It's unbelievable how another year has flown by. 365 days... It seems a lot on a first sign, but in a reality, they run so fast. At the end of the year, we reminisce all the good things that we experienced, all adventures and all lessons that we learned this year. We are standing on a step to start a new page. New year, a new beginning? If You have decided to start something new, go to the gym more often or start eating healthy, do it! All the best thoughts to You for achieving it. Every New Years eve is something magical when You can let inside the feeling of a miracle. The YMC 2017 Riga Organizers wish all the best to You. Realize unrealizable dreams, reach unreachable mountains and do the impossible! See You all after 134 days. :)
The Registration for YMC 2017 Riga!
Do not miss the opportunity to register as Early bird. It will be available only until 20th of January. The beginning of the year could be complicated and over fulled, so leave the stress behind and registered this year! The registration You can find HERE.
The history of moving industry
Have You ever though how this even started? Now we are the industry which is developing more faster than ever, but have You thought how happened the first move? How this even was possible? We had these questions, that's why we started to look for some history...
In ancient times, moving was conducted on sled-like objects (called travois by the French), which were loaded with belongings and pulled by horse or by hand. At this time, humans moved often, and had few belongings to take with them. However, once the agricultural period began, humans began to move less often. They also became more stationary, and accumulated belongings, making it more difficult when they did choose to move. Shortly thereafter, the wheel, and then the axel, were invented. From there, humans invented the wooden cart, the wagon, and eventually the rail car. Continue reading...
A little summary about YMC 2017 Registration
No worries, Registered Participant page is under little construction and will be updated soon, You will be able to see information about those, who has already registered for YMC 2017 Riga. Till then we have summarized information about received participant forms.
Countries from which registered the most participants till today:
1. Germany
2. Netherlands
3. United States

Outdoor activity which is preferable the most till today:
1. Airsoft
2. Go-kart with updates
3. Golf
Start to back Your bags for YMC, because it will be such a great fun! 
Strategy on low-emission mobility
On the 5th December 2016, Commissioner Violeta Bulc, Commissioner for Transport presented the most important strategies and legislations that will be addressed by the Commission in 2017. The Commissioner began by discussing her Strategy on low-emission mobility. The European Commission already started the implementation phase, but 2017 will be a turning point.The main elements of the strategy are the following: Increasing the efficiency of the transport system, Speeding up the deployment of low-emission alternative energy for transport, Moving towards zero-emission vehicles. Lastly, the European Commission will be working on the revision of Combined Transport Directive, new rules on the functioning of the market of buses and coaches and the revision of the Clean Vehicle Directive. Continue to FEDEMAC Newsletter for more information...
Massive change in the customs clearance process - moving to UK from 2017
Starting from 1st of January 2017 the clearance process will change in the United Kingdom. Now there is an on-line application available for Customs clearing. Starting from 1st of March 2017 on-line application will be the only format, which will be accepted by HMRC for Customs clearing items into the UK. Today UK Customs accept the paper copies of the C3, C104a and C1421, however starting from 28th of February these will no longer be valid and any shipment arriving after 28/02/2017 will require the importer to complete the on-line application. Read more...
News from Latvia
Road use charge
Since 1 July 2014, a road toll system is implemented in Latvia. The charge is paid for the use of certain sections of the main state roads by goods vehicles and combinations thereof, the maximum total laden weight of which exceeds 3.5t and which are intended or are used for the carriage of goods. As of 1 January 2017, please note that there will be no further exemptions from road user charges for vehicles, which, in accordance with regulations, were exempt from installing work and rest time recording equipment (tachographs). Read more...
Mandatory vignette to drive in Paris as of January 16, 2017
As of Monday 16th of January 2017, a vignette will be mandatory to drive in Paris. This new scheme covers all vehicles registered in Europe (cars, coaches, trucks, vans, etc.). The vignette (to be placed on the lower right side of vehicle window) will be mandatory for driving in Paris (entire city) from Monday to Friday, from 8 AM to 8 PM. The different categories of vignettes, based on the EURO class of the vehicles, will benefit from different driving and parking facilitation in case of pollution peak. The city of Paris has in the past (usually during summer time when pollution is at its highest) adapted various systems to reduce the number of vehicles on the road such as allowing only either odd or even number plates to circulate. EURO III vehicles are still allowed in the city until 1 July 2017.
You can obtain your vignette here (until beginning of January 2017, available for vehicles registered in France only). In the first week of January 2017, a new module for foreign registered vehicles should be added to the website of the French Government

About YMC 2017 Riga
     Young Movers Conference will be held in Riga, Latvia. The official dates for the conference are from Thursday, 11th of May, until Saturday midnight, 13th of May.  YMC 2017 is preparing for participants an entertaining program – conferences, meetings, discussions and professional training activities mixed with outdoor activities, party and lot of fun.
YMC 2018 - who? where?
     The Young Movers started in 1991 to organize their own European Conference. The Young Movers Conference (YMC) developed to become a yearly event being held somewhere in Europe with participants from all over the world. Each year the young movers of one of the European countries take over the responsibility to organize the next Young Movers Conference.
Even gossips are all around, until the very last moment the place for next YMC is kept in secret. This is a very special moment when finally, it is announced.
     Next YMC could be in your country and in your town. You should be located in Europe, you should be united with your decision to gather this event with other companies in your country, get the formal support from your National Association (if you have one) that is a member of FEDEMAC and you are almost a winner.
      Don't wait until the very last moment, otherwise you might wait for your chance for some years, send your proposal for and information about the place of YMC 2018 to
This is a public newsletter and, by Your own wish, You can share it with Your friends, colleagues and everyone who could be interested in attending Young Movers Conference. 
This is the 4th Newsletter. 3rd You can find here - YMC 2017 Newsletter Nr.3
Young Movers Conference 2017 Riga
Organizing committee
 Direct affiliate of FEDEMAC
FF International Movers
Riga, Latvia

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