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A quick question for you...

What's more useful when you're teaching "troubled" disabled kids:
(a) a chainmail glove?
(b) a rack of test tubes?

Admit it, you thought (a), didn't you? Well, you're not alone. As our wildly interesting guest Vanessa De Kauwe told us here, sometimes a little medieval armour does feature in a disability teacher's toolkit. IKR!?

But it turns out maybe chainmail isn't necessarily the most useful tool (shocking, no?).

You see, Ness has about 400 years experience teaching disabled kids, and a few years back, she noticed something. She noticed that the kids she taught had something in common: they all found observation and logical thinking hard.

"Hmmm", she thought, "now what subject has observation and logical thinking at its core...?"

But look we've already said too much - point your hearing trumpets this way for our excellent beer with Ness.

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