March 2021

  • NEIGHBORS - The stories and goings on in McNary Estates neighborhood
  • HUMOR ME - A lighter side of life perspective
  • IN THE COMMUNITY - Wheatland Road Corridor Planning
  • YOUTH OF MCNARY - Keizer Elementary on TV 
  • ON THE GREENS - McNary Golf Club is the central hub of activities on the course and beyond 
  • MC NARY RESTAURANT  - Changes ahead

Featured Supporter

Hello McNary!
We are Andy, Lacey and Nolan Dahlstrom, owners of your local Budget Blinds. This is our 3rd year in business and we absolutely love how it has connected us to this community. Our family moved here from CO about 6 years ago, and couldn’t have asked for a better place to call home. It has been the best decision! Exploring Oregon has been an amazing experience for us. Thank you all for your continued support of our business, we look forward to working together on your future projects. – much love, The Dahlstroms

Joining the Dahlstroms with Budget Blinds, this month are fellow advertising supporters: Roof Rite, The Swancutt, Perkins & Cygrymus Group, Lindsay Hair, John's Waterproofing Company, Thomas Painting, Rick & Ande Hoffman-HomeSmart, Valley Roofing, Willamette Lutheran Retirement Community, Boucher Jewelers, Tom Hempel Testing, R Bauer Insurance Inc, and Troy Renshaw - HomeSmart Reality Group

Making it Possible

Hello from, Tom & Christine Dieker. We produce The McNary Newsletter which is separate but supported by the McNary Home Owners Association. Our goals are community and neighborhood driven. Contact Tom for your advertising interest at 503.949.0891 ( or Christine for news and content suggestions at 503-949-6099 (

This March, we will be starting a hybrid distribution of a print version of this newsletter. For your information, copies will be available at the golf club and restaurant (when open). We will also have some in a box at our house (360 Snead Dr) and a few at the Keizer Chamber. 

The Windsor’s finally did it !!! 
Open Garage to see how it turned out !
Date: Saturday March 13th
Time: 10AM - 12 Noon
Where:  478 Palmer Dr N
We would like to invite anyone in the McNary neighborhood to stop by and review our garage.  We had new cabinets installed and the floor resurfaced.
Both the companies that provided the service will be at our open house to answer questions. This will be a great opportunity to see what is possible and give you some great idea’s for your home improvements. 
There will be free coffee and Donuts and a chance to ask questions of the representatives that provided the service. 

This will also be great time to meet our neighbors that we haven’t meet yet.
Please wear a mask while at our open house. (garage)  
Thank you, 
Randy & Carol Windsor

The clean up of the ice storm that hit the Pacific Northwest in February is still going on. Several residents were out on the golf course and at neighbors homes helping with the massive task. Downed trees and branches at the nineteen Keizer parks are now a focus of volunteer help. A true community effort has been witnessed and appreciated by many. 

Here is a look and the sounds of the impact of the February ice storm on McNary Golf course at fairway one.

Written By Mary A Smith


My sisters and I loved to sing…we’d formed a trio during our Wenatchee days, where our father was pastor for 4-1/2 years.  We had even sung on our church’s 15-minute radio broadcast a few times.  Our “claim to fame was singing a Capella.  (We weren’t bad, actually).

In 1954, though, Daddy answered the “call” to a new place of service, and it wasn’t bigger or better, as we soon found out.  Othello, WA, back then, was a town of a mere 2,000 souls (at the most).  Othello, with it’s unpaved streets, was nothing like the beautiful Wenatchee Valley.

But, we were teenagers now, eager to fit in.  The local school talent contest was announced and we quickly signed up.  Contest winners would be determined by who received the loudest applause—not exactly scientific!

We practiced our songs: “Chapanecas”, a Mexican tune I’d learned while in the 5th grade.  Of course, I was now a much more mature 8th grader…our repertoire also included “Melody of Love” (think Pat Boone) and “Shortening’ Bread”.

A problem developed when we informed Mother we needed costumes.  And we were specific: we had to have Mexican-style skirts, with ruffled hemlines.  They’d be perfect with peasant blouses, we insisted—just the outfits to wear while performing “Chapanecas”.

Being teenagers, we were oblivious to anyone or anything besides ourselves, including the sad fact that there was no money for the skirts, or even for material with which to make them.  Our dad’s salary was meager; we didn’t have extra money for such an extravagance!

