Important Update!


Important Update
for early app users

Dear original pilot program participant,

Thank you for your help with testing our round-up app last year. You are invited to redeem the bonds you originally purchased so you can move that investment over to Worthy now that our bonds have been qualified for sale by the SEC. As you may recall, we used an existing $25.00 bond from another entity called StreetShares at the time of app testing.

How to Redeem Your StreetShares bonds

1) Sign into your old account at by clicking the "Member log in" tab in upper right hand corner of their site (username will be your email but you may have to click the "I forgot my password" link and get a new one as I believe, for security reasons, they changed all the Worthy user's passwords after our pilot with them ended).

2) After logging in, you will land on a page showing your account value/dashboard. Click the blue "Earn More" button (which brings you to a more detailed account breakdown) and click on the green "veteran business bonds" link which will take you to a screen allowing you to withdraw.

3) Click "withdraw" and enter the value of your current StreetShares account (the money will be deposited back to the same account you originally linked to Worthy for round-ups/bond purchases).

After the funds are returned to your account in a few days,  you can buy Worthy bonds with those funds by going here! When the round-up feature is ready we will let everyone know and you can re-engage that element as well (if desired).

Thank you and we are happy to once again be bringing you a better return!

Your Worthy Account Setup

Due to significant improvements to our bond platform, we were unable to import your existing user information from the pilot program. Please use the “Sign Up” tab to create a new account at​ Worthy Capital.

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