How well did I serve you in our work together?

<<First Name>>, hope you are well. I am about to celebrate my 5th anniversary of helping people who believe in a better way of doing things. That’s 1825 days and I want to know how well I have served you in that time.

We worked together on <<Programme>> <<When we completed our work together>>

You said you’d be cool with me following up on the action you said you’d take at the end of the programme. So here I am.

Your action you said you’d take:

<<Action committed to>>

you thought at the time you’d have made some progress by:

<<Date to review / complete by>>

How did it go?

I am putting together a simplified and streamlined programme and would love your feedback to help me show up and serve as many people as possible in the best possible way I know how to. What ever your answer is, how ever much action you have taken I would love to know so I can refine what I do to help more people, quicker, and with more impact.

I am taking some messy action and pulled this quick videoask together for you to share with me your experience.

Tell me what happened next….
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