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Greetings Worthies, here's the news you need to know this month. Reading time is 3:15 minutes.


Last month, we ran a contest asking our followers to nominate those who create good for others in their communities for a chance to award them with $100 in free bonds.

The winners were the Estevez Family, the trailblazers behind Save Sebastian Estevez movement.

We were touched by the story of Mario A. Estevez and Jenn Hanebury Estevez and their beautiful boy Sebastian. Together, they are fighting the Hunter Syndrome day by day, while bringing awareness to our community in order to fund a cure and help other children stay healthy and live a fuller life. Sebastian's story became our top pick after witnessing his joyful spirit and unbeatable dedication to fighting and pushing through hardships and obstacles. Sebastian and his loved ones are an example of true warriors. It is our pleasure to congratulate this family on being the recipients of our Worthy Giveaway.

We want to thank everyone for entering and sharing your own unique stories. We love reading each and every one, and are happy to see so many giving and kind people living in our communities. Keep sharing your stories under hashtag #BeWorthy.


Your voice is worthy! As an American nation, we have the right to choose our government to best represent our nation’s beliefs and needs. Today is THE DAY to exercise your democratic right and cast your vote in the 2018 Midterm Elections. Still not sure how and where to vote? We’ve compiled the following resources to simplify the whole process for you. So make your voice heard and vote for leaders who you think are worthy to represent you.


One of the hottest topics in the world today is cannabis. Hemp legalization is sweeping over North America – 10 states plus Washington, D.C., have all legalized recreational versions over the last few years, and Canada became the second country to fully legalize marijuana in October 2018. Experts have projected the U.S. hemp industry to skyrocket to $50 billion by 2026.

With all those promises of massive returns, it is easy to hop on the trend without considering the bigger picture. The Motley Fool did some impressively detailed coverage on the investment opportunities in the hemp industry and the verdict is: “only the most aggressive investors who can tolerate high levels of risk should jump in.” READ FULL STORY


We were named one of America's Hottest Tech Start-ups by Unbound Miami, one of the leading innovation, technology and creativity conferences in the South East. 

Last week, we took Unbound Miami by storm and were happy to connect with everyone who stopped by our booth to learn about Worthy and shared their thoughts with us. We are thankful for two days of fun conversations, learning from others, and sharing ideas with innovative minds from South Florida, Latin America and beyond.

Unbound Miami created a wonderful atmosphere for founders, leaders, guests, and speakers to learn from each other. Being a part of cutting-edge ideas motivates us daily to pave the way toward helping our generation create a better future. We look forward to attending next year's event. 

Do you want to be at the forefront of changing the financial industry?  We have reserved a portion of our investment round so our customers can participate. Own some shares of our growing company, starting at $250. Learn more here - StartEngine campaign.



According to the financial advisors, the #1 tip to help raise your score is to pay your bills on time every month. 

Fair Isaac Corp. (FICO), creator of the widely used FICO credit score, plans to roll out a new scoring system in early 2019 that factors in how consumers manage the cash in their checking, savings and money-market accounts. The new Ultra FICO score is designed to boost loan approval. By reviewing your transactions history, lenders will get an idea of how likely you are to repay. 

This doesn’t mean you should slack on paying your bills on time though. Payment history will still factor into your score, but now a healthy checking or savings account can also help get you one step closer to approval. Learn More

Sources: WSJ & Jean Chatzky

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In each and every election, it's your rights, it's your freedoms, it's your interests that are on the ballot.

– Todd Young


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