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Now in the third generation, everyone at Boucher Jewelers is family (plus one), and we love what we do. Together, we have well over 100 years of expertise in jewelry and over sixty years of relationships in the Salem Keizer community. Our jewelry designers each have different tastes representing past (classic), present (elegant), and future (trendy). From finding the perfect item to designing a custom piece that brings to life a one of a kind custom work of art, we will be with you every step of the way. While many stores send out their repairs, most of our design happens in house for faster turnaround.

Joining the Boucher Jewelers, this month are fellow advertising supporters: Roof Rite, The Swancutt, Perkins & Cygrymus Group, Premium NW Landscape, John's Waterproofing Company, Thomas Painting, Rick & Ande Hoffman-HomeSmart, Valley Roofing, Willamette Lutheran Retirement Community, Budget Blinds, Tom Hempel Testing, R Bauer Insurance Inc, and Troy Renshaw - HomeSmart Reality Group

Making it Possible

Hello from Tom & Christine Dieker,

We took over producing The McNary Newsletter mid-year of 2012 when past resident, Don Conant decided to end his involvement. The newsletter is sent via email to a majority of McNary Estate residents, golf club members, and other supporters.  A few print copies will be available at the golf club and restaurant as well.

The McNary Newsletter is separate but supported by the McNary Home Owners Association. Our goals are community and neighborhood driven. Contact Tom for your advertising interest at 503.949.0891 ( or Christine for news and content suggestions at 503-949-6099 (

Contributing writers and photographers:
Mary Smith
Susan May
Mark Piercy 

McNary Ladies Golf Association (MLGA) opening event took place on March 30 with many of the members participating. They were glad to get back to socializing in person (with masks on). The Tuesday morning golfing for the 18 hole group kicked off on April 6th with playing "Three Blind Mice". After the round players were able to deduct the 3 worst holes from their score and no handicap was used. Here are the winners in the three groups:
A’s  -  Carole Prall and Sheryl McDonnell
B’s -  Bette Dempsey and Barb Eggiman
C’s -  Sandy Guess, Judi Humphrey and Cindy Marion

The nine hole group played Low Gross/Low Net. Several ladies enjoyed the new menu and outdoor patio of "The View at McNary" after play.
There is still time to become a MLGA member. You have the opportunity to sign up each week to play golf with friends and make new friends. You are encouraged to try a different group now and then and make new friends. They also have a social non-golfing group that meets monthly for outings. These ladies plan tours, lunches, etc. All golfing members are also social members and are encouraged to participate in the social events. To join  or get more information contact:
President: Marlena Standley 503-779-4941
9 Hole Captain: Maureen Renner 503-551-4250
18 Hole Captains: Joanie Leaton 503-551-1845 or Nancy Boyer 541-270-4125
Social Event Captain: Patti Togioka 503-302-6368
9 Hole New Member Hostess: Elaine Walker 503-856-8845
18 Hole New Member Hostess: Brenda Rodriguez 206-755-4129

4/13     18 Hole     9:04AM    Odd Holes 
4/13     9 Hole       9:04AM     True and False
4/20     18 Hole     9:04AM     Low Gross/Low Net
4/20      9 Hole      9:36AM     If I'da
4/21      ALL          10:30AM    MLGA Meeting
4/27      18 Hole     8:45AM     Ball in the Hat
4/27      9 Hole      9:04AM     Low Gross/Low Net
McNary Golf Club is now offering ladies clinics! They are calling all novice and experienced lady golfers for a 5 week clinic with our professional golf staff! Clinics will cover everything from the fundamentals of golf etiquette, stance and swing, to short and long game practice! Spots are limited so we encourage you to register early! Sign up at the pro shop or by calling 503-393-GOLF by April 23rd!
Any MMGC member that plans to participate on a scheduled day and wants to secure a spot, needs to have their tee time entry booked, 48 hours in advance. Any attempt inside of the 48 hour requirement, to secure a tee time in the daily play, could be denied. Just showing up the day of, is highly not recommended. Here is the 2021 Spring/Summer Daily Play Times:
Monday: 9:00am
Tuesday: No MMGC Play
Wednesday: 9:00am
Thursday: 8:00am
Friday: 9:00am -  Noon Game (non-sanctioned MMGC Play, open to all)
Saturday: 8:00am
Sunday: 8:00am

Tuesday’s, a couple times a month, organizing a club travel day to another area golf course. Jeff McDonnell has volunteered to coordinate this. If you are interested in joining the MMGA, contact President Chris Morrison by emailing

April 24            3-Man ABC 2-Best balls 4/24
May 15 & 16    MMGC Team Championship 2-Man Teams 
Congratulations all around for Teammates David Zahradnik and Charlie Davidson, on the left, and Team Perry Sinasone and Robbie Wood as they walk off #18 green. Either that or this could be a fencing free-for-all about to go down!
Now you Know
It 's geranium time and a good time to meet Lucia Norris. She and her husband Paul will have lived in McNary Estates for 19 years this coming May. Prior to moving here, their first home together was in South Salem where they lived for 27 years.
"Paul and I were both raised in Springfield, Oregon, and we like the small-town, community feel of Keizer.  We also like the close proximity to farmland.  We love living at McNary Estates because of the beautiful neighborhood and lovely golf course," remarked Lucia.

