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  • REMEMBERING MOTHER -  by Mary Smith
  • NEIGHBORS - Now You Know by Mark Percy 
  • HELP FOR UKRAINE REFUGEES - Update and Involvement by Christine Dieker
  • ON THE GREENS - What's happening at McNary Golf Club
  • THE SOCIAL SIDE - McNary Lady Gatherings by Jan Stormbeck
  • A FRESH OUTLOOK - By Cameron Shackelton "The Midwest Summer Nights"
  • HAVE YOU READ....? - Book reviews by Ann Trombley
  • MCNARY HOA - May 6th Board Meeting Agenda
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By Mary Smith

My Mother would have turned 100 years old in 2015 (she lived to age 90), trading life on earth for her new/improved home in Heaven. Remembering my mother is a bittersweet experience…so many conflicts/misunderstandings cling to my spirit.  Thankfully, so do her qualities; time has put our lives into perspective. So, I choose to focus on the qualities of Laura (aka Betty) Edwards, and, if I had the chance, here are a few things I’d thank her for…


*You could make something out of practically nothing, turning kitchen cafe curtains into 3 Mexican-style skirts for us to wear for a school contest (we won!)  I did not inherit the gene for sewing!

*You made almost all of the clothes we sisters wore (even repurposing an adult size coat into a girl’s size 12 for me).

*Your pie crusts were The Best.  Thanks, Mother; I took a page out of your (cook) book.

*You entertained guests again and again, when you probably didn’t want to (including missionaries and their bratty kids). 

*You loved to read, passing along to all of us a passion for books.  I really thank you for that.  I can still “see” you in your favorite chair, reading (which book? I didn’t ask). 

 *You kept all the letters I wrote from camp days to college years and well into adulthood, long after I had my own children.  Hundreds of pages of my youthful writings fill many albums! 

Mother, these are just a few of my memories/reflections on this Mother’s Day.  I thank you so much; I only wish I’d expressed them more often.   Do I wish I had understood you better (and you me?)  Of course.  Happily, we will reunite someday and our relationship will be new and perfect.

I especially thank you for giving me life, Mother.  It’s been a good one, mostly.  My life experiences haven’t all been easy (who’s are?), but they have been character-building, and I’m a better person for them.  And that’s something I think you’d like to hear.  

