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The McNary Newsletter is paid for and distributed by Tom's Professional Services within the community, however McNary Estates HOA does not contribute financially to the newsletter. Contributing writers: Mark Percy, Chip Sullivan, and Bob Balmer. Contributing Photographers: Susan May


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Oregon Health Authority Media Release - Newest modeling suggests considerable rise in COVID-19 transmission

New modeling of the COVID-19 virus shows that COVID-19 is spreading more rapidly in Oregon, according to the latest model released today by the Oregon Health Authority and the Institute for Disease Modeling.

The model, which is based on data through June 18, offers three projections -- optimistic, moderate and pessimistic -- predicting that daily case levels could rise as much as 20 percentage points.

The modeling assumes that hospitalizations from COVID-19 remain stable and testing remains at its present level of approximately 4,000 a day:

  • The optimistic scenario with those assumptions suggests the previous modeling increase of June 11 was the result of higher testing and that case counts would remain stable at about 180 per day over the next month. This is the least likely scenario to occur because it assumes diagnosis of all new cases and presently about one-third of new infections cannot be traced to a known source.
  • The moderate scenario suggests the rise in cases in the last modeling report was due to increased transmission and expanded testing -- and that daily infections of COVID-19 could rise over the next month to more than 900 per day, with daily hospitalizations rising from 8 to 27.
  • The most pessimistic scenario suggests the rise in cases in the last modeling report was due entirely to increased transmission and not expanded testing -- and that infections could rise to more than 4,800, and hospitalizations could increase to 82 per day.

"We know that COVID-19 is in our communities," said Dean Sidelinger, MD, Oregon state health officer. "This latest model provides us with a sobering reminder that we all need to guard against continued spread, especially as we continue to reopen and the weather gets warmer."

Dr. Sidelinger said, "Think hard about your choice of activities, especially as we get close to the Fourth of July holiday. Ask yourself: how can I reduce my risk and the risk I might pose to people around me?" Do what you can to suppress the virus: Stay 6 feet away from other people. Wear a mask. Avoid large gatherings, and if you are in a group setting -- like a holiday barbeque -- stay outside, keep your distance and use a face covering when you’re not eating. Wash your hands frequently and stay home if you’re sick.

OHA uses this modeling for data analysis and planning purposes and releases it on a bi-weekly basis. The entire report can be found here.

Oregon Health Authority's guide for staying safe from COVID-19 virus in current Phase 2 re-opening. 
Now You Know….
By Mark Piercy, McNary Estates Resident

October 11-23, 1964. Tokyo, Japan. Nine games. Nine wins. Zero losses. Average margin of victory, 30 points. Three hundred and sixty minutes of suffocating defense alternating with precision offense. The best of our best. Against the best the rest of the planet could muster. These are the results of an efficient 12-man wrecking machine, all 12 parts working in unison, no part more valuable than another, a machine conditioned and prepared by its leader, Coach Hank Iba, to methodically dismantle any collection of souls cast before it. During this 9-game demonstration of futility, you could find one particular component of that machine on the prowl, his domain the lane, towering above all others, where he waited patiently to smother or reject any hapless trespasser hoping to escape his enormous reach.

But wait…let us back up a little bit to where this story really begins. He was introduced to and learned his craft on the playgrounds and hardwood of the Marshfield High Pirates, in the once booming greatest exporter of lumber in the world, Coos Bay, OR. He went on to hone his skills at Oregon State University, where he inspired a legion of boys and girls who donned the orange and black of Beaver jersey #21.

It was there he met his greatest influencer and friend, Nedora Gleason, a devoted Catholic girl raised with the small-town values of St. Paul, OR. She held such sway over him that she led him down the path to his eventual conversion to Catholicism. He and Nedora wed. From their 53-year union sprung 3 sons and 2 daughters, and 26 grandchildren, with another on the way. Her devotion to her family was rivaled only by her devotion to her faith, a faith she helped instill in him so he might prevail through the trials ahead. 
Flash back to Tokyo…the U.S. machine runs their streak to 46 wins without a single loss and 6 Gold Medals in 6 Olympics, since basketball became a staple of the Summer Games. When asked if they felt the pressure of the expectation of another Gold thrust upon their shoulders, he simply replies that Coach Iba had prepared them well. Ironically, that preparation included intense twice-a-day two and a half hour practices at Pearl Harbor, which a mere 23 years before had been decimated by Japan, an event in stark contrast to the genuinely warm hospitality he witnessed by the host Japanese people.There was no pressure. In fact, he recalls the critics had written this team off even before taking the court for game 1.
Hank Iba used that slight to motivate his young charges. His amateurs, selected from a try-out of the best collegiate and AAU players in the nation, deftly dispatched one team after another, including the vaunted Yugoslavian and Soviet teams whose rosters were full of seasoned players subsidized by their governments to play basketball, in other words, professionals.

