Issue #43  |  Worthy Updates,  How To Better Your Finances From Home  & More!
              Greetings Worthies, here's the news you need to know this month. 
Worthy Updates
Due to Covid-19, we have temporarily left our beautiful Boca Raton office and are working remote to keep our team safe (we can't believe we are already going on week 4!). As you can see, we have all effectively made "office nooks" in our homes. The Worthy family is especially thankful for Google Hangouts and Chats as these tools have made the transition as seamless as possible and have still somehow left us feeling connected to one another. As much as we all miss being in a working environment together, it's a shared feeling throughout the Worthy family that we are lucky to be working remotely and in the safety of our homes. P.S. The photos above may have forced some of us to change out of our pajamas 😉. You'll even notice Mitch (bottom right- hand corner is extremely photogenic...#WorthyWFH

In other news...As of March 31st you'll notice your interest began accruing 5% compound interest. You no longer have to wait for your interest to reach the $10 threshold to take advantage of compound interest through reinvesting into a new bond (Yay!). This new way of crediting interest has been added to your account automatically. You can also check your future earnings with our new compound interest calculator which can be found on the Worthy website or when you select to "Buy Bonds" there is an option to "Try Our Calculator!"

Lastly, since most of you are paid on a bi-weekly basis you requested we add a feature that schedules your investments every other week. We have launched this feature, so you can now set your "Recurring Purchases" to be made bi-weekly. You can find the  "Recurring Investments" option by visiting the "Features" section located on your Worthy Peer Capital II account.

Worthy's Employee Of The Month
Worthy community members, meet Tom! Tom is Worthy's Technical Lead and is one of the tech team's front end engineers. The code he writes is what makes up what you see when you view the Worthy application. He is consistently making changes to the platform and adding adjustments to make the Worthy interface  more attractive and customer friendly. One of his most recent projects was adding the handy compound interest calculator but he also had a huge part in building the Worthy Peer Capital II offering. Tom enjoys being a part of the Worthy team as he likes the amount of impact his job has on all of our customers and loves turning the conversations he has with them into a better product. He lives in Florida but grew up in Southern California. This creative guy love's his dog Shiba and likes watching his favorite soccer team Liverpool (Fan since 2005!) and claims this was one of their best seasons before the pandemic hit. Speaking of pandemics, for managing stress during this difficult time Tom keeps a positive attitude and helps out where he can, he explained ,"Our country has been through bad times before and will see this through too". We adore this guy's positive attitude and are grateful for his work at Worthy!

Meals on Wheels & Hospitality Helping Hands
During a difficult time, we want to share an organization who is attempting to make the world better, Meals on Wheels. Their team's mission is to keep seniors and those at risk safely away from COVID-19. They help mitigate the exposure by delivering nutritious meals to those community members which keeps them out of harms way. If you'd like to get involved and become a volunteer, would like to donate or become an advocate, you can visit the link below.

Fellow Floridians, if you want to help the community on a local level you can donate to Hospitality Helping Hands. Their team is feeding hospitality workers who have lost their jobs, their families, local charities and others in need. They've already provided over 27,000 hot meals and will match donations. If you want to help support them but don't have the funds, their team urges you to tell friends, family, or business owners about their mission.Visit the link below to learn more about their cause. Thanks!
Meals on Wheels
Hospitality Helping Hands

How To Cope With COVID-19 Stress
We're all experiencing some form of anxiety during the unique crisis the virus has brought us. It's important to know there are healthy ways to cope with the additional stress. We gathered a few helpful tips from some knowledgable sources we hope you'll find useful.
  • The Center For Disease Control & Prevention recommends understanding the actual risk you and the people you care about face. Sharing verifiable information puts yourself and the people around you at ease and allows you to connect. Remember, not everything you hear over social media is accurate.
  • Be mindful. You can practice mindfulness by simply sitting in a quiet area and focussing on both your senses and breathing. You can learn more about being in the present here.
  • Increasing your sense of safety is helpful to making oneself calm during the epidemic. Learn ways to keeps yourself safe by becoming aware of helpful hygiene habits. find out ways to mitigate infection here.
  • Remember that you aren't alone, stay connected with the ones you care about most. Since we are all facing this situation together, there is a sense of "we'll figure this out together" empowering one another. Read more here.
  • One last tip added from us at Worthy - listen to some great podcasts to cheer you up and entertain yourself!  The one our CEO highly suggests is The Moth.

How To Better Your Finances From Home

The CoronaVirus has brought many financial changes to our community members which has left a large portion unaware of how they should manage their money. We found a publication inside Money Talks News that gives their suggestions on how you can make a positive change to your finances without leaving your home. 

1. File your tax return ASAP- There is a chance you may need your tax return sooner than later. Money Talks News offers their opinion on their favorite tax software programs in which case you won't have to step out of your house.

2. In the unfortunate event some of your work hours are cut, be proactive and start planning how you could increase your income. There are many alternatives to generate some side cash without leaving your home.

3.Track your expenses - if you're unable to budget, do the minimum and review your past two monthly bank statements. Look for unnecessary spending trends and use that money towards your emergency budget.

4.Find a cheaper form of car insurance- Check out The Zebra which is an insurance comparison site and find the cheapest rate for you.

Find out more ways to manage your money by reading the publication below.
Read More
                                                                  Quote we loved this week!  

"There are three things you must do in order to become wealthy. You must have the right mindset, discover your purpose in life, and find a business that expresses that purpose." – Andy Fuehl


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