Happy Mother’s Day!  
Love, Mary

Now You Know…
By Mark Piercy, McNary Estates Resident

April 29 and 30, 1975. Operation Frequent Wind. He was there. He was an active participant. The images are irreversibly seared into his psyche. As North Vietnamese military forces surge and press on the city’s outskirts, the fall of Saigon is eminent. United States and South Vietnamese citizens vulnerable to reprisals are hastily evacuated from Saigon. As iconic as the raising of the United States of America flag over Iwo Jima is to World War II are perhaps these two and similar images to the Vietnam War. Although they differ situationally and when they occurred in those wars the images are readily identifiable with the wars they represent. It should be noted that there are many doctored variations of the image of the helicopter atop the U.S. Embassy and one should peruse the host of photos on the internet with a skeptical eye. The following images are truthful.
     As the 47th Anniversary of this event approaches, Operation Frequent Wind might be considered the final act of U.S. disinvolvement in Vietnam. More than 7,000 people were rescued by helicopter in that 2-day frenzy. He was an Air Traffic Controller on the U.S.S. Denver, a U.S. Navy amphibious transport dock. Through radio communications he directed the pilots arriving rapidly from the embassy and other points of escape. The number and frequency of helicopters engaged in the evacuation to his and other U.S. warships was so great that some helicopters which were damaged in hasty rough landings were pushed over the edge into the sea to make room for the one arriving on its heels. In the pandemonium some pilots were instructed to ditch their birds in the sea after a rapid unloading of evacuees. In addition to the onslaught from above, a fleeing flotilla of hundreds of South Vietnamese watercraft of all types besieged the Denver and other U.S. warships with evacuees. It was controlled chaos. He was one of those persons tasked with maintaining a semblance of order.
     Many years later and in sharp defiance of those turbulent moments he and his wife of 5 years enjoy a tranquil life among the many vibrant shades of green and tall firs offered by McNary Estates. In contrast he grew up among the mostly drab lifeless colors of the vast desert landscape near Mojave, CA, an area littered with the stunted Joshua tree and sage brush. Stingy with water but generous with military history, Mojave has been called home by the Marine Corps and Navy at various times, but not today. Today it boasts of the Mojave Air and Space Port, where the dry desert air is ideal for storage of surplus and retired large commercial jets like the Boeing 747. Edwards Air Force Base is a near neighbor, a scant 24 miles to the east. He moved on to greener pastures, earning his MBA at USC and MA at San Diego State. She was born and raised in central Illinois, near Bloomington, home of State Farm and the agricultural mecca of the Midwest. Soybeans are nearly as common as grass; and the climate and soil are so conducive to raising corn they say you can hear it growing on a hot summer afternoon…if you listen carefully. Later, she moved next door to the Hoosier State where she earned her BS at the University of Evansville, home of the Purple Aces. They met when their professional paths crossed at a hospital in Evansville, Indiana, where both were employed. She is now retired, but he continues to work for the Oregon Health Authority as Senior Information Security Advisor. They are quite proud of the children they raised and blended, each having a son and a daughter. Dakota and Cassidy are recent graduates of Arizona State and UCLA, respectively. Her twins, Susan and Ryan earned a PHD from USC and a Masters from the U of Tennessee, respectively. Susan gave them their first grandchild, a girl named Mirana, in 2020, and is doubling their blessing with another grandchild later this year. Grandchildren are a powerful gravitational force. If you’re seeking proof…just ask her.
     They landed on Snead Drive in 2019 as the result of a chance meeting with Jerry and Terry who were selling their home. Their prior stop was Phoenix, a city they were anxious to put in the rear-view mirror after experiencing a stretch of 110 days of 110 degrees heat. Dry heat or not, 110 is undeniably uncomfortable. Their mutual interests include music and art. He’s into podcasting. She prefers a good book, especially one detailing a forensic investigation, and yoga. They regularly put time in at the gym and they can often be spotted looping the McNary Estates blacktop and concrete track. Backing up to hole #3, both will admit golf is in their bucket, to wit: a bag of golf clubs wait obediently for him in the corner of the living room. Cancer, animal rescue, the environment, and Veterans are causes they support.
     The wellbeing of American Veterans figures prominently in their lives. In fact, he and friend Jared Knowland, a sound and recording engineer and founder of Burley Sound Studios, in Salem, are the founders of the fledgling nonprofit public benefit corporation, which was registered July 12, 2021. He is the President, and she is the Secretary. His and Jared’s shared passion for music brought them together. They recognized a need and are endeavoring to satisfy it. The mission is simple, “to raise money to help struggling Veterans with emergency shelter.” He is a successful Veteran, serving in the Navy from 1972 to 1976. Not all Veterans are so fortunate, however. Too many struggle with homelessness.
     The organization’s first attempt to raise funds for our Veterans was the First Annual Vets Fest celebration held at McNary Golf Club last July. Admittedly, last year’s results were humble. But the founders were not deterred. They went back to the drawing board. The Vets Fest 5K Race is returning to McNary Estates at 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning , July 2. This year’s improved version adds a 3K walk. Other tweaks include trophies for the first overall male and first overall female, age group awards, and $25 cash prizes for breaking the men’s or women’s course records. You can register for the race or walk in advance until June 28 at VETSFEST. Online registration is $20 plus a small convenience fee. Or you can sign up race morning for $25.
     As Memorial Day approaches this husband-and-wife team encourages reflection on its meaning. Not only should we honor and mourn our military fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, and grandchildren who sacrificed their lives, but we should also honor those who served and survived. We owe them a great debt we cannot sufficiently repay. Their son, Dakota, is a veteran, having served 6 years in the United States Army. In his third year, he sought and gained acceptance into the 3D U.S. Infantry Regiment, or the “Old Guard,” the Army’s official ceremonial unit. Besides escorting the President and defending Washington, D.C. in times of emergency, the unit has the distinguished honor of marching in the plaza of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery. Authorized by Congress in 1921, “Unknowns” from each of our wars were ceremoniously disinterred from cemeteries around the world and reinterred with military honors at the Tomb. “A soldier seeking the honor of serving as a sentinel at the Tomb must possess exemplary qualities, to include American citizenship, a spotless record, and impeccable military bearing.” It takes 18 months of training to step off the most revered sixty-three feet on United States soil in exactly 21 steps, symbolic of the highest salute rendered in military and state ceremonies. It is a somber responsibility, entrusted to the Old Guard since 1948. To witness the Cemetery, the Tomb, and the solemn solitary sentinel marching with such precision, as if linked to a hidden metronome, evokes emotions from even the most hardened of souls. He once asked his son why the Honor Guard still perform their solemn duty even when the National Cemetery is closed, with no one to observe them. Dakota answered succinctly, “Dad, that’s not why we do it. We do it to honor their sacrifice.” Dakota, thank you for serving and ensuring our freedom. Also, thank you for watching over our “Unknowns.” An acorn came to rest near to its oak. Now you know…Robert and Judy Wood.
By Christine Dieker
Help and prayers for peace are continuing for Ukraine and Ukraine refugees across the globe, continent, and neighborhood. Here are personal related projects that some of our readership took part in and you can still can participate in:

