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  • FEATURED SUPPORTER - Nathan Bauer with R Bauer Insurance
  • IN THE COMMUNITY - Keizer Turkey Dash is Back
  • HAVE YOU READ....? - Book reviews by Ann Trombley
  • NEIGHBORS - "Now you Know" by Mark Piercy and Save the Date for McNary Holiday Golf Cart Parade
  • ON THE GREENS - Pumpkin Open Results 
  • OFF THE GREENS - Ladies Social Club wrapping up 2021
  • HUMOR ME - By Mary Smith
  • MCNARY HOA - Volunteers needed to decorate bridge
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Nathan Bauer - R. Bauer Insurance

Nathan Bauer's grandfather started Ralph Bauer Insurance in 1957, a Farmers Insurance Group agency, in his own home. In 1972 his son, Dick, joined him and in 1977 his son Tom went to work as a producer for Farmers Insurance group and the agency became Ralph Bauer & Sons Insurance.

In 1981 Ralph Bauer retired from Farmers Insurance and his sons Dick and Tom, along with daughter Mary, and oldest son Dave started R. Bauer Insurance, Inc. Ralph passed away in 1994 but his children and grandchildren continue to own and operate the agency today.

Nathan, Tom's son, is as a third-generation agent and continues his family’s tradition of service to the Keizer community, supporting organizations like Keizer Rotary Foundation, Boys & Girls Club, and Liberty House. He never passes up an opportunity to swing a golf club and he rarely misses a football game at his alma mater, Oregon State University, where he was an active member of the award-winning cheerleading/stunt team. He lives in Keizer with his wife, Amy, and their beautiful daughters, Charlotte, Amelia, and Eloise. Nathan has been with the agency since 2009 and looks forward to carrying on the family legacy.

Keizer's Turkey Dash

In 2011, Keizer residents, Stephani Logan and Connie Dingeman visited the Keizer Chamber of Commerce to see if a partnership could be formed. You see, Stephani and Connie enjoy running and they wanted to share their love of running with their community on a day of the year where we could all use a little extra movement. The Chamber knew these couple of gals whose hearts were in the right place and agreed to become their partner. The event was a success from the beginning as one of the largest (700+ walkers & runners) local races. 

This year, after a COVID-19 break in 2020, family and friends will have a perfect start to Turkey Day 2021 with a 5K run or walk through Keizer Station Village then out and back through the Gubser Neighborhood. The Keizer Chamber announced that they will have a Pajama Party theme so please dress up in your best PJ’s!

Register Link

Sport Tech Shirts are included with regular $30 entries and cotton t-shirts for youth (12 years and under) $20 entries if registered by November 12th. The first 700 registrants are guaranteed a commemorative finisher mug.

Packet pick-up: Day before (11/24 from 12-6 pm) – Keizer Chamber of Commerce 4118 River Rd N

Day of Race:  Registration starts at 7 am, November 25th at Lowes Home Improvement at Keizer Station Village

Benefiting: Each year a local non profit is chosen to receive a portion of the proceeds from the Turkey Dash registrations. The Keizer Community Food Bank is the non-profit chosen for 2021.

Register Link

By Ann Trombley

HAVE YOU READ ------ ?
Among my favorite 3 words to hear.   Here we are entering our dark colder months.  Time to choose your reading materials, put a pot roast in the slow cooker, get your warm blanket, & pour a glass of wine or beverage of choice.  

Have you ever had any thoughts about your favorite book?   I was an English major in college so had a lot of thoughts.   Scarlet Letter?   Nope.   Moby Dick?   Forget it.   Those were class assignments.   But over the years, I have MY own choices.   At one time it was Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy; then Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry.   But then one day in the Dallas (Texas) airport I happened on to what has been my favorite for years.   (Doesn’t everyone browse the bookstores in the airports?)   I had read The Eye of the Needle by Ken Follett.   Really enjoyed his writing.  

My eye lit on another book by Ken Follett – The Pillars of the Earth.   Had never heard of it, and it was already out in paperback.   I asked the young lady behind the counter.   She had never heard of it either, but had just finished reading it over a 3-day weekend.  “I couldn’t put it down”, she said.  Well, needless to say, it went into my bag.   I’m a sucker for historical history.   Follett wrote this in 1989. 
Pillars is a loooong book, about 900 pages, I think.   And I couldn’t put it down either.   It’s the 12th-century story of Philip, a monk, wanting to build a Gothic cathedral in Knightsbridge, England.   He hires Tom Builder, appropriate name, as his architect.   Together they go through all the ups and down of building.   I learned a lot about flying buttresses.   PBS even made a series years ago. 

