be about Fast Fashion – how to give your clothing a new lease of life and save them from landfill.

Learn from demonstrations how to mend moth holes in your favourite woollens, what can be done when trousers are torn or shirt collars are worn – also how to look after your garments and shop wisely.

Hosting this Clothes Clinic will be Islington based couture milliner Dorit Young MA (Dist.). She has been mending and altering clothes all her adult life and is passionate about wearing pre-owned fashion.


Circular economy 101
You will be able to watch on @nawicLDN Instagram TV
This discussion will sit under the thread of Remaking and will run on our Instagram account in parallel with our event  ” START FROM THE BASICS: REDUCE IMPACT BY EXTENDING LIFE ” (LINK) providing additional context for it.

Camille Gill is the Global Sales Development Manager at GoGreen Managed Services Limited, a company specialized in managing, repairing, and repurposing furniture for corporate clients.

Circular Economy is a big focus of their Business Model and in this interview, Camille will share her knowledge and explain how it can help shape the Construction industry to reduce our negative impact on the environment. 


Circular Economy is a term coined by architect and industrial analyst Walter Stahel in the late 70s  (link) and it has finally become part of our mainstream vocabulary in the past couple of years thanks to years of work by environmental organisations such as the Ellen Macarthur Foundation, books such as “Doughnut Economy” and teams within various industries which have taken the time to understand the role growth is playing in the current environmental crisis and are actively exploring ways to turn waste into gold. Even Freakonomics did an episode on the topic (LINK)



We will be sharing on Instagram TV career advice, sustainability, and wellbeing tips.

We would love to hear your tips

Repurposing Land and Buildings (live)

Circular Economy 101 (IGTV)
Start from the basics: Reduce impact by extending the life of textiles (Live)

Find a Job through Social Media (IGTV)

Family Friendly Screening of the movie 2040

Screening of the movie 2040 and panel discussion
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