The first of March, Portland Metro Rotary Club set a goal of collecting $30,000 within one week to get immediate relief to Ukrainians fleeing the war with Russia.  In fact at Grant closing they had collected over $118,000 with ~$30,000 in matching funds from District 5100 (Keizer Rotary Club contributed $5,000 which was matched).  That total is now over $140,000 with district clubs,  members, and friends continuing to participate. District Grants required the club to have actual boots-on-the-ground to provide matches and Portland Metro’s Club member, ZB Chaberski was the boots for all clubs participating.  ZB is from Biala Podlaska, Poland which is 27 miles from the Belarus border and ~50 miles from the Ukrainian border. 
Our special neighbor, Jeanie White, in McNary created a community corner at her home off Hogan & McNary Estates Drive. Many have walked by her displays of Valentine Hearts, St Paddy Day Shamrocks, Easter Eggs, and flowers to take or hang on her Monkey Tail Tree. When I asked Jeanie if she would use this corner to help me distribute sunflower seedlings (Ukraine's National Flower), I heard an enthusiast YES. To date over 50 seedlings have been adopted and will be planted with prayers for peace. Also, the special flower committee of MLGA coordinated by Bev Davidson will be planting seedlings in the display beds of the golf course. If you know of special places where these seedlings could be planted please give me a call or text at 503-949-6099.
My sister, Kenna Jones Loughran, decided to raffle off her labor of love quilt called "Our Hearts For Ukraine". This quilt has a very special place in her heart. It is a Jen Kingwell design and she has given permission to use the pattern for this cause. It is made of 100% commercial cotton and is approximately 68 by 80 inches. All proceeds will go to the International Refugee Committee to help those in Ukraine. A $50 dollar donation will gain you one raffle ticket. The more you donate, the more chances you have of taking home this quilt! Please consider donating via the link above! 
Mark your calendars! McNary Golf Club is in full swing with events for the public and members. Their weekly Thirsty Thursday 2-person 9 hole tournaments start Thursday, May 12th! Each week the formats will vary from scramble, best ball, and alternate shot! Register now for May 12th or visit their website event calendar to sign up for multiple weeks! Member only events include Hit & Giggle is on schedule for May 20th and Memorial Day Tournament on May 30th. To find out what is happening throughout the summer/ fall click on the button below:
McNary Golf Club Calendar
McNary Men’s Golf Club Results & Events
By Mark Piercy, Men’s Club Secretary
Back on March 26 the Men’s Club held their first event of the year, The March Madness. This year the Club shook things up a little and invited members of the Ladies Golf Association and wives of Men’s Club members to participate. Seven teams consisted of 3 men and 1 lady. The format was a Scramble. Winner of the gross division was the team of Mark Morris, Jerry Splonski, Bob Cyran, and Mary Ann Zielinski with a score of -7. Second went to Tim Bowman, Bill Link, Mark Piercy, and Pam Morrison at -5. The first place team split $180. First also nabbed a gross skin and net skin for another $51. Second place split $100. On the net side, Joey Ziogas, Bob Boyle, Dan Hedges and Dona Vasas were the winners at -21.9 and split $180. They also grabbed 3 gross skins worth $70 and 2 net skins worth $56. Second went to Jim McKenna, Bart Heath, Chris Morrison, and Mary Jones at -20.3. They split $100. Other Ladies who joined the Men’s Club that day were Sheryl McDonnell and Alice Link. Fun was had by all. Now that the Ladies know the Men’s Club don’t bite the Club is hoping to draw more Ladies the next time they are invited😉!
Mary Jones checking the line on #18 green with teammates L-R Jim McKenna, Chris Morrison, and Bart Heath.
Sheryl McDonnell about to tee off on #1.
Pam Morrison sending her ball down #8 fairway as teammate Bill Link looks on.

