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It happens all the time. That “uh-oh” moment in a meeting when someone (maybe even you) is called out and floundering.

The room suddenly feels five degrees warmer and all background noise falls away. Someone is metaphorically drowning and needs help.

If you’re an observer, you have two stark choices: Watch the person sink or throw them a lifeline.

Since no one is literally drowning, it may seem safer and easier to stay silent and say to yourself, “Whew, glad it’s not me.”

But that’s not how leaders react. Leaders are the people who have the courage to throw a lifeline, to help a colleague get “off the spot” and reframe the conversation to focus on organizational challenges, not someone’s momentary lapse.

Nobody hits home runs at every bat. If it were you drowning, how would you want your colleagues to respond?

When you find yourself in trouble, you may be uncomfortable asking for help, worrying about appearing weak. The truth though is that it takes strength to face an audience head on and say, “I don’t have the answer,” to ask for their input, to admit to being stuck.

I teach my executive coaching clients that leadership doesn’t come from a title bestowed by others, it comes from actions taken by yourself. In my decades of real-world corporate experience, I was especially grateful for those who stepped up when I needed a hand.

Done well, executive coaching provides clarity, the ability to help you see past internal and external obstacles, to think differently about weaknesses and strengths, and to nurture your leadership abilities. I expand on this in my new blog.

Interested in learning more? Drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.


Vanessa Williams
Leading Edge Consulting

P.S. Have you seen this inspiring commercial from Canadian Tire? It’s a good reminder that adults have no monopoly on leadership.  


V. Vanessa Williams, Founder 
Leading Edge Consulting, LLC 

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