Issue #39  |  New Features, The Holiday's  & More!
              Greetings Worthies, here's the news you need to know this month. 
Worthy Updates
Last month we announced that we added a simple interest calculator to our Worthy website. For those who made requests they'd like to see the calculator on both our home page and mobile app, you're in luck! This new feature lets you decide how much you’d like to earn over what time period then indicates how many bonds to buy. Have a goal of earning a $300 return in 2 years? See how much you need to invest to accomplish your target return. We've also added a Beneficial Owner Management section for our customers who have business accounts. 

Worthy Wins Village Capital's Accelerator 🏆
If you missed last month's newsletter, Worthy was selected to participate in Village Capital's Finance Forward 2019 Accelerator, sponsored by Pay Pal and Met Life Foundation. Since our November Noteworthy, our CEO and CFO headed to New York City to participate in the second part of the program which helped our team connect with investors, potential partners, and experts in the financial industry. We are proud to say, Worthy was a hit 🏆. We are so thankful to have been given this opportunity and excited to use the knowledge provided by the other cohort members to help make Worthy grow!....#GoWorthy

    Avoid Going Into Debt This Holiday
In an attempt to remain one of your favorite platforms, we thought we'd share an article that helps readers avoid overspending and debt during the holiday season. CNBC mentions that many community members often use their credit cards to buy gifts, as they believe they'll earn reward points or cash back. They point out however that many forget they'll only benefit from using these charge cards if they actually pay them off each month. The interest you'll have to pay, will likely be more than the cash you'd earn. Speaking of cards, gift cards are the way to save money this year according to Shopping expert Trae Bodge. GiftCardGranny or CardPool both are sites which sell discounted gift cards. Lastly, we know that you love yourself (and we love you too!) but avoid buying things for yourself until after the holiday season. Staying away from buying yourself gifts before the holidays will ensure you stay under budget and you can then take advantage of those after holiday sales! 
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    Get To Know Our Back-End Developer
Our Employee Of The Month for December is our genius back-end developer Marcin. He plays a large role in ensuring our Worthy platform runs smoothly. Marcin has been with Worthy for just over 8 months, and before working at Worthy he was a back-end developer for an online food delivery service company. In Marcin's free time, he enjoys playing video games,  sports, and loves reading a good sci-fi book! When asking Marcin what  his favorite part about working at Worthy his reply was the smaller size of the back-end team as he feels this makes his work have a large impact (we think he is right!). He also added that he loves the mission of the company and thinks it's a worthy (!) cause (he's right about that too 😎). We thank Marcin for all his hard work and dedication!

Free Gifts For Our Worthy Followers

Are you already following our social media platforms? As we've shared, we adore our Worthy fans and want to use the holidays to give our community members some treats while also helping businesses that are worthy of a good cause. So this month, we are launching our "7 Days of Giving" event. We will give away 7 prizes on 7 different days to Worthies who follow and engage on our social media platforms in various ways. What's better than free stuff anyway? All of the prizes will come from companies who are committed to sending all or a portion of their profits to a beneficial cause. Make sure you're following our social media handles, if not scroll down to the end of the newsletter and connect with us!

The Noteworthy winner this month is Jacob Bonenberger! Thank you for continuously tuning into our Newsletter!

Flawless Holiday Travel
Do you want your holiday travel plans to be seamless? As always, the Worthy team has you covered with plenty of holiday travel pointers that'll keep you far from feeling frazzled! The following tips are provided by the Travel Channel to help avoid security scanners, terrible drivers and long lines at the airports! Lampoon Holiday Vacation no more!

1) Research, Research, Research! If you're nervous you'll hit traffic, see if there is an alternative route which includes stops that'll break up the trip and make for a fun time!

2) Give your family/friends gift cards rather than presents you have to wrap. This will make traveling easier for 2 reasons 1) There are times when TSA has to unwrap the gifts you beautifully wrapped and also spent time on which potentially reduces time at security 2) Gifts take up space, gift cards do not (simple as that)! Shipping gifts ahead of time is another alternative!

3) Travel on off-peak days (Don't travel the day before a holiday)! Leave early the day of the holiday you are celebrating and avoid the mental breakdown. 

4) Download helpful travel apps! We live in a time when there are applications available which provide approximate times you'll spend at security. Download GateGuru if estimated waiting times will be helpful for your travel. 

5) Remember to breathe! We know the guy who won't stop coughing sitting next to you on the plane, the baby, the long lines, and your lost luggage might make you go off the deep-end, but the Travel Channel reminds us that these will all make for great stories come dinner time 🤣 .
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                                                                  Quote we loved this week!  
"The habit of saving is itself an education; it fosters every virtue, teaches self-denial, cultivates the sense of order, trains to forethought, and so broadens the mind." --T.T. Munger 


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