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Greetings Worthies, here's the news you need to know this month. Reading time is 3:24 minutes.


Taking the first step towards your financial independence is a hard, but worthy decision. Right now is the perfect time to set higher goals and start saving and investing, making your money work for you. Our free Worthy App can help! Start using the many incredible money-growing options we offer:
  • Buying Worthy Bonds
  • Setting up a Recurring monthly bond investment
  • Turning on Spare Change Round Ups to buy bonds while you shop
  • And MORE coming - see below!
The app is free to use and we never charge any fees!.


Great news! We just launched our Worthy Referral Program. Now, you can share Worthy with your peers and friends, and earn more than just good karma!

Your personal referral link can be found at the bottom of your Account Settings page. When someone joins Worthy using your unique referral link, not only do they get the same great 5% yearly returns on Worthy Bonds, but each of you can earn a free bond for your portfolio! The more of your referrals who join, the more free bonds you can earn.

You can track your referral success under your Account Settings page in the referrals list section.


We are excited to give you a sneak peek into another cool update coming to Worthy. We are launching Automatic Interest Reinvestment functionality on the app.

Automatic Reinvestment, aka Compound Interest, works by purchasing an additional bond for your account whenever your interest reaches $10. Yet another way to put your savings on autopilot!

This feature will be rolled out early next week! 

As we prepare to launch our Automatic Reinvestment feature in the coming days, we needed to make a change to how we award the 5% interest for Worthy Bonds. For the sake of simplicity, and to support the correct functioning of our upcoming Automatic Reinvestment feature, we will begin 2019 by crediting interest to your account on a weekly basis. You can read more about our approach HERE.

Thank you for being a Worthy user in 2018, and we're looking forward to continuing to bring you the same rock-steady 5% return throughout 2019!


The new year brought an exciting milestone for our Start Engine equity crowdfunding campaign. We are honored to celebrate with our community and investors who helped us achieve a new goal right as we kicked off 2019. In addition to recently attracting funding from both angel investors and a Venture Capital fund, our Worthy equity campaign has surpassed the $200,000 mark. From everyone at Worthy, we are truly grateful for your support of our mission to create economic opportunity for all.

Want to own your own piece of Worthy for as little as $250?  It's not too late!


Are your 2019 financial goals reachable or unrealistic?

When setting our resolutions, most tend to aim too high, become overwhelmed and fall short. According to U.S News and World Report, about 80% of all resolutions fail by mid-February. Instead of aiming to revamp all your habits at once, start with smaller steps:

1. Spend to save. 
Working as a freelancer or having your small business is a great tool for lowering your taxable income. Plan out all your big purchases for 2019, then purchase and pay for them in order to reduce your taxable income, which in turn will decrease your tax bill.

2. Meet with an accountant. 
2018 brought a lot of changes to how the government counts our taxes. Schedule a meeting with an accountant and see how the changes to the taxation rules might affect you and your business. Make a resolution to reflect on your income and expenses yearly to make sure you're in the best position and have enough time to act if something goes wrong. 

3. Review old goals and set new ones.
Look at the past year and review where you succeeded or fell short in your financial goals. Create a new plan that will steer you in a positive direction, cutting wasteful spending, diversifying your options and optimizing more ways to save this year. Whatever your goals are, remember to create a realistic timeline and always keep yourself accountable. 

4. Commit to an emergency fund.
Having an emergency fund is key to peace of mind and your wallet. You can start with tucking small amounts of money away to begin building your emergency fund and using tools like Worthy’s change round-up and recurring investment features. Set a 3-5 months plan to slowly build your emergency fund in order to make it easier for yourself and not quit along the way.

5. Financial Responsibility. 
We all are busy people, but it is very important to invest at least an hour every week into your finances. Constantly checking over your accounts will help you stay in control of your spendings and keep you in check. Or you can use that hour for your personal growth by listening to a finance podcast or chatting with a financial expert.


Moguls, Founders, Innovators, Engineers and Warriors - presenting the women entrepreneurs who pushed the world of technology forward and changed lives while at it. Check out Forbes' list of America’s Top 50 Women in Tech.

As a financial technology company created and lead by a female leader, Worthy is all about empowering other women to strive for greatness. Witnessing so many achievements from fellow female founders gives us many reasons to celebrate their accomplishments!.
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"Begin somewhere; you cannot build a reputation
on what you intend to do."

 — Liz Smith


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