Issue #41  |  Worthy Announcements, Valentine's Day  & More!
              Greetings Worthies, here's the news you need to know this month. 

Worthy Announcements
Worthies, will you be our Valentine? We hope you are enjoying the month of love so far! We have a few exciting announcements which we hope will add to your Worthy experience!

First, if you follow our social media platforms and actively read our newsletter you may have heard that Worthy participated in a program called Village Capital's Finance Forward 2019 Accelerator. After two months of working in the program with 10 other selected companies to evaluate and scale our venture, Worthy was selected by those participating as one of the top two companies. This means not only did we receive extensive knowledge from sponsors such as Pay Pal and other mentors, but we also collected a $75,000 grant from one of the other sponsors, Met Life Foundation, as a reward. Read the full article in the link below.

Are you following us? This month we're holding a contest on our social media platforms that gives you the opportunity to win free money!  Launching on Valentine's Day and running until February 20th, we want you to share what building wealth "Outside of Wall Street" means to you. The winner will be awarded 10 Worthy bonds (cha-ching, cha-ching)! You must have an active Worthy account and be following us on social media to enter. Connect with us by scrolling down to the end of our newsletter and following our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.

Sondra Faul is our Noteworthy bond winner this month. Thank you for actively tuning into our newsletter! 
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Valentine's Day Date Ideas
Just when the stress from the holiday rush has finally been left behind, Valentine's Day creeps up on us and brings our anxiety back to the surface! If you haven't had time to devise a Valentine's Day itinerary we found a few ideas that'll make your partner think you are a charming romantic. We've got you covered no matter what you had in mind. 

Date idea for the comics: Everyone loves to laugh, what better way to spend your time together than chuckling the night away? See if there is a comic show near you and hopefully the two of you will be laughing so hard you'll cry. 

Date idea for the artisans:  Take an art class together! There are classes everywhere which allow you to bring your favorite wine and snacks while an art instructor teaches you to paint artwork of your choice. Not a big fan of painting, but enjoy art?  You can simply try walking around a gallery together. 

Date idea for the chefs: Try having a cook off with your loved one. You can each make your favorite side dish or meal!

Date idea for the kind: Show your loved one your compassion for others by volunteering together. You'll never feel better about yourself or your significant other when the date is over after you have helped someone in need. 

More date night tips can be found in the link below. If you need help buying your Valentine a special gift, we also linked a helpful article below. 
More Date Night Ideas
Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Tips to LOVE Saving Money
For the month of LOVE we decided the best way to show our LOVE for you is to provide some pointers that'll help you LOVE to save. 
  • First, try to make saving your money a competition. If you saved $115 last month, are you able to put $150 away this month? Making your future self better off than your past self is thrilling.
  • Try tracking your progress towards your savings goal on a visible chart that you can color. You may find shading a chart childish, but it's satisfying to watch you grow closer to your goal.
  • Surround yourself with people who love to save rather than people who spend money. If you're a social media junky like most of us are, begin following accounts that pride themselves on saving money rather than spending. 
  • Lastly, Inspired Budget author Allison Baggerly encourages you to allow a monthly allowance for yourself which can be used to spend on whatever you want (that way, you don't feel deprived as you save!). This amount should be considered in your monthly budget.
For more helpful tips that'll help you LOVE to save, visit Inspired Budget's publication below. 
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Worthy's Employee Of The Month
We are so lucky we get to see this face every day! This is Fred our Manager of Underwriting in our lending division, but his other unofficial title is Director Of Smiles (he keeps the positive energy in the Worthy office with his contagious and always beaming smile)!  He has been with the Worthy team for 6 months and his favorite part about working at Worthy is watching our company grow and evolve.

In Fred's spare time he plays the trumpet in community orchestras, plays golf, goes to the shooting range and spends time with his wife. For Valentine's Day, he plans to spoil her and take her to their favorite steak restaurant  "Bourbon Steakhouse" (those lovebirds)!  Together they have two children and three grandchildren. Speaking of children, when he was young he dreamt of being a heart or brain surgeon. Although we know he'd make a great surgeon, we are lucky he chose the the financial world so he could be part of Worthy!  Thanks for all you do Fred!

Raising Capital Via Crowdfunding

Our CEO Sally Outlaw spent over 10 years in crowdfunding as a way to support entrepreneurs by helping to get them the capital they needed to grow their ventures. The three most popular types of crowdfunding are 1) Rewards-based (where there is no financial return for those supporting a campaign, the backer usually is just "pre-ordering" a product being created, 2) Donation based (where a person or entity is raising money for something like a cause or medical issue, etc). and 3) Investment-based (where the supporter of the campaign is buying stock or lending money to the business running the campaign for a financial return). After creating Worthy and making it effortless for a large number of people to invest small amounts of their money to help American businesses grow, we are able to fully understand the power of the crowd!

More evidence crowdfunding is an effective way to raise capital is illustrated by the amplified number of startups who have found success raising money this way. Tile a blue tooth connected device which helps you find lost items, raised over $200,000 in 24 hours on Kickstarter (a crowdfunding platform). The innovative company Fidget Cube  sells tiny desk toys which are described as "baby toys for adults"  raised 6.4 million dollars all on Kickstarter! The success of these campaigns move us farther away from entrepreneurs needing to have connections to wealthy investors in able to grow their businesses - they can instead rely on friends, neighbors and customers to raise the capital they need. Read more about the businesses which were able to raise capital by crowdfunding in the link below. 
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                                                                  Quote we loved this week!  
“Money is not the most important thing in the world. Love is. Fortunately, I love money”. –Unknown


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