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When Brahma found himself surrounded by utter chaos, he knew he needed help to organize the flow of this untamed power. Feeling overwhelmed, he looked outside of himself for help and asked some beings that he already created. They were unable to form the universe.

Then, he got focused within...

Brahma heard a voice within telling him to create a new being, the first female. Saraswati is  then born who flows out of the mouth of Brahma with her guitar (vina) in one hand and books of wisdom (the Vedas) in the other.

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I see this in myself. I look outward to other sources or stimuli to answer my personal questions or sooth an inner disturbance. And obviously, we need our tribe of trusted sources for support on this path as we need to support others.

However, how often do you sit with yourself, ask yourself the questions and then listen. (Try it...right now if you have a moment!)

You will get to explore many rich stories and teachings like this one in Sutra Seeds 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training that help awaken you to your power within.

That is just one aspect of the training...there is also anatomy, āsana, philosophy, mantra, Sanskrit, chakras, Ayurveda and so much more!

Training starts mid-October so reach out now to learn more and get the early bird pricing!

If you are in the area TODAY come join me for Yoga at River's Edge as part of the Rahway RIverFest! 9:30-10:45AM on River Rd. in Rahway. FREE!

Cherry St. Yoga is on Saturday...I am bringing the singing bowls this week to give you a sound bath right before śavāsana. Ahhhhhh...

All class info in schedule tab below.

Have a great weekend. Soak up these last days of summer. Life means "to live"!


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