Issue #33  |  New Worthy Features, Father's Day,  & more!
              Greetings Worthies, here's the news you need to know this month. 
        New Worthy Features!
Four new features have been added to the Worthy App this month to make for a more seamless experience.

Interest. We've made improvements to the process used to compute and display the 5% interest that your bonds earn each year. We've moved from displaying per-bond interest to per-portfolio interest so you can now see interest credited daily! You're earning the same amount of interest, but it will now show up much sooner in your portfolio.

Interest-only Withdrawals. We've updated the Withdraw page to allow interest-only withdrawals. This allows you to access your interest while letting your principal continue to earn 5%.

Recurring Investments. We’ve also made it painless to schedule more frequent recurring investments. Worthy users who would like to routinely purchase bonds daily or weekly can now take advantage of these new choices in addition to the monthly option we previously offered.

IRA's. We are also excited to announce that customers who currently have an existing IRA account are now able to buy bonds in a tax advantaged manner. You can start the process by selecting "IRA" from the Account Selection screen when signing up as a new Worthy user. For those that do not currently have an IRA account, we would be happy to introduce you to custodians who can assist you!

We look forward to bringing you more improvements in the coming weeks and months!

Earn More With Worthy

Lately we've had a number of people requesting information about our referral program where you (and those you refer!) can earn free $10 Worthy bonds. For every person you refer who opens an account with $100 or more you get a $10 bond! When the person you refer opens with or builds their account to $200, they too get a free bond!  Every Worthy customer can find their custom referral code on the bottom of the settings page in their Worthy dashboard (as shown in image above). There is currently no limit to the number of individuals you can invite to Worthy. The more people invited, the more you can potentially earn! 

Fine print: (I know - we all hate the fine print!)

Father's Day Gifts That Won't Break Your Bank

Fathers Day is quickly approaching and its time to show the person that does so much for you how much you really value him. Penny Hoarder shares their expertise on Father’s Day gift ideas that won't make you cringe when you see your bank account balance. Here are some of our favorite suggestions.
  1. Don't want to splurge taking your dad to a sporting event? Why not watch one of his favorite sports together at home? Don’t forget to include some snacks and his favorite beverage!
  2. Gift your dad technology support. Showing your father how to take advantage of key features and benefits his cell phone or computer have to offer could be the best gift of 2019! 
  3. Fire up the grill and BBQ together. While grilling, chat with dad and have him give you some tips on how to BBQ like a champ (even if you already know how!)
  4. Go outside! Fishing, boating, hiking or even walking are all bonding activities to share with dad. Discussing your favorite memory while taking advantage of the outdoors will only add to the experience!
  5. You can never go wrong with the gift of his favorite meal. Show your dad, or have him show you, how to make his most-liked dinner. Although you will have to spend money to buy the ingredients, you’ll save a few bucks not going to a restaurant.
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                                      The Power of the Crowd!
Many of you are aware that we at Worthy are on a mission to level the financial playing field by opening access to higher-yielding private market investments to all. This year Regulation Crowdfunding  - which was one of the new laws that allowed companies to sell investment opportunities to the general public - celebrates its third birthday!

With this celebration, we commend the industry for achieving 10,000 new jobs and for raising over 200 million dollars for growing American companies while giving all of us the chance to own a piece of the economy. Building our wealth through helping our fellow humans!

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                                                         Quote we loved this week!  
“More people should learn to tell their dollars where to go instead of asking them where they went.” – Roger Babson


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