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  • IN THE COMMUNITY - Congrats to First Citizen & some special people
  • ON THE GREENS - What's happening at McNary Golf Club
  • HUMOR ME - California Girls by Mary Smith
  • NEIGHBORS - Return of Flamingo Party and Veterans 3K/5K plus a Welcome to new McNary residents and a loving invite
  • A FRESH OUTLOOK - By Cameron Shackelton "The Boiling Point"
  • HAVE YOU READ....? - Book reviews by Ann Trombley
  • THE SOCIAL SIDE - MLGA gatherings by Jan Stormback 
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Last month the Keizer Chamber of Commerce recognized special people who have volunteered their time and energy to create a better community. Four traditional awards and one new youth recognition award were announced January 22nd at the Chamber's annual banquet. Jim Taylor, a local business owner, former City Council member, and Gubser Neighborhood's Miracle of Christmas volunteer was recognized as Keizer's First Citizen. Copper Creek Mercantile owner and long standing community supporter Dennis Blackman received the Merchant of the Year Award. Danielle Bethell, S-K School Board, Marion County Commissioner, and Former Keizer Chamber Exec. Director was given the Service to Education Award. For his help with Men of Action (MAK) Darrell Fuller received the President's Award. The Dennis Koho Future First Citizen the brand new award was given to Logan Ready a senior at McNary High School. Congratulations everyone! 

Pictured from left to right are Darrell Fuller, Jim Taylor, Logan Ready, Danielle Bethe, and Dennis Blackman
McNary's finest were out performing one of the many turf management tasks that keep our course in magnificent shape. Here we have (L-R) Don Croy, Matt Wilbur, and Ray Clark (behind the tank) applying fungicide, mixed with a small amount of fertilizer, on the practice putting green February 4. All 23 greens have to be sprayed. There is much more to what they do than the ever present mowing. There shall be no fungus among us! Courtesy from McNary Men's Golf Club Facebook

McNary Golf Club Board of Directors Introduces David Zahradnik as McNary’s NEW Director of Club Operations/GM
From Brenda Rodriguez, President
To those that may not know David, he is one of our own!! He did his undergraduate studies and earned his degree from Oregon State University. He has a strong business acumen with almost 15 years owning & managing successful companies of all sizes. David has previously owned the restaurant here at McNary. He has also been a Board President, Men's Club President, a Finance Committee member and Chairman, and through his parents was a founding member before purchasing his own membership in 2008. With his many years living in Keizer, David is extensively networked in the community and engages comfortably with the Keizer business sector. He has lived the history and culture of McNary for over 30 years. He understands our membership and shares in their passion for this place we call "home". I really believe THIS is the beginning of someth ing really, really special!!

Please join me in congratulating David Zahradnik. He will assume this position effective immediately.
MGLA ladies enjoying conversation and days play stories on the porch at The View. 
McNary Ladies Golf Association applications are ready to fill out and send to the managing directors of the group (See below). Season Kickoff for both the 18 hole and the 9 hole ladies begins Tuesday morning April 6th and ends October 19th. A Handicap from OGA must be registered and maintained. This fee can be paid and easily obtained directly through the McNary Pro shop. Posting of all legal scores will be required.

Membership dues for the Ladies Golf is $40 for the entire 7 month season ($20 if joining after July 15th). Their is an optional $4 for a Ringer Card and $2 to the Hole-In One Fund. Social Club Membership Dues is $10 for non-golfing (non-voting) ladies that are past MGLA members, lady members of McNary Golf Club, and residents of McNary Estates. The Social Group is well underway with their gathering Third Thursday at Three on February 17th at 3pm at The View at McNary Golf Club. 
Click here for printable application form
Written By Mary Smith
Summer 1956.  My oldest sister, Judy, had just graduated from Othello High School, in Washington State.  I was Junior, Ruthie a Freshman, and our youngest sister, Barbara, was entering the 4th grade, when we got “the news”: 
We were moving, again!  Daddy announced he was accepting “the Call” to be pastor of a church in Southern California.  

We were shocked—and thrilled.  As teenagers (3 of us, anyway) we quickly embraced Los Angeles with its  beaches—and movie stars…why, it was almost (ALMOST) enough to carry Judy and me through tearful goodbyes to the “loves of our lives”).

We immediately transformed ourselves into “California Girls”.  Forget snow!  Year-around sunshine suited us just fine.  We brazenly posed for pictures of ourselves in shorts (in December!), gleefully mailing them off to our “less fortunate” friends who remained in cold, suddenly boring, Othello.

Tacos, pizza and slumber parties quickly became a vital part of our lives, as well as riding around in “souped up” cars with our friends.  We had ARRIVED.