And so, Mother sat at the kitchen table one morning, gloomily pondering what to do, how to fulfill our request, which was really an expectation.  As she sat looking out the window through the curtains…the CURTAINS!  Yes, that’s it!  These curtains are perfect—black print cafe curtains.  I can picture her now: “If I cut them thus and so, I THINK I can get 3 skirts out of them!”

Miraculously, she DID!  We wore those beautiful, handmade skirts with the peasant blouses we somehow acquired, to the school contest.  Amazingly, we WON!  I don’t think there was a prize, but the recognition was a heady experience.

We were supposed to go on to Ephrata for the next phase, but we didn’t get to do that.  The contest fell on a Wednesday night.  And Baptists everywhere know that’s when the weekly Prayer Meeting is held.

As for the bare kitchen windows in the parsonage on Larch Street?  I have NO IDEA what Mother hung in place of those black cafe curtains.  She probably created another miracle!

Wheatland Road Multimodal Corridor Plan
What is the Project?
The Wheatland Road Multimodal Corridor Plan aims to create a conceptual street design that:
  • Removes barriers and creates a balanced multimodal transportation system
  • Connects neighborhoods with Clearlake Elementary and Forest Ridge Elementary schools
  • Improves safety for all modes of travel
  • Develops community understanding and support for the plan 
Project Update
The first few steps of this project (data collection, existing conditions evaluation, and evaluation criteria selection) have been completed and the City is presenting this information to the public via a Virtual Open House. Please click here to visit the Virtual Open House and provide feedback on this project. The Virtual Open House will be open starting February 12th, 2021.   
Current Multimodal Issues
The Wheatland Road study corridor is a 1.8-mile segment from River Road to Jays Drive. Along this corridor, there are many gaps in the sidewalk system, lack of ADA compliant ramps, poor lighting, and bicycle facilities that are not comfortable for riders of all ages and abilities. The primary motor vehicle crash type along the corridor are rear-ends, with a high volume occurring at busier intersections, such as Russett Drive. There is a need for safer pedestrian and bicycle crossings of Wheatland Road with two elementary schools in the area and many school bus and transit stops along the study corridor.
Project Process & Timeline
The corridor study project started in September 2020 and will be complete in Fall of 2021. Two virtual open house events will be held, at which the public is encouraged to provide feedback on the project and voice the needs of community. 
How is the Plan Being Funded?
The Wheatland Road Multimodal Corridor Plan is funded using a federal transportation grant supplied by the Salem Keizer Area Transportation Study (SKATS), which is the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Salem-Keizer-Turner area.  For the study, $191,000 in federal funds are being used, with a local match of $21,861 from the City of Keizer.
Youth of McNary
KPTV: Keizer Elementary counselors discuss providing mental health help to students at a distance

Since the start of the pandemic nearly a year ago, students have been learning online through comprehensive distance learning. KPTV recently sat down with counselors from Keizer Elementary to learn more about how students’ mental health has been supported over the past year. 

“We care about your kids and I think families are really appreciating their teachers and the staff that work at school, knowing we have their best interest at heart, whether it’s education, learning or even social or emotional health as well," said Keizer Elementary School counselor April Starr.

At Keizer Elementary, KPTV is getting an inside look at what a school looks like during a pandemic. Although learning is online, schools continue to support students to ensure they are progressing each day.

Watch the full Keizer Strong segment
McNary Golf Club would like to thank the homeowners and members that volunteered their time to cleanup the damage on the golf course. There were and are so many helping it would be impossible to name each and everyone of you.  As you likely all could see the damage was overwhelming to our beautiful course. Volunteers like you make the cleanup a little lighter for all those involved in this task. Thank you so much. It takes a village.
McNary Golf Club

McNary Men's Golf Club New Season to Begin
The McNary Men's Golf Club (MMGC) members are looking forward to a great Spring/Summer season, which begins Monday March 1st.  With the enactment of the World Handicap System last year, it is sensible for us to examine our practices and update our procedures to ensure play is governed fairly and most importantly in an environment that promotes enjoyment and friendly competition.  With that in mind, please familiarize yourself with the information below and reach out to a board member with any questions you may have.
Each group selected for the daily game will have one volunteer member that will keep a Master Scorecard. This card will be used to record all players Gross scores only for your group, at the end of play, all players will review & sign the card, also make sure it is dated, with current date. Once this has been completed, turn the card into the Pro Shop. Use other scorecards to score the daily game. 

GHIN Posting
All scores posted into GHIN, must be entered hole by hole, on the day of play. All scores entered, should reflect the Gross score, not the Net score. A score that is not properly entered will be subject to penalties as laid out under the World Handicap System.

