Issue #35  |  We Moved, Back To School  & More!
              Greetings Worthies, here's the news you need to know this month. 
   We're Growing!
Although we were sad to leave the office where it all began, we are proud to say we outgrew the space as we have added many new people to our Worthy team to better serve you!  We are still located in the beautiful palm tree filled Boca Raton, only our office is much larger (BTW how cute is our CEO Sally Outlaw?)

Worthy "Loot Bags" & Free Bonds!
Worthy's social media platforms have been filled with positive feedback from our loyal customers. We wanted to show our appreciation to our fans so we surprised some with Worthy "Loot Bags". The bags are filled with money themed goodies (chocolate coins anyone?), free bonds, and Worthy swag (not to mention they are so much fun to make!). Keep your eyes peeled on your mailbox as you could be next! Be sure to engage with us by posting on our Facebook page, offering app reviews, retweeting us, emailing us with any suggestions on ways we can improve Worthy, etc- and you too may be rewarded with a bag of loot! If you aren't following us already scroll down to the end of the Noteworthy and connect with us!

Another loyal Worthie is Beat Stauber! We want to award you with a free bond for reading our newsletter. Thank you for being Worthy!

Is Automatic Savings The Answer To Our Bad Spending  Habits?

Are you unable to save money since your focus is on the present? A recent article in NPR suggests that our brains aren't wired to put much thought into the future and that automatic savings is the answer to our money spending problems. The theory was put into action when the U.K. government enforced a law that made employers have to enroll their employees into a savings for retirement. Employees were given the ability to reject the option, although 90% were able to stay with the savings program confirming that automatic savings works! Brigitte Madrian, a behavioral economist stated, ".. money you never see, is the money you're less likely to miss".

That said, you don't have to work for a company that offers an automatic savings program. You can take advantage of automatic investments by activating your recurring investments on the Worthy App. The feature offers you a daily, weekly or monthly option giving you the ability to deduct money on payday (or whenever) automatically! #BuildYourNesteggWithWorthy
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Back to School Money Saving Tips!
Summer is almost over and the school year is approaching (we can't believe it). At the chance that your wallets may have taken a hit from summer festivities, we thought we'd provide you with some innovative ways to save money on school supplies. Krazy Coupon Lady, a webpage run by a group of women dedicated to cutting bills in half, offer their expertise. Here are our top picks.

1. Utilize the Amazon App - We all know that Amazon offers everything under the sun. Use their application to price match when shopping in stores. 

2. Check out your local Dollar Store - Don't forget your town's Dollar Store when purchasing supplies. You could locate some of the priciest school accessories and save a dollar or two!

3. Use your rewards - The saved reward points you've earned could be used to help with the costs of school supplies (CVS and Walgreens specifically). 

4.Sign up for text or email coupons - Be sure you aren't missing out on any text/email notifications at clothing stores. This is an easy way to save money as we are consistently checking our phones!

These ladies have so many ways to save you even more money when shopping. Be sure to read the full article!
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Worthy Ambassador Program
We have good news for our super fans! A growing number of people asked if we could start a Worthy Ambassador Program (when the people ask, we answer!). Ambassadors will have the inside scoop on upcoming features, super fan swag gear, and will be invited to exclusive meetings! If you're passionate about the work we're doing, we'd like to extend the invitation. Or if you have friendly suggestions for our new program, please let us know! Feel free to reach out to if you would like to discuss potential membership. We can't wait to hear from you!
                                                         Quote we loved this week!  

“It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.”

— Robert Kiyosaki


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