Issue #40  |  Worthy Updates, The New Year & More!
              Greetings Worthies, here's the news you need to know this month. 
Worthy Updates

 1099-INT Tax Form information is now available for our community members in the "Account Settings" page (click on the orange "gear" icon). If you earned more than $10 in interest from Worthy, you'll need to use this information to file your taxes for interest earned. 

Podcast Featuring our CEO: Our CEO, Sally Outlaw, was interviewed by She Venture's Podcast. Tune in and learn about her early career and her efforts to launch and grow Worthy, by visiting the "Read More" option under this story!

Monthly Bond Winner:The winner of the free bond this month for being a consistent reader of our Noteworthy goes to John Fisher. Thanks for regularly tuning in to our newsletter! 

Follow our Platforms for Updates and Giveaways:  Our product is consistently evolving and whenever we have a new feature, we announce it over our social media platforms. Be sure you're following our accounts so you can be notified when we have new updates. We also are known for giveaways! Scroll down to the bottom of the newsletter and connect with us!
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New Year=Richer You
Are you excited for a new year to make financially sharp decisions but stumped on where to begin? We want to share some ideas with the hope it'll inspire you to make smart decisions with your money this year.

First begin by evaluating your finances from the previous year. As U.S. News and World Reports points out, not all of your financial mistakes can be avoided but some can be reduced. Do you see a trend in over-borrowing or over-spending?  Do you see a pattern in eating out too much or spending $5 on Starbucks every day? Being mindful of these spending patterns can help you reduce them.

We always say it, but financial publications everywhere suggest automating your savings. Online banking, money management apps (and Worthy of course!) have made it painless to automate putting money away even if it's only a few dollars at a time.

Become a finance pro and subscribe to a personal finance podcast - there are a range of shows that may be beneficial to your specific fiscal needs. There is no better way to invest than in yourself!
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Employee Of The Month
This is our Loan Operations and Servicing Manager Lissette. Lisette's role at Worthy is to analyze the loans we make with our borrowers. She has been with Worthy for 6 months, but it seems like we have known her forever! Before working at Worthy, Lissette worked at the People's United Bank in the commercial lending department for 12 years (yes, she is quite the lending expert!). In her free time she enjoys being with her daughter - they love attending concerts and art exhibits. Her goal for the year is to become an expert at yoga! Lissette enjoys coming to work each day as she loves seeing her coworkers smiling faces, in her own words "the team is everything".

Worthy's Ways To Save & Invest

Periodically we like to make sure our community members are aware of the features we offer to help you save and invest. For those of you who aren't familiar, we offer 3 different ways to tuck money away and you can engage them right from your account's portfolio page. 

On Demand. Our members can purchase bonds whenever they wish by selecting the "Buy Bonds" option at any time. This is the feature which allows you to manually purchase bonds "on demand". If you aren't a fan of automatic savings, this is the option for you!

Our scheduled investment feature is the "Recurring Investment" selection which gives our community members the opportunity to plan when they invest. You can activate this feature and have automatic investments made daily, weekly or monthly by using this calendar function.

The "Round Ups" feature allows our members to "round-up" the spare change from their daily purchases and then automatically buy a bond when this spare change reaches $10. This feature can be activated by connecting a Monitoring Account, which could be a credit or debit card, which we use to fetch a daily list of transactions from that account. We "round up" each purchase to the nearest whole dollar (so on a $1.50 purchase we round that up to $2.00 and track this 50 cents towards a new bond for instance). Once your spare change equals the $10 bond purchase threshold, a bond is automatically triggered for your account. 

We hope you can engage some of these painless ways to invest to grow your nest egg!

Worthy 2019 Re-Cap
2019 was quite a year for Worthy! For starters, we had to hire more people to help support our fast growth so we outgrew our first office!  With the influx of new Worthy customers, we found it vital to add more account type options for our community members as well so Trust, Business and IRA account holders now are able to take part in Worthy's high yield too!

We also attended and spoke at several conferences such as FinCon, Women In Technology, and the Money Show where we shared our insights on "Building Wealth Outside of Wall Street".  We enjoy those events as we can meet some of our "Worthies" face to face and learn more about what our community members need. We are honored by how many of you love us (we love you too!) and we enjoy selecting 6 lucky monthly winners to receive our Worthy "Loot Bags" full of money themed gifts. Here is one of our lucky Worthies sharing his loot bag experience last month

We hope your new year is off to a good start and we wish you a fulfilling 2020!
                                                                  Quote we loved this week!  
“It’s not your salary that makes you rich, it’s your spending habits.” –Charles Jaffe


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