Hey Friend!

Do you go with the flow or do you try to force things to happen or are you somewhere in between?

It's good to realize your tendencies so that you can take steps to find a healthy balance.

My tendency is always to make something happen rather than letting something unfold. And I notice that as I get older, this tendency can have larger consequences!

When I rush and push and try to do something all by myself, injury can happen, both physically and mentally. You can get depleted for sure.

Let's slow down this week and become more mindful in breath, mind and body. Singing bowls will help you dissolve into the moment where all things flow naturally! Join us tonight at 6:30 and Saturday at 9:30AM through Zoom! Link below.

If I have any takers for Wednesday at 9:30AM or any other class time suggestions, please let me know. If I have enough people, we will hold the class.

Tomorrow I have a meeting where I hope to have classes indoors in Rahway. Looking forward to sharing some exciting news in the next couple weeks.

Try to get outside today and enjoy the cooler weather! This morning I had a beautiful walk in Rahway River Park and as I looked at the beautiful river lined with mallard ducks, I thought of these lines from the Rg Veda.

God makes the rivers to flow.
They tire not, nor do they cease from flowing.
May the river of my life flow into the sea of love.

(From God Makes the Rivers to Flow, Eknath Easwaran)

Hope to "see" you in the flow of the interwebs!


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