After that historic run in Tokyo, 1964, he joined the Boston Celtics who drafted him 7th overall earlier in the year. He spent 12 years in the National Basketball Association, playing with 6 different teams, most notably the Celtics and Lakers during their great rivalry. He played alongside and against some of the greatest ever, including Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, and Jerry West, to name a few, forging many friendships along the way. He remains in contact with Olympian and pro Joe Caldwell and pro Paul Silas. Former Celtic teammate turned coach John Thompson Godfathered one of his boys. Family and work were a fine balancing act, trades required upheaval of family, and the sometimes-grueling NBA schedule kept him away from home a week at a time. He concedes it was a good run.

Shortly after his NBA career ended in 1976, he became a real estate agent in Woodburn, Oregon. He and Nedora eventually settled in the Castle Pines neighborhood of McNary Estates. Even at 78 he still works but only part-time these days. He was inducted into Marshfield High’s Hall of Fame as the most celebrated player in school history. He is a 3-time collegiate All American. His #21 is retired by OSU. He is a two-time NBA Champion. He declares “success at anything is the product of hard work.” He adds “championships are won with off season preparation.”

Looking back, he is most proud of his Olympic Gold Medal as he played for America’s team. He helped cement the legacy of United States Men’s Olympic Basketball, a tradition of Gold that continues more than 50 years later. That U.S. record now stands at 138-5, with 15 Gold Medals, 1 Silver Medal, and 2 Bronze Medals in 18 Olympic Games.

Life however is not all wins. Nedora prepared him well for life’s inevitable losses, including her death September 2, 2017. Stoically, he states that it was his faith that helped him through the most difficult loss. That and spending time with his children and grandchildren. If you see a rather tall man walking our McNary streets, it is more than likely him. He is hard to miss with his now 6-foot 10-inch frame. Now you know Mel Counts, 1964 United States Olympic Gold Medalist.

Blast from the Past  - By Christine Dieker
I am not a follow the recipe type of cook and rarely share on a Facebook post or a Pinterest board what my latest home made meal looks like. So why was I intrigued by these adorable booklets from the late 1970's? Perhaps it was the variety of contents and articles like; Coffee Time, Penny Pinchers, Reader's Recipe Swap, or Cooking with Grandmother. Maybe it was the booklets title, Women's Circle HOME COOKING "The National Women's Home Cooking Club." They were published in the heart of the sexual revolution the social movement that challenged traditional codes of behavior related to sexuality and interpersonal relationships. I got that definition from wikipedia.

During that time, my take as a twenty something year old, was families ate dinners together, Moms and Grandmothers cooked and shared recipes, and the meal consisted of a starch (maybe two if you included bread), a meat, and a vegetable. The TV was off when dinner was served and we always passed clockwise starting with my Dad who was st the head of the table. I thought I was pretty smart taking the chair just to his left because I would get the next choice of the main meal. 

Cooking and meals are different today and I am okay with that. We (my husband Tom cooks too), use our google search on our cell phones to find recipes or confirm proper temperatures of meat. We have cut out carbohydrates or starch as I used to call potatoes, bread, pasta, etc.. Most meals we serve buffet style living with three generations we find our eating and sleeping patterns are different. 

However, it is nice to have that occasional family dinner, at the table, with all the fixings. I might even pursue though these HOME COOKING booklets and try a recipe or two. Anyone remember HOBO DINNERS? 

By Bob Balmer
Feel-Good Exercise
I was twenty-four when, after two-hours of playing pick-up basketball the previous night, I awoke, wondering who had snuck-in during the middle of the night and twisted my back as if I had disrespected the Godfather. Three days of laying on an ice pack, and I was ready to confess to picking my neighbor’s tulips for a 1969 Mother’s Day gift, leaving the thermostat on high during the winter of 1980 and from 1962 to 1979, sending Castro classified intelligence. When I saw a doctor about my back, he asked, “Did you stretch before playing?”
Stretch? At twenty-four?
For years I, a gym rat who ran as if I had bellows for lungs and jet-packs for shoes, took my body for granted. So stretch before playing basketball: Why? I made Gumby look stiff and usually the most damage I did to my physical being was a paper cut while licking envelopes at Christmas. My body was I-N-V-I-N-C-I-B-L-E.
Until I wasn’t.
This led to my creating a before-and-after date in regards to my physical decline. Before Doctor Visit (BDV) and After Doctor Visit (ADV). In the ADV era, my body chatters incessantly. “Dropped a quarter, not worth picking up.” “Bike riding for more than an hour, make an appointment with a masseuse.” “You want to play catch? Ha, ha, ha…. Your rotator cuff is so frozen it needs a shot of WD40.” It’s like having Don Rickles for a personal trainer.
Recently, I convinced myself that anything I do while wearing gray sweats is exercise. (It’s like if I wear a beret to draw stick-figures, I must be the next Grandma Moses.) While wearing gray sweats, chewing thirty times before swallowing a bite of pie is a cardio workout. While wearing gray sweats, pressing a button on the TV remote is isometrics. While wearing gray sweats, drinking a beer is weight lifting.
Now, if my body were only a medium to channel Norman Vincent Peale as trainer, I’d feel even better.
Men’s Club Completes Ryder Cup Under Covid-19 Restrictions
By Mark Piercy, Men’s Club Secretary

