Issue #42  |  Worthy Updates, CoronaVirus Resources  & More!
              Greetings Worthies, here's the news you need to know this month. 
CoronaVirus Resources
We wanted to let our Worthies know we are thinking about you and here to help in any way we can. To this end, we have gathered some virus related resources we thought you might find helpful if you are financially struggling, looking for additional income, or finding it difficult to educate and entertain your children (or yourselves!) during this challenging time.

Having difficulty paying your bills? This non-profit has free counselors available to help you navigate.
Are you facing financial difficulty due to the CoronaVirus?

Are you quarantined at home with kids? Here are some great educational and entertainment resources while kids are out of school, along with other self-care resources.
Keep Your Sanity Quarantine List
FREE Covid-19 Resources For Artists And Creatives 

Emergency financial assistance.

Side gigs you can do from home to earn additional income.
50 immediate hire work from home jobs near me (2020)

Keep your heads up Worthies! We will get through this unpredictable time!
Worthy News
We have some news we think you'll find Worthy! As some of you may have already heard, we have sold out of all of our first 50 million dollars in SEC qualified Worthy Peer Capital bonds! Thanks to you, our bondholders, that means we have helped tens of thousands of Americans build their financial cushion through Worthy.  So what happens going forward if all the bonds are sold out? Not to worry - we have created a new entity, Worthy Peer Capital II, Inc., to offer another 50 million in 5% interest earning bonds to continue to serve our customers and those bonds are already available for purchase! You can find them here. Just a reminder if you are tired of watching the rollercoaster of our country's financial markets, our bonds have little correlation and exposure to the stock market!

How will this news effect your Worthy experience? If you are a current WPC l bondholder, the interest on your bonds will continue to accrue and no action will need to be taken on your part, but, since all the bonds in that offering are sold out, any automatic investments you may have set - such as spare change round-ups or scheduled investments - will have stopped. BUT, these options can be selected in a new WPC ll bond portfolio. 

If you do become a WPC ll bondholder, we have made it easy for you to see both of your bond portfolios in your current Worthy dashboard (example image above). Portfolio 1 will represent your investments and interest earned from the original entity (Worthy Peer Capital) and Portfolio 2 is the new entity which will display purchases and interest earned from the second series of bonds offered. These new bonds have the same characteristics as the original bonds in that they are also SEC qualified, are a $10 face value, and pay 5% annual interest.  

If you missed the email we sent out last week, we are also changing the way we compound interest! Since the SEC won't allow us to use the interest from the original Worthy Peer Capital to automatically buy bonds in Worthy Peer Capital II, as it's considered an "integration" of the two offerings, we have chosen to compound interest in BOTH offerings (WPC I & WPC II). Now you won't have to wait for your interest to reach the $10 bond reinvestment threshold to take advantage of compound interest, it will start compounding as soon as any interest is earned by you (Woohoo! Even more money for you).

Our free bond winner this month is Grant Mattox!  As always, thank you for actively reading our Worthy newsletter! If you aren't following our social media handles, you can find our social media platforms at the bottom of the Noteworthy!

Women's History Month
Need something to celebrate in this difficult time? How about women! :-) For those of you who aren't aware March is Women's History Month. We love our ladies and are proud that our female CEO Sally Outlaw is such an innovative leader who has helped equalize the playing field for investors of all levels.  

We thought we'd celebrate this special time, by sharing Equality Now's mission to equalize women's rights.  We at Worthy believe the world will be a better place if both women and men have the same opportunities and rights. Although we have come a long way, according to Equality Now, 1 in 3 woman will still experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime no matter their age, background or country. Not only that, but there is not a country in the world that doesn't have some laws that treat women as second class citizens.  Equality Now believes this inequality is bad for all community members (not only women) as this behavior brings more societal conflict and less economic stability. They've helped mitigate the issues that come with inequality by employing expert lawyers and campaigners who create a combination of legal advocacy, make partnerships and community mobilization to improve laws that promote the rights of women. Learn about their team and how you can help in the link below. 
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Grocery Shopping On A Budget
Saving at the grocery will be even more important for those of us struggling financially as our livelihood is impacted with fallout from the Coronavirus. With Well Kept Wallet's help, we've uncovered some tips that'll help you still have money to place in your piggy bank (or in your Worthy account!) after you shop for groceries.

Step 1, Create a meal plan: Planning the foods you need before you visit the supermarket will ensure you have food mapped out for the week and will reduce your chances of spending money on last minute take out. If mapping out your food plan seems painful, download the helpful application  Emeals which will assist you in creating tasty meals for you and your family.

Step 2, Learn to cook from scratch: Although making homemade meals will take up more of your time, you'll cut in half the amount you spend on pre-packaged unhealthy food.

Step 3, Find online coupons and rebates: Try visiting to discover hundreds of different coupons (giving you hundreds of opportunities to save money!) each day.  Additionally, did you know there is an app called Ibotta which gives you cash rebates when you purchase specific items?

Step 4, Have "Cheap and easy nights": Pick one night out of the week to have a low maintenance and cheap meal. You could make tasty buttered noodles with broccoli or you could make vegetable soup. Neither meals contain meat which significantly reduces the money you'd spend.

Read more about ways you can save money when you visit the supermarket in the link below. 
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Worthy's Employee Of The Month
This is our kind and very detail oriented book-keeper Melissa. Melissa's role is to ensure all of the Worthy companies accounts are reconciled and our bills are paid! Before she began working at Worthy, she was the Treasurer and Vice President for the largest homeschool group in Florida. At the time she also home schooled her 3 children (from elementary to high-school graduation!). Melissa enjoys working at Worthy as she feels she is a part of someone's ground-breaking vision (she also loves that she has her own office 😂). When Missy isn't busy making sure Worthy's bills have been paid, she is taking photographs of events, babies & food -  she also spends time deep diving with her husband. We adore Melissa and all she does for Worthy!

Regulation CrowdFunding 2019 Performance

Regulation CF for the ultimate win! Thanks to this relatively new regulation, small businesses are able to turn to their peers to help raise capital for their company and no longer have to rely on the limited number of accredited investors for funding. This is a win-win not only for entrepreneurs but also for those individuals who are able to take advantage of the opportunity to get a financial return on their investment in these young, growing companies.

Although the number of company investment offerings was down for 2019, the amount raised by entrepreneurs increased by 37%. The capital generated went from $77.7 million in 2018 to $106.5 million in 2019. With this steady rise in funding, it's evident that Reg CF is a feasible source of capital for companies who might otherwise struggle without having relationships to wealthy investors.  CrowdFund Insider has even gone as far as to say that this new way to generate funds has a higher success rate than any fundraising alternative given the 60% average success rate for those seeking capital through this path. The way these companies are geographically distributed also shows that communities across the world are able to raise funds for their local businesses. (As you know, we at Worthy are big fans of this type of community capital!). Learn more about how Reg CF has contributed to entrepreneurial success in the link below.
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                                                                  Quote we loved this week!  
If you make meaning, you’ll make money. "- Guy Kawasaki 


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