Hey Friend!

How are you? How is your energy this time of year?

I have been noticing how depleted I have been feeling by trying to "get it all done." I know that when that happens it's time to slow it all down.

That being said, I am adding Saturday (Hahaha) so YOU can slow it down and find an hour for you to celebrate your heart and then embrace the healing warmth you have created for yourself and others.

Saturday 9:30AM through Zoom is on. Click the link below to find the Zoom link and details!! 

Then, next week, my Dad is coming home from the rehab. It will have been 3 months that he hasn't been in his own home! And my Mom, who has been living with me, will go back to live with him. But those changes present the next challenge for my siblings and I. They both need care.

So, next week, I am taking off to settle my Dad and Mom in and celebrate Christmas with my family! 

I look at Christmas as a time to renew, to be reborn.(Look for next week's email to give you a practice of renewal/rebirth!!) I look to drop off old ways of being to embrace the next step on my path.

What is the next step on YOUR path? Take some time to sit with yourself today and write down some reflections. Where do you want to go in this life and what is really blocking you...especially internally?

Today I shared a practice with my Sonic Bliss Yoga, Sanskrit and Chanting group. It is posted to the page. Go check it out if you want a little support to focus and clear your mind to be able to listen to your soul's voice! 

And let me know if you want in for Saturday at 9:30AM through Zoom. We will have a joyful 1 hour practice to unclutter the heart.



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