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Let's discuss the Sanskrit word, "Satsang."

Some definitions of Satsang are "truth community" or "a community of truth seekers" or "sitting in truth together." 

Although the foundations of yoga practice are born from coming inward to discover truth within , it  develops during the time of the Upaniṣads...which literally means to "sit down near" a teacher...the teachings were passed down through these relationships and spiritual practice was supported in community.

When I teach or take a class, while I feel the spirit of satsang, I am always wanting more. More time to practice, more time to discuss ideas, more time to just be together. Nondual teacher Jon Bernie describes this as "an environment where we begin to discover our mutually interconnected beingness." That just takes time:)

This is something we cultivate in Sutra Seeds 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training which begins October 15th. Michelle Weintraub and I designed it for busy people who want to go deeper with their practice, connect to a community in satsang and develop the skills needed to share the practices of yoga. 

There are a number of things that make our training unique. Next week I will explain those differences. Meanwhile, mark your calendars! We have an info session about the program coming up on Sunday Sept. 19th at 6PM to learn more!

I have another wonderful opportunity to come together in community in Rahway this Saturday at 9:30AM.  Yoga on Cherry St. is free this week. Please bring your donations for people affected by Hurricane Ida. 

NJ has been impacted as well as many other states but we are specifically focusing in our community as many houses have been damaged and many families displaced.

I just need you to respond to this email if you are coming as space is limited. The link above will give you more well as this amazing article from TapInto Rahway!!

The sage Vasishtha(an intense yoga pose is named after him:), teacher of the epic hero Rama, once listed the four gatekeepers who guard the way to self-realization: self-control; a spirit of inquiry (“Who am I?”); contentment; and, finally, good company (satsanga).

Let's find ways to be in good company starting with this weekend.

Sending lots of peace and love to you on the eve of Sept. 11th.

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