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With spring on it's way, I know that "spring cleaning" and change is in the air for many people. The hope pinned to vaccine roll-outs, spring following winter, opening up of economies and the winding down of restrictions with the 'roaring 20s' stretching out ahead of us brings with it much energy and also uncertainty. I have experienced the duality of relief, excitement and some crippling anxiety in the past week with all of this change seeming to arrive at once, which I will come to. 

We have some exciting news to bring you in a coming soon edition about what the spring will be bringing for us, but not wanting to wait I wanted to start with a spring clean of the newsletter. I have been looking at who of the 1,100+ subscribers to this newsletter have been opening these newsletters, and what you have been reading and clicking on (its less creepy than it sounds) and it has become patently clear to me that first and foremost you are looking for value when you decide what to open in your inbox. For some that value seems to be the nuggets of information about handling and facilitating change, for others it seems to be about getting involved and making a contribution. 

Having done some experimenting since the Autumn about what content seems to be valuable to you, on reflection I have come to some promises to guide this and future editions. Editions will be: 

  • Respectful of your time - by sharing my insight and staying focused on answering questions about the changes that lead practically to thriving people, places and planet and how leadership and culture play a crucial role in that. (You can give me feedback on valuable this email is right at the bottom - your time and attention is precious) 
  • Intimate, honest and sharing what I am working on, loving and struggling with 
  • Create opportunities to contribute and for you to be reflected within it

So, let's get started!!! 


Your Culture Hotline 

I have been working to help teams work together for over 13 years and now I am here to share my experience and answer your questions through your very own 'Culture Hotline' 
There are no stupid questions when it comes to culture, culture change and leading. As I say in my workshops and to my team; If you are thinking it, or stuck with it, someone else probably is too - so let's share it and not only may you get what you need but you may also help someone else as a nice by-product. Your Culture Hotline is a super simple way to get answers from me to the questions you have about culture, cultural change and leading. 
  1. Click the link below - opens a new browser window. 
  2. Leave me your question - written as well as rambly video/voice notes welcome!
  3. I will reply with a personal video to you in 24 hours (on a working day) 
Go on, give it a go. What questions do you have? How can I help you? 
Ask your question here

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Learning to Thrive Notes

Week 09 - 2021 
Next season: Spring (Arriving) for more photography like this + dog and cat photos follow me on instagram 

🌹Flowering moments of joy

Getting my first question through the Culture Hotline and responding! It got my brain into gear and felt great to be of service. Keep em coming! 
Going for a walk in the early morning with my dog Eddy - it was crisp, bright and I could sense that spring was on it's way. I got 45 minutes of present time where I appreciated those joys as well as dug deep in to some ideas that had surfaced last week. 

🌵Prickle / Thorny moments

Managing some manifestations of my limiting beliefs triggered by the uncertainty of the UK's route out of lockdown restrictions. Then separating out what was a manifestation of anxieties from the important task to keep one hand on the tiller (boating reference) to ensure the business remains viable and builds resilience as we head out into the 'brave new world' - which inevitably involves getting closer to tasks which I am still finding the potential to be unlocked within (and therefore uncomfortable) because the universe is generous like that and will keep offering up opportunities to get uncomfortable and learn. 

🌿New buds & growth moments

A new bud moment was sharing a product idea with a friend and receiving feedback on it. The product aims to answer an important question I have been getting recently: How do I develop people and their leadership skills at this time with so much going on that best serves the evolving needs of my business? I'm was hearing lots of reticence about sending people out of the business on "leadership development" to "learn theory" and "network with peers" (over wine/beer) week-long programmes - that's even when those programmes are back open again in that format. So realising that I have been developing my own methodology this past 2 years and supporting many businesses, I have started to package this up to give businesses with up to 40 employees access to quality leadership development that has people working on bespoke challenges that align to the business. It's not quite ready to share yet but if you are grappling with this question - I'd love to hear your situation and challenges to help inform the development and I'd be happy to share any pointers in the meatime. Let's get on a zoom brew. 

A growth moment has been learning to be a 'Mass Vaccinator' 💉for the NHS. I completed the training to do the role part-time (on my Fridays off) It feels great to be walking slightly adjacent to the footsteps of my mum who was a Nurse through the 70s and 80s. I am all equipped with the knowledge from technique to storage conditions and the rest and ready to bring my calm manner to those who are ready to get their jabs. Every jab will save so many lives and get us back on the road to recovery. When you get your call, please, take the jab! 


What learning opportunities are coming up? 

What channels can I connect with you through? 

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That's all for this edition! Thanks for reading. I hope it has been of value.
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