I lent it to a friend who called me one day.  “I just threw the book across the room”.  I was speechless.   “Because William is so awful”.   William is the ever-present villain.   And she was right; William is a cad, but she finished the book.   Lots of good, well-intentioned folks in the book who feel the same about William. 

As one reviewer said, it’s “a monumental masterpiece”.   I seem to recall that it’s the favorite history novel in GB.     I’ve read it 3 times – once when “I just couldn’t put it down”.   And twice for book discussion groups.   And Follett has written 2 sequels  World Without Fire and  Columns of Fire.   Who knows – I might read it again, but have to finish my current read about Paul Revere.  

Need any ideas for reading?   Give me a call at 503-580-8355,   Ann Trombley
Now you Know
By Mark Piercy, McNary Estates Resident

       E9. Chief Master Sergeant. Three Up and Five Down. Chief. Command Chief. Sir. Ma’am. U.S. Military Personnel. United States Air Force Veterans. All these terms apply but none come close to defining them, their careers, or their sacrifices for and contributions to our country. The tenure of their military careers surpassed more than half of their lifetimes. They put in many years of challenging work and training, 26 years, and 30 years, respectively. They attained rank reserved for only the top 1% of the entire military enlisted force, a minuscule number imposed by Congress. Commanding positions of great influence, they surpassed and set new standards that inspired thousands of young Airmen under their purview. Their jobs sent them around the world and all over our country…five of the seven continents and nearly every state in the country. But it is our good fortune today that they are our neighbors and cross our paths often.
       Their lives started in different yet similar places. His began in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1970. Milwaukee, located on the Great Lake of Michigan, one hour north of Chicago, could very well have been named Beer or Bratwurst City due to the substantial number of German immigrants who flocked there two hundred years ago. It is home to Harley Davidson, baseball’s Brewers, basketball’s Bucks, and Summerfest, an annual music festival extravaganza that draws about 800,000 visitors to the city of 577,000. Although anchored in Green Bay, the Packers (their team by the way!) have sometimes called Milwaukee “Home.” Mom was a teacher. Dad was a building inspector.
Her journey began 1,700 miles away in Clark Fork, Idaho, 3 years later. Clark Fork, a small town of six hundred, is named for William Clark, the other half of Meriwether Lewis. Like his hers began near a large lake as well, Lake Pend Oreille, at 95,000 acres. Ironically, it has a distinct Navy connection. So deep, fifth deepest in the U.S. at 1150 feet, and quiet is Lake Pend Oreille, that the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center’s Acoustic Research Detachment conducts tests of sonar and submarine design with large scale models there. Additionally, Farragut State Park, located on the south end of the lake, was once the second largest naval training site on the planet. Farragut Naval Training Station, temporary home to 55,000, was hurriedly constructed when the U.S. entered WWII. It became a park in 1966. Her Mother is the CFO at Garten where Dad, now retired, was the Maintenance Director.
       He enlisted in 1989, driven by service to country and the benefits, education, and travel military employment offered. Also driven by service to country and the influence of the military service of her grandfathers and stepfather, she enlisted in 1993 while in college, unknowingly creating a potential intersection in their lives, albeit many miles down the road. The stars and planets had to align though. Both survived basic training at Lackland Air Force Base, but for years his career path zigged while hers zagged….that is until 2006. That is the year she landed at Fort Bragg where he had already spent 18 years of his military career assigned to the special operations community. A keen observer might ask, “Doesn’t the ‘Fort’ in Fort Bragg indicate a U.S. Army  base?” Well, it does, but our military branches have overlapping missions and needs, hence Joint Operations and Joint Communications. The key word here is “Joint” meaning two or more branches of the military working together. The branches often provide support to each other. So, our two airmen meet for the first time. Coincidentally, the Army, Navy, and Marine recruiters were literally out to lunch when he stopped by to enlist, or he might have been a soldier, sailor, or marine. Otherwise, they may never have met. Oh, Serendipity…you are a curious woman whose mysterious plan only you can understand.