Lucia has beautiful geraniums for sale for a great cause and organization.  P. E. O. is a Philanthropic Educational Organization that raises money for scholarships for women to complete their college education.  Various chapters have fundraisers for this cause.  Lucia's Chapter, Chapter DM, has a Geranium Sale every spring.  The Geraniums and other plants are grown by Egan Gardens.  The plants and baskets are lovely and will be a delightful addition to your yard and garden. 

You may order either plants or gift certificates, which will be delivered to your home on May 1.
Plant Choices:
Regular Zonal Geraniums:  $4:00 each.  Colors:  Red, Light Pink, White, Salmon, Lavender, Dark Pink.
Ivy Geraniums:  $4.50 each.  Colors:  Lavender, Red, Pink, Red/White.
White Marguerite Daisy Plants:  $5.00 each.
White Bacopa Plants:  $4.25 each.
Ivy Geranium Baskets:  $26.00 each.  Colors:  Red, Pink, Lavender, Red/White.
Gift Certificate Choices:
Ivy Geranium Basket Gift Certificates:  $26.00
Regular Gift Certificates (which allows you to go to Egan Gardens to pick up the plants of your choice):  $20.00

To place an order, please call Lucia Norris, 503-581-4132.  She will need payment by cash or a check (payable to: Chapter DM – P. E. O. with your order.  She will be happy to pick up your payment or check.  Orders and payment must be in by Wednesday, April 14.  Lucia will deliver your order on May 1.
Written By Mary A. Smith


The prospect of owning my own bicycle in 1953 was nothing more than a young girl’s frivolous dream.  There was no money in our house for a new bike!  I’d have to find a way to get it on my own.  Then, I heard about The Contest, which promised a brand new bicycle to the winner.  Why, the possibility of actually possessing my own bike was so tantalizing I could almost taste it.  There were other prizes, including a “15 Jewel Gruen Wristwatch”, and a Grand Prize of $200!  I was over the moon with excitement.  I determined to go for it.

It was simple: sign up the most people for the new East Wenatchee Daily World, and the bicycle would be mine.  I had lots of competition, but hey, hadn’t I proved my skills at Glendawn Camp, over by Tacoma, by getting the most autographs in one hour and winning the grand prize of…a large can of Almond Roca?!

Back then, East Wenatchee was a small, undeveloped community, across the River from the “real” Wenatchee, where my family lived.  No matter.  I was sure people would be interested in this new publication.  Never mind that I’d rarely ever crossed the bridge to the “other side” (hey, I was only 12 years old) and knew nothing about the community.  I accepted the challenge with enthusiasm and determination.

I plunged fearlessly into my “spiel”, charming prospective subscribers with unoriginal lines like:  “Hi, wouldn’t you like to buy a subscription to the East Wenatchee Daily World?” (pause and smile convincingly), quickly adding: “it’s only 75 cents per month—I’m trying to win a bicycle and $200”.  This brought immediate sympathy and admiration from people.  And it worked—a lot. 

Soon, I’d actually won the bicycle, a blue one!  To everyone’s amazement but mine, I was in First Place for the $200 Grand Prize!  Victory was only a few subscriptions away.

But, then came the decision no 12 year old should have to make.  The last week of the Contest was the same week as Church Camp! This once-a-year event was not something to take lightly.  For one thing, PKs (Preachers Kids) got to go free.  For another, it was my one chance to be away from my parents’ watchful eyes, the ONE time to be “on my own”, for a whole week—well, for 5 days, but still.

On my own (are you kidding?)  There were camp counselors everywhere!  No matter.  Besides, there was also the faint prospect of developing a “camp romance”—I’d seen friends walking around the campgrounds holding hands with new boyfriends!  There was NO WAY I would give up camp.  Not even for $200.

And so, I took the “high road” and went to camp, choosing it over the nearly certain Grand Prize of $200.  This, in spite of the embarrassment of getting car sick to and from Glendawn Camp. Besides, since I could never begin to imagine a sum so large as $200, there really WAS no contest.

Still, I did win 2nd prize: that 15 Jewel Gruen Wristwatch…and, my name was printed in the paper (the East Wenatchee Daily World, of course).  To top it off, Carl Hills, my dad’s associate pastor, actually mentioned my name in his sermon.  It was a heady experience.

I don’t remember if I snagged a boyfriend that year at camp.  I do remember being chased by a boy with a garter snake.  But, that’s a whole other story.

