Issue #34  |  New Worthy Features, Summer Time  & more!
              Greetings Worthies, here's the news you need to know this month. 
New Worthy Features Coming Soon!

We have three new exciting features that will make their debut next month.

Non-profit Accounts. Non-profit entities will not only have the option to purchase bonds for their organization, but other Worthy users will be able to donate bonds that will benefit their cause.

Business Accounts. Users will be able to invest using funds held by a sole proprietorship, LLC's (including checkbook IRA's) and corporations.

Interest Reports. They have arrived! You can find a more detailed breakdown of your daily, weekly and monthly interest by clicking the  "interest report" on your Worthy dashboard. (The web version has been launched, mobile app versions will be submitted to the app stores soon!)

If you have ideas for improvements, feel free to write us!  We look forward to bringing you more advancements in the coming months!

Add To Your Savings Daily With Worthy!

We've found many of you love Worthy, but are unsure how the round-up feature works and how it can benefit you. We have the answer!

The feature acts as a forced savings program, helping you save in the background of your life while doing your everyday shopping. Customers on average save $500-$1,000 a year without even trying. You link a debit or credit card and the feature monitors your transactions on that linked account. For each purchase you make, we "round-up" the purchase to the next whole dollar (so $1.50 becomes $2.00) and the change (in this case .50 cents) is tracked by our system. When the spare change from your purchases reaches $10.00, a bond is triggered for your portfolio (from the bank account you originally linked for bond purchases). So, without even trying, you've tucked away money that is accruing a 5% interest.

If you like the idea of saving money daily, watch the video above to learn how to add a monitoring source to activate your round-ups feature. Feel free to reach out to us via live chat if you have any questions!
Free Summer Activities

We value having a good time and saving money (surprise, surprise!). So since summer is here, we wanted to share some free, creative activities provided by our partner Well Kept Wallet. Here are some of our favorites!
  1. Check Your City’s Community Calendar for Free Events:  It’s forgotten that our town hosts events that offer free admission. Look at your community and neighboring cities calendar to see if anything strikes your eye.
  2. Play an Outdoor Game: Gather some friends or neighbors and play a competitive outside sport. Or, change up the scenery and visit a local park.
  3. Organize a Neighborhood Potluck: Tell your neighbors to whip up a meal with ingredients they have at home. Why not, make the potluck interesting and make it themed?
  4. Create a Goal’s List: Sounds easy, right? Sit down and write about everything you want from life. Do you want financial freedom?
  5. Earn Some Cash: Our partner offers its readers many side hustles they can take part in. Why not spend your evening looking at ways to save and earn money? That said, do you have your automatic reinvestment feature activated in your Worthy app? :-)
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   The Power of the Crowd!

We want to remind our Worthies for as little as $100 you can grow your money by investing in your fellow peers. Business investment platforms such as StartEngine and We Funder aim to help entrepreneurs fund and grow their businesses. We love these platforms as they provide "Main Street investors" the opportunity to own shares in growing, private companies. One of our own Worthy community members, Maxeme Tuchman, has raised just over $200,000 with Wefunder. Her product gives distant relatives the ability to read & draw with their children. Learn more about these alternative investment platforms and Maxeme's project below.
Alternative Investment Platforms
Maxeme's Project

Free Money Announcement!

We're happy to announce the winner of a free Worthy bond this month is Jaime Rooney! To show our appreciation for our loyal readers, we'll continue to award a monthly reader of our Noteworthy audience so make sure your'e turning in!

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                                                         Quote we loved this week!  
Saving requires us to not get things now so that we can get bigger ones later.” – Jean Chatzky


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