        Both completed their illustrious careers with many assignments, achievements, and continued education. NAF, MAJCOM, HAF, CCC, CCM…one must navigate a sea of acronyms just to comprehend their exhaustive resumes. His varied assignments, founded in logistics management and communications, included Special Operations Radio Operator, Paratrooper, Superintendent of Logistics Readiness, Senior Enlisted Adviser, Chief of the Chiefs Group, and Command Chief. In between he found time to advance his education across many disciplines and earned his degree from the Community College of the Air Force. Bestowed a distinguished graduate of the Naval War College’s Senior Enlisted Academy, he also received several other leadership certifications through academia. Remote assignment locations included Italy and Qatar as well as multiple deployments in support of special operations missions. Top military decorations included the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, and Combat Readiness Medal. He also achieved U.S. Army, Australian Army, and German Army Jump Wings. That is right…”jump” as in jumping out of perfectly able aloft aircraft…many of them made from the C-130 Hercules. One of his career highlights was assignment as Command Chief of the 89th Airlift Wing, home of Air Force One. Most familiar to the public is the 89th’s mission of transporting the President and Vice President. He had the honor of accompanying both President Obama and then VP Biden on Air Force One. His career culminated at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois with a 3-year stint as 18th Air Force Command Chief.
       Not to be outdone, her career was just as decorated, including the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, and Combat Readiness Medal. She has garnered Outstanding USAF Personnel Manager of the Year, Personnel Superintendent of the Year, and Outstanding Airman of the Year awards. She is a Distinguished Graduate and Dean’s List Recipient of the U.S. Navy Senior Enlisted Academy. Saudi Arabia, Korea, and Afghanistan were remote locations of her numerous assignments at nearly every level of the Air Force, including Aircrew Egress Systems Specialist, USAF Chief of Enlisted Force Policy, Major Command Personnel Functional Manager, Directorate Senior Enlisted Advisor, and Squadron Superintendent. Along the way she fit in obtaining two degrees in Leadership and Management and Aircraft Maintenance Systems Technology. She capped off her career as Squadron Superintendent for the 375th Force Support Squadron. She lists many highlights but finds it hard to top working in Nevada for over three years with the 68-year-old Thunderbird Squadron, the U.S. Air Force’s precision aerial demonstration squadron and only unnumbered squadron. It was during this assignment she received an orientation flight in the F16D, a two-seat Fighting Falcon, logging over an hour of flight time and experiencing more than 9Gs.
It is difficult to describe what they sacrificed to preserve our way of life and democracy around the world. It is just as futile as it is to reduce 26 years and 30 years of service and achievement to a few paragraphs. It was not all parades, promotion ceremonies, and interesting travel. There was a lot of demanding work…physical, mental, and emotional. Living in barracks. Living out of lockers and suitcases. Work after hours. Work in poor conditions. Work on holidays and weekends. Work in remote locations. Work on the other side of the world. Work in harm’s way. Work away from family and each other. Separation…years of it. As much as the military tried to accommodate them, the mission is first and foremost…they were often apart. There were many nights alone. But this is what they chose to do in service of their country and for us. It was their calling. We may formally recognize our Veterans November 11, but our Veterans have earned a “thank you” every day.
       Today they are stationed on Hogan Drive, claiming McNary Estates as home base since 2019, the year they parted with their military families. It is a reunion, renewing family connections made difficult for so much of their lives. Her parents reside on McNary Estates Dr. An aunt and uncle live just two doors away. Her grandparents moved to Trevino Ct in 1992. Married for 13 years this New Year’s Eve and the proud parents of two young men, they are deeply rooted in our community. Someday they may tour sites and sights yet unseen by RV. They are Members of McNary Golf Club. She operates Posh Tribe, naturally based skincare and wellness products. You have met her…she and Gucci, their Yorkshire Terrier, log more than 1,300 miles annually plying our streets. You have met him…either at the gym or on the course. He works out frequently and is an avid golfer, already in his third year on the Board of Directors of the golf club, the middle year as President. He supports the Wisconsin Badgers, and she pulls for the Boise State Broncos. If required to choose sides, it is the Ducks, citing the color match with their beloved Packers. Yes, you have met them, but now you know them, proud United States Air Force Veterans…Chief Master Sergeant, Retired, Brandy Petzel and Chief Master Sergeant, Retired, Todd Petzel.

Members & Guests Pumpkin Open!

