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Save and invest on-the-go, even while in the downward dog! Relax your mind with Worthy's “spare change” round-up feature that allows you to save automatically as you go about your day, without changing your spending habits. Simply link a debit or credit card to monitor and we round-up each purchase you make to the next whole dollar and invest this "spare change" in Worthy bonds to earn you 5% interest. START TODAY


What's going on?
The Internet is an unlimited hub of information, where we can find answers to all of our questions. Have you ever asked yourself, what do other people search for when it comes to the topic of money? According to a study from Liberty bank, the most googled financial question are:

1. Student Loans 2,441,000 searches
2. Mortgage Calculator 2,300,500 searches 
3. Car Loan Calculator 568,100 searches 
4. Payday Loans 368,00 searches 
5. 401K 301,00 searches 

Why is it worthy of your attention? 
Across the country, we are looking for information to better our financial situation and it's not a surprise that student loans top the search list. According to statistics from Americans owe over $1.48 trillion in student loan debt. By simply looking at google search history, we can outline the most common issues with our society and start looking for solutions.  READ MORE



What's going on?
Ah credit cards - it’s always a love-hate relationship with you. Do you know how to handle your cards responsibly to avoid havoc on your finances and credit score? Below are the common mistakes that people make with credit cards and how YOU can avoid them.

Why is it worthy of your attention? 
These common missteps can wreak havoc on your credit score, finances and access to loans:

1. Ignoring your credit report - always thoroughly check your report, there could be mistakes that can negatively affect your credit score.

2. Taking cash advances - keep cash advances as your last resort. Cash advances have additional interest rate and advance fees. 

3. Paying bills late - DO NOT MISS YOUR BILLING DAY, it only takes one missed payment to lower your credit score by as much as 110 points, adding late fees and increased interest rate. Do not miss your billing day. 

4. Exceeding your credit limit - it's easy to spend the money when it's just a slide away, it is even easier to overspend, but as always with great power comes great responsibility. If you overspend on your card, a significant amount of points will be deducted from your credit score.  READ MORE



We are so grateful to OneSpark for giving us such an amazing platform to share our vision of the future of finance with the world. It was a pleasure working side by side with other founders and creators and seeing their dreams come to fruition as well. Thank you to all the attendees who engaged with us to learn more about Worthy. And thank you to the staff and organizers who did the hard work of putting this festival on. We are counting the days until next year's event to participate again. SEE PHOTOS
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“At Worthy we believe that the 98% are worthy of a better investment return. That is why we pride ourselves on employing both RegTech as well as FinTech solutions to deploy financial products that ensure a more democratic and effective economic system.”

― Sally Outlaw, CEO of Worthy


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