Summers included trips to Laguna and Malibu beaches with mother, her friend, Mrs. Rickert and several of our girlfriends.  Sunburns became a rite of passage; we foolishly bragged about who’s sunburn was the worst, oblivious to long-term effects on our skin.  We often took the 2-hour bus ride to Long Beach, where we hung out at “The Pike.”  Hey, this was the 50’s!  

We relished our (slightly) growing independence from Mother and Daddy (so strict and out of touch).  Sneaking out to the family car, we listened to the radio sounds of Frank Sinatra, Connie Francis and Fats Domino…oh, and how we loved Johnny Mathis and Ricky Nelson!  But, we also savored the tunes of Glenn Miller and George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue”).  

Meanwhile, Mother, thousands of miles away from her own family, attended retreats for ministers’ wives (about which we asked little).  She was forever washing/starching crinoline slips for 3 teenagers. Did we ever thank her?  I do now.

As for our dad, we knew he wanted sons, but instead, had 4 daughters!  And yet, we never felt like “second best”, doting on him always.  

He taught us to drive (his teaching style left a lot to be desired).  He drove us anywhere we wanted to go, but wouldn’t allow us to call boys on the phone OR wear capri pants to town (malls were a thing of the future).  Yet, he was a lot of fun, often enthusiastically engaging us in water fights! 

Thankfully, our parents taught us the value of good books, which could be found all over our home.  Through their example, Mother and Daddy set the stage for our life-long love of reading.

I left southern California in 1958, heading 400 miles north to college. It wasn’t long before we met our future husbands.  Babies followed; the next generation was arriving.  We sisters came of age in California.  But it was only the beginning of what lay ahead.  

Mary Smith

Attention McNary Estates:
The Vets Fest 5K Run and 3K Walk Are Coming Back!
From Mark Piercy, McNary Estates Resident
The 2nd Annual Vets Fest 5k Run is taking place in McNary Estates Saturday morning, July 2, 2022. It is organized by the Non-Profit "Help Oregon Veterans" ( McNary Estates resident Robert Wood, a U.S. Navy Veteran himself, is the Founder of the fledgling organization whose mission is raising awareness and funds for the benefit of Homeless Veterans. The goal is simple: get a Homeless Vet off the curb and into safe shelter even if for just one night.