Another Pumpkin Open in the books and a ton of fun had by all involved!. Congratulations to Bill and June Link for winning the golf car decoration contest. There was a tie in the costume contest with Jesse Hall and Robert Dowden taking home the prize.

A big thank you to all who participated and helping make another fun event on a spooktacular fall day! As always, a big thank you to Larry and Greg for managing the event and to our Maintenance staff for getting the course in the best shape possible. 


OFF THE GREENS Ladies Social Club
Update from your MLGA Social Committee:
After several years of leadership, Patti Togioka has resigned from the Social Committee. Thank you, Patti, for all of your hard work, and  all you have done for the ladies of our community. 
We are pleased to share that Jean Porter and Gayle George have volunteered to serve on the Social Committee. We are seeking additional members – please consider volunteering for the 2022 year. Direct any questions you may have to Jan Strombeck  
The Committee met last week and decided because of Covid  to postpone adding any new Social Group activities until after the first of the year, when the situation will be re-evaluated. Please mark your calendar for the activities already planned to finish out 2021:
  • Third Thursday at Three. No RSVP needed, just show up at The View for conversation with friends.
  • November 18- at The View, to enjoy each other’s company, and a representative from Simonka Place will be presented with our year-long charity collection of gifts.
  • MLGA Social and Golf Christmas Party, December 7.
  • Cookie Exchange hosted by Jeanie White, date and time TBD.

By: Mary A Smith



It was supposed to be all about 8-year old JORDAN (my grandson) meeting the Governor.  Turns out, it was all a ruse so his great-grandmother (“smitten” with the handsome young physician-turned-Governor of Oregon) could do so herself—in person.

Now, to be clear, this wasn’t about politics.  Mother had never engaged in the stuff of politics that I can recall, but she did read the Statesman-Journal every day, occasionally firing off her staunch opinions to “Letters to the Editor”, some of which were actually published.

Nor had Mother ever voted for a Democrat, although she once bragged about crossing a downtown Salem street with a previous Democratic Governor, engaging in a brief conversation as they waited for the light to change)…

Her own sheltered life was played out in a Baptist parsonage and she was 65 years old before she obtained her driver’s license (driving like a “bat out of hell” for 10 years, until she sideswiped a parked car—but I digress).

Which brings me to 1999.  Claiming a little boy’s interest in maps, U.S. States and their Capitols, Mother formed The Plan: she would arrange for Jordan to meet Governor Kitzhaber.  We all knew the truth—Mother wanted to meet the Governor!

Amazingly, she snagged an appointment and found herself (and, oh, by the way, Jordan!) in the office of the Governor on a cold March day.

During my mother’s visit with the Governor, she asked “pertinent” questions, such as: “How is Logan”? (his young son) and remarked, “my, what a nice office you have”.  You know, an intellectual conversation…

Governor Kitzhaber rose to the occasion (on what must have been a politically slow day).  Resting his hand on the shoulder of an impressionable boy, he pointed out photos of important political people.  He even posed for photos in his private office, spending nearly 10, unhurried minutes with my mother and Jordan that day.

Time flies.  2010.  Jordan Bishop became a football player and student at Oregon State University.  And, after an absence of a few years, Governor Kitzhaber was about to return to his old job at the Capitol. 

We never made a second visit to the Governor’s office, because, too soon, the years flew by; Jordan graduated from OSU and moved away.  He works with “at risk” kids and their families in another State.

My mother is no longer with us, but I like to think she would be so pleased (ok-thrilled) with how he turned out…

I’m just not sure how she’d feel about his politics.  After all, he’s a registered Democrat.


On November 19th, at 11:00 am, we will once again be decorating the McNary Estates bridge. Volunteers are needed to string the lights and decorate the poles.

While decorating the bridge last year, our volunteers had a wonderful time socializing while making new friends. We all enjoyed the festive bridge lights, so this year come, join the fun by helping us deck the halls of our beautiful community.

This year we need 10 wreaths, garlands and light strands for the light poles. We have already purchased two 24” wreaths and thick garland swags but need 8 more of each. While decorating the bridge we will be accepting cash donations to reimburse monies spent out of pocket for light strands ($15 strand ea), wreaths ($30 ea), large swags ($40 ea) ribbon, bows, Christmas balls, pinecones, etc. If you have a large 24” wreath or thick garland swags you would like to donate, please call Cheryl Ousey (541) 840-2852 or Amber Wilcox (503) 990-1960.

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