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WIth all of my thoughts around 2022, I have been contemplating what is true for me. What is my truth and how do I express it? How am I not expressing it?

The only way of knowing for sure is to be quiet and listen to your inner voice. Often we are wrapped up in outer noise that can be very distracting and even can sweep us up into unhealthy patterns.

I started this year with a commitment to sitting with myself every day. So far so's only day 6! To start, I am choosing a mantra practice for 40 days. After 108 repetitions, I sit and listen to the response. I often take time in between the repetitions to listen. It has been a quieting experience that I look forward to!

But you don't have to do 108 utterances of the mantra for 40 days! You can choose your own path when using a mantra. Maybe you choose to say it throughout your day 3 times each slowly. Maybe you choose to spend 5 minutes a day. You can make the rules to start you on this powerful habit.

Join me tomorrow for a mantra japa (repetition practice) to start you on this journey! This will be through my free Facebook group called Sonic Bliss Yoga, Sanskrit & Chanting, tomorrow at 9AM through FB live.

This year I am committed to honing the clarity of my voice on all levels and I hope to share that with all of you!

Stay tuned for my online Sanskrit course to start or continue your journey with this powerful language!

There will also be workshops: 
  • Bhakti Blast, yoga to live music with kirtan!
  • Harmonium workshop live and online!
  • The Hero's Journey, the stories of the Gods and Goddesses!
Yoga class tonight through Zoom at 6:30PM Eastern is on exploring the throat chakra! Let's move and chant together and celebrate our unique voices in the world!


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