On The Green
All putts will be holed out, gimmie’s are absolutely not allowed and will result in team/individual forfeiture in that day’s play, if reported. This rule needs to be enforced within the group. There is no doubt that “gimme’s” can have a positive impact on the pace of play, but there is no way to ensure the consistency between groups during competition. 

If a player has exceeded his WHS maximum stroke limit and has not holed out, he can opt to pick up his ball. His score will be applied to his his teams score, as it applies to the daily game. This option does not apply if the game format is Aggregate, all putts must be holed.

Payout Structure
3 Teams - 1 winner
4 Teams - 2 places, 2nd get their money back.
5 Teams - 60/40 split
6-7 Team - 3rd gets their money back, balance 60/40
8  or more - 50/30/20 

2021 Spring/Summer Daily Play Times 
Monday: 9:00am
Tuesday: No MMGC Play
Wednesday: 9:00am
Thursday: 8:00am
Friday: 9:00am -  Noon Game (non-sanctioned MMGC Play, open to all)
Saturday: 8:00am
Sunday: 8:00am

Other Schedule Info
Tuesday’s, a couple times a month, organizing a club travel day to another area golf course. Jeff McDonnell has volunteered to coordinate this.

The following is important that you know and adopt as a normal practice:
Any MMGC member that plans to participate on a scheduled day and wants to secure a spot, needs to have their tee time entry booked, 48 hours in advance. Any attempt inside of the 48 hour requirement, to secure a tee time in the daily play, could be denied. Just showing up the day of, is highly not recommended. 

McNary Ladies Golf Association (MLGA) 2021 Season Kickoff
Golf for both the 18 hole ladies and the 9 hole ladies begins Tuesday morning April 6th and ends October 19th. Forms for registration are available at the Pro Shop. Captains will determine each weeks play and all are encouraged to sign-up at the pro shop.

All golfing MLGA members must maintain an Oregon Golf Association Handicap (OGA) which the fee for registration ($40) is paid directly through the Pro Shop. A golf handicap, more specifically a Handicap Index®, is a numerical measure of a player’s skill, taken to one decimal place. Once at least three scores are posted, a Handicap Index® will be established for the player, and the system will adjust the Handicap Index® up or down as the player’s game changes. 

MLGA dues are also $40 for the entire 7 month season ($20 if joining after July 15th) with an optional $4 for a Ringer Card and $2 to the Hole-In-One Fund. For those who wish to be non-golfing members the fee to the Social Membership is only $10. This is open to all past MLGA members, lady members of McNary Golf Club, and residents of McNary Estates. 

Letter from Todd Petzel President, McNary Golf Club

With Marion county transitioning from extreme risk to high risk on Friday, the 26th of February, this move will enable restaurants to allow 25% seating capacity for inside dining. With that said we’ve been asked if the club would open the restaurant this Friday or shortly thereafter, in short the answer is no. We would love to reopen this Friday, but there are still a lot of hurdles to jump prior to the 1st of April when the golf club officially takes over the restaurant.

The Board and staff are excited about providing an amenity for our members and guests that you can truly be proud of. We are currently working on the essential elements of a business plan that includes the naming/branding, focus and type of restaurant, budget creation, initial menus, among other things. 

As part of our planning and governing of the restaurant the Board will be forming a Restaurant Advisory Committee tasked with providing ideas, input, and advice to both staff and the Board, just like our other committees. Equity Members of the Golf Club who have interest in serving on such a committee please contact DCO Chip Sullivan. 

In Addition, over the next five weeks there’s a lot of work to do in key and essential areas like proper licensing, employee hiring, training, deep cleaning of the facility (it is due again), and repairs to some equipment as well as the procurement of a few essential pieces of equipment.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to announce the hiring of our new Restaurant Manager, Ann Tolbert to help us make all of the necessary preparations. Ann comes to us highly recommended from Anchorage Alaska and has an extensive background in the restaurant industry. If you see her running around the club don’t hesitate to introduce yourself and give her a warm welcome.

We know the “appetite" is there to have the restaurant open as we have been without a restaurant over the past few months. That said, being fully prepared, and making sure things are done correctly when we do open is so vitally important to success. We want nothing more than to open, but we have to get this right and provide you with a first class restaurant and experience you deserve while dining or just enjoying a drink in the restaurant you call your own. Thank you in advance for your patience and if you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to reach out.

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