The McNary Men’s Golf Club completed the Ryder Cup tournament under observance of the Governor’s social distancing restrictions and the McNary Golf Club’s additional rules and precautions which were implemented to eliminate physical contact between players and equipment. The 2-day 36-hole event, which began May 16 and concluded May 17, featured twenty-three 2-man teams and 4 different formats of 9-holes each: scramble, Chapman, best ball, and modified Scotch. The team of Joey Ziogas and Matt Kraft and the team of Jeff McDonnell and Brian Tietsort bested the field in gross and net respectively, banking $100 apiece. Second gross went to Brad Wirt and Danny Lewitzke who made the greatest leap up the leaderboard after Day 1. The teams of Bill Link/Dan Proulx, Jim McKenna/Greg Pedersen, and Robbie Wood/Perry Sinasone finished 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Runner-up on the net side was Mac Martin and Tim Bowman followed by a tie for 3rd between the teams of Terry Jacques/Todd Shelton and Todd Petzel/Chris Morrison. Another tie occurred for 5th between Team Tim Mounce/Ray Clark and Team Dustin Stephens/Jesse Hall. The next Men’s Club tourney, the U.S. Open McNary Style, is scheduled for June 13 and 14. This is a 2-day 36-hole individual stroke play event. The annual summer long double elimination handicapped Match Play Tournament begins in early June and concludes in late August. Dates and times are set by competitors. Check in the pro shop for event registration forms. Inquire with our great pro shop staff to learn more about the Men’s Club organized play options. Membership application forms are in the pro shop. Check out our Facebook page, “McNary Men’s Golf Club,” for photos, event calendar, results, and other info.
Joey Ziogas Repeats as U.S. Open Champ
By Mark Piercy, Men’s Club Secretary
Forty-four members of the McNary Men’s Golf Club teed it up for the U.S. Open McNary Style. The 2-day 36-hole individual stroke play tourney was played June 13 and 14. Round 1 was a little soggy causing higher scores mostly across the board. Mother Nature cooperated on Sunday with warmer temps and sunny skies. It was indeed a “Tale of Two Days” as Jeff Jones charged up the leader board Sunday with a round of 74 after shooting 82 the day before.  Ziogas on the other hand was one of the few not deterred by nature, carding a 72 Saturday. He followed up with an unlikely 81 Sunday, holding off Jones with a 3-stroke margin in Flight 1. Jones did grab the Flight 1 first net title at 142, followed closely by Bill Link at 144, then Jeff McDonnell at 145. Perry Sinasone and Robbie Wood halved second place gross at 161.
In flight 2, the gross title was shared by Tom Nicolai and Don Croy, both carding two-day totals of 175. Mark Heppner and Chris Buck were knotted for third at 177. On the net side, Terry Thies finished first with a net 72/67. Mark Piercy raced up the board with an 85 gross Sunday after carding 95 Saturday. He took second net, trailing Thies by 7 strokes. Jay Ireland was just two shots back of Piercy for third.

Flight 1: 
1st Gross Joey Ziogas $120
T 2nd Gross Perry Sinasone/Robbie Wood $82.50/each
4th Gross Don Baer 45$
1st Net Jeff Jones $120
2nd Net Bill Link $95
3rd Net Jeff McDonnell $70
4th Net David Zahradnik $45
Flight 2:
T 1st Gross Tom Nicolai/ Don Croy $107.50/each
T 3rd Gross Mark Heppner/ Chris Buck $57.50/each
1st Net Terry Thies $120
2nd Net Mark Piercy $95
3rd Net Jay Ireland $70
T 4th Net Glen Zielinski/Jim White/Dan Hedges $15/each
 A Message from Chip Sullivan, PGA Director of Club Operations, McNary Golf Club

Hole in 1 Congratulations 

Congratulations Pam Morrison on your 1st Hole in One! Pam used a 6 hybrid from 126 yards on hole 7 Saturday, June 20th.  Her feat was witnessed by Chris Morrison, Zoya Howe and Matt Kraft.

