Hey Friend!

The storms of life are not letting go, it seems. I am so sorry to hear of the damage that Ida has inflicted on so many neighborhoods including Rahway, NJ.

We happen to be away right now so this is extra hard to hear.

Let's check in with our friends and neighbors. Let's support each other.

Although I can't be there this week in person, here is a full youtube video class to open you up from tip to toe. 

I believe that E. Cherry St. is doing ok right now and that certainly by Saturday all will be well in Rahway.

Barring any further weather issues, Jillian Romero will be leading you through a community power flow for Cherry St. Yoga at 9:30AM this Saturday! See my schedule page below for more info. 

You can also join my Facebook Group- Sonic Bliss Yoga, Sanskrit & Chanting for a community feel where I check in and post goodies a lot. Lots of live free chanting and yoga.

Sending love wherever you are! We are all in this together! Fall class and course info coming next week!!



I Want Both Of Us

I want both of us

To start talking about this great love

As if you, I, and the Sun were all married

And living in a tiny room,

Helping each other to cook,

Do the wash,

Weave and sew,

Care for our beautiful


We all leave each morning

To labor on the earth's field.

No one does not lift a great pack.

I want both of us to start singing like two

Travelling minstrels

About this extraordinary existence

We share,

As if

You, I, and God were all married

And living in

A tiny


From The Gift, renderings of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky
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