Keizer Water Wonderment
The source of the City of Keizer's water is the Troutdale Aquifer. An aquifer is an underground geologic formation that can store water. The North Santiam River watershed provides Salem's drinking water. A watershed is the area of land within which all the rainfall and snowmelt reach a common body of water​—a stream, river, lake, wetland, or aquifer.

Keizer's aquifer is located beneath the entire city. 15 deep wells draw from this aquifer and distribute the water to Keizer households through 125 miles of piping. Questions often come up about the staining or smells of Keizer water. Here are some answers from a 2019 Keizer Water Quality Report:
Connecting Keizer to the Willamette River
Keizer Rapids Park is now a hundred and twenty acre park that includes:
  • Amphitheater with seating for 400 
  • The Big Toy Playground with ADA access (ages 2-12)
  • Boat-in camping site (1)
  • Boat Ramp
  • Disc Golf course (18 Holes) 
  • Off Leash dog park with 2 Covered Shelter areas and dog fountains
  • Information Kiosks (5)
  • Paved and unpaved multi-use paths 
  • Overnight Parking 
  • Multiple parking areas
  • Picnic Tables (16)
  • Flushing, portable and pit restrooms
  • Sand Volleyball Court (3)
  • Willamette River Water Trail
Regional Intergovernmental Visions Enhancing River Resources (RIVERR) Task Force started meeting on September 17, 2003 and met on the third Wednesday of nearly every month until April of 2007. The grant, fund-raising and land acquisition phase was essentially completed by January of 2006. During the next year, during the Master Planning Phase the RIVERR Task Force met in joint sessions with the Parks Board. After the Master plan was approved, the task force organized volunteers into work groups for transfer to the Parks Board and then concluded its regular meetings. A smaller the work group (called the governance work group) consisting of members of both RIVERR and the Parks Board continued to meet to work out the details of the opening ceremony and the transition of responsibilities to the Parks Board. The transition plan included creating a Keizer Rapids Work Group that reports directly to the Parks Board and an expansion of the Parks Board by adding two additional members to help with the increased work load. The final piece of the plan was completed with the seating of two new Park Board members in September of 2007. Now that all tasks are complete, the RIVERR Task Force request that the City Council conclude and retire the Task Force. RIVERR was created after Keizer and OPRD reached a tentative agreement to explore allowing Keizer to use 85 acres of OPRD property at Beardsley Bar to create a park. To take advantage of this potential opportunity Keizer needed to first obtain about $2 million in funds to purchase adjoining land to connect the OPRD land to the Keizer city limits and for a better connection to Chemawa Road. Unfortunately Keizer only had $300,000.00 in SDC’s allocated for a new west Keizer park. Thus, the primary focus for the task force for the first two years was devoted to seeking out and obtaining grants to fund the purchase of park land and in working with staff to acquire land from willing landowners. By January of 2006 the task force had met this goal, had purchased the property for a park by helping to acquire 9 monetary land acquisition grants. Keizer was then able to purchase the land needed to connect the OPRD property to the City and thus make the land a city park. After it was clear that Keizer would be able to create a park, the OPRD granted a full no cost 25 year lease of the 85 acres of river front property with an estimated value of over $2 million. In order to safely provide for pedestrian and bike travel along Chemawa Road to the park, an additional allocation of $987,482.18 was authorized by the regional SKATS transportation group bringing the total of new money and resources to Keizer for the park project to $4,746,982.00. After adding the originally allocated $300,000.00 in SDC funds, the total value of the Keizer Rapids project exceeded $5 million. The task force also helped obtain 7 other grants for in kind services bringing the total for grants, awards, and allocations to 17. This resulted in Keizer obtaining a 120 acre park that more than doubled the total inventory of park land for Keizer residents to enjoy.

Hey Celtic families!  You should have received in the mail our save the date cards for our Meet McNary Open House walking tour scheduled for Tuesday, April 27th and 28th.  If you did not receive this in the mail, please see the attached invite or look on our school website.  When you and your family come to the event, please make sure to wear a face covering and maintain social distancing.  We have identified times students can come to our open house based on the first letter of their last name.  Please make your best effort to come at your scheduled time.  The entire tour should take about 15 minutes.  If you are not able to make it to the school either day, keep a look out on our school website, we will have a virtual tour posted.  We look forward to seeing you!!!!

6:00 PM               A-C
6:15 PM               D-H
6:30 PM               I-M
6:45 PM               N-S
7:00 PM               T-Z

at McNary Golf Club
McNary Golf Club announced the opening of "The View at McNary Golf Club". The new Restaurant Manager, Ann Tolbert is ready to say hello and share the new menu. Ann comes to us highly recommended from Anchorage Alaska and has an extensive background in the restaurant industry. If you see her running around the club don’t hesitate to introduce yourself and give her a warm welcome.
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