Issue #44  |  Worthy Updates,  How Money Is More Enjoyable With Others & More!
              Greetings Worthies, here's the news you need to know this month. 
Worthy Updates
 Washington, North Dakota & Nevada - We are still waiting for approvals to sell to your states. The last time we went through this 8 state registration process (with our first set of 50 million dollars worth of Worthy Peer Capital I bonds), it was a much shorter process but the pandemic has complicated the approval timeline. We understand how frustrating the delay is and we will alert you as soon as we are able to sell to you. Thanks for your patience - it will be worth the wait!

Florida, Texas, Arizona, New Jersey and New York - In case you missed the mass emails we sent out to you, we have been approved to sell in your state. You can login to your account here or visit our mobile app to begin investing again (please note - you will have to download the latest mobile app version to access the newly opened states).

We've improved our "Account History Statements" so you can examine your Worthy account history in more detail. The automatically generated document now shows your beginning balance, ending balance and everything in between! You can check them out by visiting your "Account Settings" page (top, right-hand corner, orange option) they can be downloaded under the "Account History" section.

Our Noteworthy free bond winner for the month is Ronald Rhoden II. Thanks for supporting us and actively reading our newsletter 🏆!

Are you following our social media handles? We are always looking for opportunities to give our customers free goodies (sometimes free bonds). Last month we sent all of our Worthies who commented on our "Where would you put your Worthy sticker?" post one of our new "I am Worthy" decals. Connect with all of our social media handles at the bottom of our newsletter for a chance to win free stuff!

Money is More Enjoyable with Others 
Choosing what investment is right for you, paying your bills and many other financial tasks can feel solitary. CNBC suggests joining a money community who can help your financial issues (both big and small) so you don't feel alone. Joining a money group assists in recognizing the financial problems you experience are not unique to only you, which can alleviate anxiety that surfaces when you have to make a financial decision. The quest for your financial community can be a simple process, you can begin by searching Facebook, Reddit and YouTube for communities who share your needs. There's a congregation of people who share the same financial interests as you no matter how specific they may be. If you're a shopaholic and can't stay away from online buying, or consistently find yourself in an aisle at Target, checkout CNB's publication here  which provides several groups who discourage spending habits. If you want to join a general personal finance group, consider NPR's Your Money and Your Life Facebook group. Think about entering a investing group if you're a new investor and aren't sure what risks to take (Boglehead's forum may be helpful to you). There are also many podcasts which have their own financial groups. Find the financial group that is right for you in the link below!
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Worthy's Employee Of The Month
Worthies, meet Vladamir! Vlad is one of our frontend engineers. This guy is persistently transforming the appearance of the Worthy interface and the most recent project he's been involved with is creating a more detailed Account Statement for our customers. When we asked Vlad what he enjoys about being a Worthy team member, he told us  "The culture is amazing and everyone is easy to get along with. I am grateful to be working with genuine individuals" (such a sweet guy!). Before joining Worthy, Vlad gained experience working at a company that focused on 3D printing and IoT (Internet of Things). Vlad grew up in New Jersey, but currently resides in California. Since he works remotely we thought he'd be the perfect person to provide us with a helpful work from home tip (since most of us are currently bunkered in our homes!). He reminded us to stay active, as it is easy to be lethargic when you are in the comfort of your own home. 

In his free time, you can find Vlad at a social gathering with his friends and family (well pre-pandemic!). Although Vlad isn't a sports fan, he enjoys a game filled night with his favorite people. Since Vlad and his mother live in different states, each Mother's day he sends her a thoughtful gift. This year he sent her an edible arrangement and of course a comforting phone call. We love Vladamir and all he does for the Worthy platform and the tech team! 

How To Achieve Work From Home Success
If you're like the Worthy team and are still working from home, we've got some tips to share that'll prevent you from a work from home burn out.

1. So the first tip (don't hate us!) is to change out of your pajamas and get dressed. Stepping into clothes (that aren't your PJ's) will not only make you feel more confident but will also serve as a signal that it’s time to wake up and get things done.

2. If you are one of the many who are used to working in an office each day, it's important to separate your work and home life. Create a space in your home which can be used as your temporary office, it doesn't have to be an entire room and could simply be a corner of your living room. The point is to feel as separate from your home as possible. When it's time for work, and you go to your makeshift office, you'll know it's time for your brain to get into "work mode".

3.If you want to be as productive as possible (now and after the lockdown), it's vital to follow your work schedule. If you follow your regular hours, the transition back to work will be seamless and you'll maintain the same schedule as your coworkers.

4. It is OK to get distracted (we all do) which is why it's important to limit things you know will lose your focus. A huge distracter right now is the news, specifically updates on  Covid-19. Although it's important to be educated on the spread of the virus, keeping the news on can make one anxious and will ultimately disrupt your work life. It is suggested to take multiple breaks (like you would at the office) to avoid getting frenzied during your work day. 

If you need more tips that'll help make you a star work from home employee, you can visit the link below.
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How You Can Help Covid-19 Relief
We've all been effected by Covid-19, but individuals living in poverty have been hit the hardest. Give Directly is the largest nonprofit allowing donors to send money to the world's poorest individuals. This organization works by randomly selecting citizens who are on food stamps to receive cash transfers. If you're in a position where you can help a community member who has recently been laid off due to Covid-19, consider donating to them here

The International Medical Corporation is in rescue mode. This group is working to  ensure countries that are the most at risk are prepared for potential CoronaVirus outbreaks. Their approach involves helping train and build capacity to protect frontline health workers and staff, deploying medicines and supplies, while also providing community outreach involvement. Help their efforts by visiting the link here .

If you're like the rest of us and don't have the funds to help some of these organizations, there are several ways you can help Covid-19 relief without spending your money. The easiest way to "flatten the curve" is to follow social distancing rules to ensure you are not participating in the spread of the virus. If you're comfortable with donating blood, the national supply has fallen, giving doctors another reason to worry. You can  find a blood donation center near you by visiting American Association Of Blood Banks.  For more zero cost ideas that will "help the helpers", you can visit the link below.
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                                                                  Quote we loved this week!  

"I make myself rich by making my wants few." --Henry David Thoreau 


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