The popular ABC 3-Man 2-Best Balls event took place Saturday, April 23. Mother Nature teased us with a little taste of summer like weather as 15 3-Man teams set out on the course in the McNary Men’s Golf Club’s annual April tournament. The Golf Genius software program divided the 45 entrants by handicap into 15 evenly matched teams, assigning an A player, B player, and C player to each team. It’s always fun to perhaps play with someone for the first time. First place, second place and third place were awarded cash payouts for both Gross and Net results. On the gross side, the team of Jonathan Stong, Willie Goff, and Mark Piercy took first with a score of +12. They split $200. Second with a +16 were Perry Sinasone, Todd Shelton, and Scott Fegles, splitting $150. At +17,and in 3rd, were Mark Morris, Bart Heath, and Dan Hedges, splitting $100. On the net side, the team of Derek Dunmyer, Bob Cyran, and Robert Tesch took first finishing at -10, splitting $200. Two teams tied for second at -9. They were Jeff Jones, Bill Link, and Tom Nicolai; and Bob Olson, Don Croy, and Bob Mador. Those six shared in a payout of $250. Joey Ziogas captured 4 gross skins valued at $18 each. Perry Sinasone, Mark Morris, and Tim Bowman each won one. Tim Bowman also grabbed 2 net skins valued at $20 each. Willie Goff and Bob Mador nabbed one each.
The next event on the Men’s Club calendar is the 2-Day 36-Hole Two Man Team Championship, Saturday and Sunday, May 14 and 15. Similar to the Ryder Cup, four different formats of 9 holes each will be played: Scramble, Chapman, Best Ball, and modified Scotch. Players pick their teammate. Signup forms are in the Pro Shop. The Men’s Club has a dozen events on their calendar. There may be a few home and home events on top of that. Applications for joining the Men’s Club are in the Pro Shop. You can inquire with the staff or email for additional information.

2 Man Team Championship
May 14th-15th, 2022
Entry Fee: $25/Player
Tee Times Starting at 8:00 AM
Pick your own partner
Sign up Deadline Thursday May 12th at 5:00 PM
McNary Ladies Golf Association Calendar
Click here to view an areal view of McNary Golf Club 

