Welcome to our Early Fall Edition!

It’s fall and we’re excited to bring you our Early Fall edition of the Hometown Pet Advisor. There’s a definite change in the air as the nights get cooler. It’s time to think about squeezing in all those fall activities: leaf peeping and raking, football and soccer games, apple picking and of course sitting by a warm fire on a chilly autumn evening.

We start our newsletter talking about raising alpacas. Maybe you’ve considered raising them for their wool. It makes sense as alpaca wool is five times warmer than sheep’s wool and those sweaters are perfect for chilly autumn evenings. Our second topic is about diabetes and how it can affect your dog or cat. And finally, we present a whole bunch of things that might be helpful to you and your pet this fall. So, let’s get started!

—Your friends at Hometown Veterinary Care

Are You Thinking About Raising Alpacas? 

There has been a tremendous amount of interest in alpacas over the past thirty years. Dr. Matt Townsend DVM, of Hometown Veterinary Care has been raising alpacas for over 10 years. In fact he has 25 alpacas running around his pasture.

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Pet Diabetes

We’re seeing more and more dogs and cats with diabetes at our practice. In some cases, it is a genetic condition, but obesity, inactivity, diet, and underlying medical conditions can predispose a dog or cat to develop diabetes.

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Loose Ends

We can’t believe it, but it’s been one year since we opened our Equine Practice. Our primary equine veterinarians—Drs. Amy McGee, Emily Bartlett, and Amanda Chaney—have truly enjoyed the fun and hard work. They’ve met great horses and their owners. Helping owners maintain and improve the health of these beautiful, hard-working and intelligent animals is what they love to do.

Shedding Happens

Pets begin to shed their summer coat to make way for their winter coat. Brushing your dog or cat weekly will prevent most of that unwanted hair from getting onto your clothes, couch, or wherever pet hair wants to live. Kids Back to School Supplies…Make sure crayons, markers, pencils and glue are picked up around the house because some are toxic to pets. You also reduce the possibility of your pet choking on small objects.

Fall Allergies

You’re not alone when it comes to fall allergies. Your pets are susceptible too! You can eliminate irritation to your pet’s skin by raking leaves and keeping lawns cut close. Weeds tend to be the biggest cause of allergies this time of year. Should your pet be itching more than usual, we can take a look and identify any fall allergies. Ticks and Fleas…are still around. Be sure to check your pet for ticks. Fleas can hatch when the conditions are right, but regular cleaning of your pet’s sleeping area and carpets will reduce the number of flea pupae that can hatch. Read more about ticks and fleas »


The holiday season starts with ghouls and goblins and there are many concerns for your pets. Keep in mind chocolate can be poisonous for dogs so make sure your kids know this. Also, dress your dog in reflective clothing and keep them close to you when trick or treating. Another thing to be considered at this time of year are rodenticides, antifreeze and wild mushrooms. If you use rodenticides be sure to reseal them and place them out of harms way. The same with anti-freeze, as it has a sweet taste that dogs can’t help but want to lick, but it can be deadly. And, if you are out walking in the woods or fields, keep your dog from ingesting poisonous mushrooms.

Well, that’s all we have for now. Hope you found the information helpful! Enjoy this beautiful time of year with your family, friends and pets. See you in a couple of months.

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