Robert and the Help Oregon Veterans team have been busy tweaking and laying the groundwork for the 2022 edition of last year's inaugural event. Version 2.0 includes adding a 3K Walk and prize money for breaking the male and female course records. Other tweaks include recognizing any Veterans in attendance or participating in the Run/Walk, Veterans presenting awards to the runners, and an a cappella performance of the National Anthem to start the race.
Some of the 2021 volunteers.
In the spirit of being a "good neighbor" the organizers want to give the residents plenty of advance and recurring notice as there will be some traffic disruption and congestion around the Golf Club's parking lot and the entrance to McNary Estates, mainly from about 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. Future notices will give greater details such as the route of the course. Many McNary residents served as volunteers last year at the start and finish lines and on the course directing traffic. They expressed how much fun it was helping with the event last year. The call for volunteers will go out again as the date draws nearer. If not volunteering, consider participating in the Run or Walk. To register online for the Run or Walk, go to
HelpOregonVeterans is also planning another fundraising live Entertainment Event Extravaganza to take place at the Salem Armory Auditorium on the State Fairgrounds, May 28. Stay tuned for more information on that event!
Occurring approx. the last quarter of the year.
  • Gregory & Jennifer Gilmer on Castle Glen Lane
  • Everett & Linda Young on Crampton Drive
  • Arthur Lydon on Fountain Ct
  • Patrica Morris on Fountain Ct
  • Tiffany Moore on Kite Ct
  • David dieer & Mary Kay Cary on Littler Dr
  • Howard & Carol Fegles on McNary Estates Dr
  • Herman & Marlee Clark on McNary Estates Dr
  • Paul & Audrey Butler on Player Dr from Fountain Ct
McNary Estates residents in 2021, began a unique way to combat the "Covid Fatigue" by gathering outdoors on the driveways or decks of residents who volunteered to host Flamingo Fridays. This monthly activity is back on March 25th at the home of  Dean & Jean Porter on Snead Drive. Look for more details in the March issue of The McNary Newsletter
At the corner of McNary Estates Drive and Hogan there is a special tree sometimes called a Monkey Tail Tree. However, what is really special about this tree is home owner Jeanie White is saying "Love is in the air, and on the tree". She is encouraging, for the month of February, that all who pass by, to fill the tree with hearts showing who or what we love....what fills us with love. Just....
  • Pick a Heart
  • Write your message
  • Hang it on the tree
  • Enjoy reading other's messages too
Written By Cameron Shackelton, 21 years old. OSU graduate in Business Administration. Oregon Army National Guard Infantryman.
THE BOILING POINT ***WARNING: Not for the faint of heart***
            It was the middle of October and my platoon and I just returned from being in the field for a week. Being in the field that long means poor hygiene, but I would still always change my underwear and wipe down my body with a wet wipe. However, my friend Connor did not do either.
Because of this, his sweat developed a HUGE boil in his bootycrack. It got to the point where he couldn’t sit down because it caused so much pain. One brave soul volunteered to pop it. Connor took a shower then laid down face first on his bunk completely naked. The Dr. Pimple Popper volunteer, Kaleb, wore a trash bag over his body, put on his shooting glasses, a head lamp, a mask, and latex gloves. He was ready for the operation. Connor knew this would be painful because it hurt to simply spread his cheeks. By this moment we had generated a crowd of 30 people. Kaleb started squeezing the boil and Connor SCREAMED at the top of his lungs to the point where other platoons could hear through the floors and walls and started coming to investigate. Someone was holding Connor’s hand the entire time like he was giving birth. This boil was MASSIVE. The squeezing and screaming went on for nearly an hour and the boil was still not even half-way oozed out. As a result of the smell, one guy threw up on the floor and all of us were gagging. Kaleb nearly used an entire roll of toilet paper on the cleanup. It then progressed to using a dental pick to try to create a bigger hole for extraction. At this time, Connor was in so much pain that he kept squirming and clenching his bootycheeks together that we had one guy put on gloves and hold his crack open while another three guys held down his body and legs. It looked like a bad crime scene with the puss and even blood. Connor kept crying for a five minute intermission but the A-Team kept pushing through. After watching for nearly an hour I became very queasy so I left and went to my bunk but could still hear the screams for another fifteen minutes or so. Fast forward to the next morning, we had just got done with PT (it was sprints that day) and then we hit the showers. While we were in the shower room, Connor turned to me and asked, “Shack, how’s it look?” as he proceeded to bend over, spread his cheeks and show me his boil. My eyes glanced over faster than my brain could warn them not to and I saw what is too hard descibe. At that moment, the visual image and the memory of the smell hit me and I started gagging and nearly threw up all over the shower floor. Not only did he do that but he had the nerve to ask ME to pop it again for him that night since Kaleb officially retired from the night before. I told him I’d rather jump off a bridge head first before I went anywhere near that dark and hairy canyon. We found out a couple days later that the best way to get rid of a boil is to simply leave it alone and soak it in hot water and it will dissolve itself. So that entire public surgery was not even necessary. This memory is forever vivid in my mind and now it will be in yours too. And please, don’t forget to change your underwear every day and wipe thoroughly. Thanks for reading.
Written By Ann Trombley
Reading back through my book lists (read and unread), I kept wondering what book for February.   Lots of good ones!   But the one that keeps jumping out at me because it has been on a bestseller list for a long time.   Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens, Fiction 

I read it when it first came out, but will try to tell you the story – shortened, of course.   Want to know more?  --  Google it for more details on the book.
The story revolves around Kya Clark, better known as the Marsh Girl.   The family home is on the North Carolina coast.     Kya is six when her mother leaves Kya’s siblings and father.    Slowly the siblings take off, leaving young Kya and her father.  Then Kya is left alone when the father dies.   Then she must learn to care of herself at age 12. It is fascinating how Kya learns to survive – without much schooling. 

It is a coming-of-age story, a quiet lonely life, coupled with the townspeople who try to take care of her.    And a possible murder is involved. Two young men are fascinated with Kya in her teenage years.  One of these is found murdered.   Who did it?    Certainly keeps one reading.  

I found the descriptions of the North Carolina coast fascinating – so different from our own NW coastline. Birds, flora, fauna  -- how Kya used all  these elements to keep herself going.   The ending was a surprise!    Give yourself a treat – keep reading.    Ann Trombley
Submitted by Jan Stormbeck

Come visit and share with your McNary lady friends

  • February 17, Valentine T3, Third Thursday at Three, The View Dining Room

  • March 2, Wednesday, 1:00-4:00 pm, Painting Party at The View Choose your project, an 11’’ x 14” canvas or two, stemmed wine glasses (Details below)

  • March 17, T3, Third Thursday at Three, The View Dining Room

MLGA Social Club Paint Party

On March 2, 2022 from 1:00-4:00, the MLGA Social Club is hosting a Painting Party at The View. You may choose from two projects, an 11” x 14” wheelbarrow floral canvas or two stemmed wine glasses, like the one shown below.
Create your own, personal painting – canvas or wine glasses. – NO experience necessary. Step-by-step instruction and all materials are provided. The cost for the class is $30 and includes one glass of wine. Grab a friend and join us for a fun afternoon.
For questions and to register, please contact
Gayle George, or cell, 503.409.7530.
Space is limited so register early.
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