MLGA Social Group Update

On April 5, the MLGA Social and Golf ladies joined together for an Opening Day luncheon to kick off the 2022 season. The program theme celebrated the 60th year anniversary of the McNary Golf Club and highlighted MLGA past and long-time members and a commemorative trip down memory lane. The View Restaurant served burger baskets and root beer floats. Social Group activities for the 2022 season were distributed.
Patti Togioka will lead the Social Group this year supported by an enthusiastic committee: Glynnis Barsotti, Jean Porter, Pam Getty, and Jan Strombeck. The Social Group Calendar is included in the MLGA Handbook and will be updated/changed as needed throughout the year. You may request an up-dated copy of the activities calendar from Jan Strombeck, Check in with any Social Committee member for questions about upcoming activities, watch your email for invitations/announcements and read the McNary Newsletter for information, articles, and photos of our events. if you know of any ladies who would like to become McNary social women, please have them fill out an application at the club house or email and one will be sent directly to them. It's a fun way to meet your McNary neighbors!
You’re always invited to take a break with the social group at T3 no-host socials, held the Third Thursday of each month at Three O’clock at The View Restaurant. T3 is a great way to stay connected with the McNary ladies and what’s going on around the community.
Written By Cameron Shackelton
The Midwest Summer Nights
It seems like 2022 has been flying by already, and spring is nearly over. It makes me reminisce the summertime when I was younger. I am only 22 years old, but now that I am a college graduate, it seems life is already speeding past me. I remember back to the days growing up in Ohio where the summer sun would kiss my skin and the humidity would make me sweat as I would run around our property and into the woods with my brother and friends.
Almost every summer day was spent at my Nana and Papa’s property where we would drive the golf cart around and spend hours swimming in their pond and fishing when the sun went down. As the moon would come out, the lightning bugs would appear, and we would run around trying to catch them and put them in mason jars. That would be followed by a campfire with hot dogs and s’mores.
We would also take multiple summer trips to our great grandparent’s place in Indiana where we would stay at their boat house and spend the whole day out on Lake George where we would fish until sunset hoping to catch as many bluegills as possible for grandma to fry up and for us to enjoy the next day. One time, it was getting late, and our small fishing boat motor ran out of fuel. No one was there to tow us back and all we had was a half-broken oar that was getting us nowhere. So, I did what any abled bodied thirteen-year-old boy would do, and I jumped into the lake and swam towards our dock while pulling the boat with a rope. I made sure to remind grandpa how I “saved us” that day. After every supper, we would clean off the table and the routine would be to have nights filled with card games of rummy, euchre, and canasta. We would play late into the night only to repeat the whole day when the sun rose again.
Since those Midwest summer days, we’ve moved to Oregon. We still visit Ohio and Indiana every summer, but recently, Nana sold her Ohio property and pond and moved back to Indiana, and our great grandparents sold their boat house on Lake George. I don’t get to go fishing or play cards as much as I would like to these days, but I will forever remember the memories made in those summers growing up. Perhaps one day I’ll have a lake house of my own and I can relive those adolescent summer days, but this time with my kids or grandkids.
Vets Fest 5K Returns to McNary Estates
By Mark Piercy, McNary Estates Resident
     Mark your calendars! With the inaugural event in the books as they say, the Second Annual Vets Fest 5K Race is returning to the community. Version 2.0 takes place Saturday morning July 2, 2022, at 9:00 a.m. McNary Estates residents should be prepared for some traffic congestion that morning near the main entrance and McNary Golf Club from about 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. There will be a few very brief and intermittent street closures for 2 or 3 minutes at a time and turning restrictions to allow for safe passage of runners and walkers. It will be a very minor inconvenience. The event will come and go before most residents even realize it occurred. Many McNary residents will be among the volunteers assigned to directing traffic and runners. Please be kind and follow their direction. They are your neighbors after all! Other volunteers will be helping with pre-race registration, the water stop, and in the Start/Finish area. Next month’s McNary Newsletter will contain another article with more details like a list of streets on the race and walk routes and some tips on avoiding disruptions. Also, a call for volunteers will go out soon. If you were a volunteer last year, you’ll hear from me again. If you did not volunteer last year, you too may hear from me! Even if you don’t volunteer, or run, please walk out your door and cheer the runners!
Caleb Yant, First Overall Male, 2021 Vets Fest 5K.JPG
Oriana Horneck, First Female and Overall Winner, 2021 Vets Fest 5K
Admittedly, last year’s race participation was modest. The organizers were not discouraged. Even the mightiest of oaks spring forth from the meekest of acorns! They made a few tweaks to this year’s event to attract more participants. To begin with the team put the event on the running networks’ e-calendar way back in September 2021, to get it on everyone’s radar. So online registration has been available for months at As that link suggests, a 3K Walk was added for those not inclined to run but still desiring to participate in the fundraising cause. More on the cause later. Trophies will be presented to the first overall female and male. Ten-year age group winners will receive medals. A talented local vocalist, Mary Ann Zielinski, has promised to sing the National Anthem a cappella…that’s not easy! We’re planning on Veterans starting the race and helping to present awards. Another inducement is adding a $25 cash prize to the male and female who set new course records. Last year Oriana Horneck of Portland set the female course record of 20:12. Keizer’s Caleb Yant set the male record of 25:40. The course is scenic, winding among the many beautiful homes and manicured lawns of McNary Estates. The course is extremely flat and partially shaded, ideal for setting personal records. The race and walk start near the bridge at the entrance to the subdivision and finish on the golf course grounds by the practice green. McNary Golf Club makes a beautiful backdrop.
    Back to the cause…the cause is the impetus behind the event. It is the crux of the endeavor. It is what drives every volunteer to step up and every donor to donate. The cause is helping homeless veterans. The organization behind this cause is the charitable nonprofit corporation One of the founders, Robert Wood, is a 1972-1976 U.S. Navy Veteran. He and his wife Judy are residents of McNary Estates. Still in its infancy, Robert and his friend Jared Knowland founded and incorporated the nonprofit in 2021. As stated on the website its sole mission is “to provide overnight shelter for veterans that might otherwise have to sleep on the street. We are a charitable organization dedicated to helping struggling veterans with emergency shelter. Nearly 14,000 Homeless live in Oregon. Of these, approx. 10% are veterans.  Our aim is to be the first step on the road back to the life of dignity that our Brothers and Sisters in arms deserve.”
          How appropriate is it that the Vets Fest 5K Run and 3K Walk are held Independence weekend? That was not by chance. Our independence and our freedom was not by chance either.  It was bought and paid for with the blood of our first colonial armies. Although it was July 4, 1776, that 56 of our founding fathers “declared our independence” from British rule, the American Revolutionary War, our War for Independence, had already begun more than a year earlier with the skirmish at Lexington and Concord in April 1775. George Washington was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the just created Continental Army, an assemblage of citizen soldiers, and he ultimately led our very first Veterans to defeat British rule in 1783. Whereas those very first Veterans won our Independence, today’s Veterans fought to guarantee and maintain that independence and freedom. So, it is most appropriate that we celebrate today’s Veterans on the weekend that we celebrate the independence and freedom won by our very first Veterans of almost 250 years ago.
     You can sign up in advance at through June 28 for $20 plus a small convenience fee. You can also sign up in person the morning of the event for $25. Race day registration begins at 8:00 a.m.  Consider running or walking in this year’s edition of the Vets Fest 5K Run and 3K Walk. If you can’t do that, please consider volunteering to help. Contact Mark Piercy at to volunteer. If you can’t volunteer, then consider coming out to line the course and cheer on our participants. Will this year’s field break last year’s records? The organizers sure hope so. They are just itching to give away that money.
Written By Ann Trombley
Continuing with my journey with Upton Sinclair to introduce you to Lanny Budd, the fictional character who will take you to many adventures in his 11 historical series.  