Face Mask Update
Starting June 24th Oregon Gov. Brown has made it mandatory to wear a face mask in indoor public spaces in Marion County. That goes for the Pro Shop. If you do not have a mask then we ask that you wait outside of the Pro Shop for assistance.

Comment Card Box

We want to hear from you! In the upcoming days we will have a Comment Card box in the Pro Shop. We welcome your comments, suggestions, and/or constructive criticism. We love seeing great reviews but we also know that only 4% of people complain to avoid confrontation. That’s why it is critical that if your experience at McNary Golf Club fell short of your expectations we need to know so we have a chance to fix it. Thank you in advance for your feedback
5 Tuesdays starting July 7th and ending August 4th.
Time: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Ages: 5-17 years old
Cost: $100
Instructor: Jordan Holliday, Assistant Professional
Sign up in the Pro Shop
For more information call the Pro Shop at 503-393-4653.
Where:       McNary Golf Club
Date:           Tuesday, July 7th
Time:          8:30AM-9:30AM.

An opportunity for Club Members to meet representatives of the business community. Refreshments and Danish will be served.

Todd and Elizabeth Smith
Shane House
Kevin and Jane Raddatz
David Chandler
William and (son) Cade Goff
Community Management, Inc. informed McNary Estates residents that the HOA has contracted with Coast Pavement Services to start the first year of a three-year maintenance project on the roadways. The project will begin on July 1, 2020. This project will affect traffic flow and access to and access to various parts of the neighborhood. The project will include crack-sealing and seal coating (2 coats) in some areas and replacing of pavement along sections of Snead Drive. Once the sealcoat and pavement are replaced, the cart paths will be re-striped.

It is important to note that while the sealcoat is curing , no traffic will be allowed on the roadway. Coast will barricade the area close the roadway for 24 hours. Once they remove the barricades approximately 24 hours later, the roadway will open. The section of roadway on Snead that is being replaced will also require 24 hours to cure and traffic will not be allowed during that time.

Community Management understands that this will require owners to either stay home during the roadwork/curing process or to park a vehicle outside the section next to their home. If you choose to park a car on a neighboring side street, make sure it is not in an area that will need to receive work the following day i.e. if your home is on Castle Pines in phase 1, do not park in phase 2 as your vehicle will be in the way the following day. Do not block other owners' driveways. Any owners who remove the barricades before Coast does, will be responsible for any damage incurred. This applies to golf carts, vehicles, and pedestrians.

Another item is irrigation or watering, please make sure your watering does not extend into the street as it will help get a higher quality job the dryer the asphalt/underground is for the paving crew. 

Snead residents garbage garbage will be picked up the week while the paving phase 1 and phase 2 are being completed. Loren’s Sanitation will pick up the garbage on July 2nd at 6am. This is earlier than normal but it is the same day and it will allow Loren’s to avoid the paving work. This will be the only day that garbage will be picked up this early.

Work will begin at 8am and the total projects is expected to take two and a half weeks weather dependent. Below is a map of each phase and the schedule of work. The first day of work is July 1, 2020. Let Community Management, Inc know if you have any questions by calling 503-233-0300 or emailing
Wednesday July 1 - Pave Phase 1 will impact Snead Dr & Whitworth Dr
Thursday July 2 - Pave Phase 2 will impact Snead Dr
Monday July 6 - Sealcoat Phase 1 will impact Castle Pines
Tuesday July 7 - Sealcoat Phase 2 will impact Castle Pines & Castle Lakes
Wednesday July 8 - Sealcoat Phase 3 will impact Castle Pines, Castle Lakes Ct, Castle Glen Ln, & Casper Dr
Friday July 10 - Sealcoat Phase 4 will impact Castle Glen & Casper
Monday July 13 - Sealcoat Phase 5 will impact Casper & Palmer
Tuesday July 14 - Sealcoat Phase 6 will impact Palmer, Couple Way & Whitworth
Wednesday July 15 - Sealcoat Phase 7 will impact Palmer, Couple Way, Whitworth & Fountain Ct
Friday July 17 - Sealcoat Phase 8 will impact Fountain Ct & Snead Dr
Saturday July 18 - Open Phase will impact Snead Dr
Road grinding on Snead Dr was necessary to start on July 1. 
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