World’s End  is the first novel in the series which begins in 1913 when Lanny is 13 years old spending the summer at a school near Dresden with his fellow students, Kurt Meissner, son of a German ruling family in Silesia in Prussia and Rick Pomeroy-Nielson, an English Vicount’s son from Oxford.   Sinclair weaves Lanny and his two friends and many other characters into the saga of the turbulent decades to follow in the 11 volumes. 

Lanny was raised on the French Riviera by his mother, called Beauty. His father, Robbie, visits regularly from Connecticut while selling arms manufactured by the family-owned Budd Gunmakers.   Robbie and Beauty never married, but he set up a perpetual trust for Beauty and Lanny to live in a seafront villa near Cannes.   Without formal schooling Lanny has grown up with languages, music, and the society of Beauty’s wealthy, connected friends.   Robbie teaches Lanny history and diplomacy needed for a Budd to sell arms to European powers. 

Well, from this brief description, I hope you get the picture.   Father travels and sells munitions, friends are German and British, Lanny is American but lives in France.    In this first book, Sinclair sets up the culture and politics of the various countries – Germany, France, England, and the USA, prior to WWI.   

Because of his language skills, Lanny is hired as an assistant to a university professor who comes to France to assist Woodrow Wilson with the writing of the Treaty of Versailles.   His description of the treaty and the politics behind it are among the most interesting I’ve read, revealing the causes of WWII. 

It’s interesting to note that this novel was published in 1940.   In his introduction, he says, “I cannot say when it will end, because I don’t know exactly what the characters will do. …….It depends in great part upon two public figures.   Hitler and Mussolini.   What are they going to do to man kind and what will man kind do to them?   It seems to me hardly likely that either will die a peaceful death.”    Through Lanny Budd you will meet these two men and many other historic figures.    His first six novels in this series were published before the war ended. 

Interesting quote from George Bernard Shaw:  “When people ask me what has happened in my long lifetime, I do not refer them to the newspaper files and to the authorities, but to Upton Sinclair novels.”      Keep reading -- & yes, I read all 11 novels.   Ann Trombley

Date: May 5, 2022
Location: McNary Golf Club Banquet Room (In Person)
Time: 7:00 p.m.

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes – April 7, 2022
  3. Reports and Discussions

1.    President’s Report – Cheryl Ousey

2.    Treasurer & Finance Report – Larry Newcomer

3.    Architectural Review Committee Report – Lisa Mador

  1. Old Business

1.    Phase 3 Paving Project Schedule

2.    Mailboxes Replacement

3.    House Bill 2534
Requires homeowners associations and condominium associations to review governing documents and remove discriminatory language or certify the nonexistence of such language on or before December 31, 2022.

  1. New Business

1.    Common Area Along McNary Estates Drive

2.    Photinia Hedge Trimming

  1. Next Meeting Date – June 2, 2022 in person at the clubhouse
  2. Owner’s Forum
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  4. Adjournment

Community Updates:

  1. Coast Pavement Services will be performing the 2022 sealcoat project at Henning Way N., Kite Court N., Littler Drive N., Lopez Court N., and along McNary Estates Drive N. from the golf course entrance to Whitworth Drive N. A map and schedule will be sent separately as Coast is waiting for consistent weather to confirm the schedule in the next couple weeks.
  2. Remember that if you are planning to do any work to the exterior of your home like painting, roofing, landscaping etc. Contact CMI for an ARC form or obtain one via the web portal.

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