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November 2019 Happenings
for Hope House in Mexico
Here is our monthly (más o menos) newsletter to keep our friends and family updated on what is happening with Hope House Children's Relief (HHCR) and Hope House in Mexico. For those who don't know, HHCR is our not-for-profit 501(c)3 and all donations received are directed solely to Hope House. The newsletter will provide updates on the boys - especially the new ones - a little insight into the staff, teams, vocational training, projects, and items of special interest.  If you know of someone that would be interested in HHCR/Hope House, Mexico updates, they can subscribe here.

A copy of last month's newsletter can be found here.  If you go to this website there is a link to all previous newsletters.
A Genuine Christmas Miracle
First of all, we would like to wish all of our readers a very Merry Christmas.

Now for the Christmas Miracle. In the last few newsletters we have mentioned the option of matching donations from companies for their employees who donate. Apparently a large number of our recurring donors have exercised this option and our monthly donations have essentially doubled. We also have once again received several large one time donations, in particular there is one rather substantial one that may continue in the future. The donations we have been receiving in the past few months have primarily provided funds for those times where there are shortfalls to pay salaries and other items. With the matching donations, this makes our ability to continue this even more robust. We have also been able to provide funds for necessary maintenance as well as a few one-time projects. 
Of course, HHCR is not the sole supporter of Hope House. We partner with other US and local groups to keep the home running. But since this is the HHCR newsletter, that's what we talk about!

We wish we were flush with funds to be able to take care of every need. Given what we do have, we met with the Hope House administrative staff last week to draw up a plan to use HHCR funds wisely and prudently to meet various Hope House needs. The options on the table that we are considering are the following:

New Van

The current Toyota van was donated in 2009 and since it is being used continually all day, every day taking boys to and from school, doctors and other necessary trips, it is getting old. In fact, HHCR was able to pay for repair bills on the old van, which says it is showing its age. This, of course, is a huge ticket item.


This consists of bonus and vacation pay and is, by Mexican law, required every December. For this year, the amount required is $5,500. It would wonderful if HHCR could help in this item.

More Boys 

We mentioned earlier that Hope House facilities and staff could support an additional eight boys. However, these boys need to be fed, clothed, school costs paid for, clothes washed, and all other items associated with raising growing boys. Under Financial Status, later in the newsletter, we would like to change our monthly goal of $2,000 to $4,000. This would provide an additional $250 per new boy, per month, which just might be sufficient.


The Mexican Institute of Social Security (Spanish: Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social, IMSS) is a governmental organization that assists public health, pensions, and social security in Mexico operating under the Secretariat of Health. It is a government requirement to provide this coverage to employees. Since budget has not been there, this item has never been picked up. Several of our donors have specified that their donations go towards this but we are always short in providing the full amount. We plan to get an estimate but it appears that it will be on the order of $2,500 per month. With existing donations, both designated recurring and larger one time donations, HHCR just might be able to handle this. However, it would help if more recurring donors, especially with matching funds, could help towards this.

Can HHCR help with these items? We think so, and we are trusting God to make it happen. But additional donations would tremendously ease the pressure in helping Hope House to continue to function in bringing hope to those that don't have hope.

To make it easier to donate, we are now a member of the PayPal Giving Fund where all fees are paid by PayPal. The implication is that donations go 100% directly to Hope House. We have added a new button at the bottom of this newsletter to provide this option. You can, of course, continue to use your credit card, which costs us a small fee, or bank transfer. A few people still send us checks, but it takes time for them to reach us in Mexico, and, although possible, it is trickier for us to deposit them. But however you donate is a blessing!

For added Hope House visibility in the US, there are plans to send one of the staff members, who also is on the board of directors of Hope House, to visit the Bay Area in California and provide more insight. Currently the process is at the Passport/Visa stage. If you know of a church, Christian school, organization, or group of individuals in that area who would be interested in learning more about Hope House, let us know by this address.
Our Boys and Their Activities
This past month, one of our boys sadly had to leave Hope House. Mateo. As you know, the boys come from abused environments and can be pretty damaged, especially emotionally.. As we have posted photos of the boys, for the most part, Hope House is able to provide the security, comfort, and hope that transforms them into emotionally stable boys, as can be observed in their photos. Occasionally there is one that is beyond the capabilities of Hope House, as they need additional special care and attention. Mateo is one of those that fall in that category.  In a situation like this, the government seeks a place where the facilities and staff are capable of providing what is needed. Still, it is sad to see  Mateo leave, especially after the staff did their best to help him with his traumatic past.The total now is 16, including Ulises. 

We have spoken of a plan to increase the number of boys from the current number of 16. With the current staff and facilities, up to 24 boys can be helped, an additional eight. With your help and additional recurring donors, we can be confident to soon bring eight more boys out of their abusive environments and off the street. 

There are always more boys that the State would like to place with us.  The challenge continues to be operational funds. This has given HHCR the opportunity to try and meet the monthly operational budget with the help of our partner ministries, which has been possible recently, as noted in the section on funds. We are now in a financial position to help Hope House take on more boys. With the current staff and facilities, Hope House can grow to 24 boys.                                    
We always like to include random photos of the boys so you can share the impact Hope House has on their lives. The photo below is a birthday cake for Luis and Pepe. 
Below is a collage of the some of the boys doing their thing. Most importantly is to see how they are growing up. And, of course, their smiling faces are evidence of the environment the;y ;are now growing up in. Whereas before, there wasn't much to smile about or to have hope for in their lives.
Below is a photo of Diego. Give him a blank sheet of paper and with his hands he is able to perform magic. He is quite the artist.
Local Organizations Honoring the Boys
Fund raisers are a common event in this area as there are many groups and projects that need financial assistance. We live in an area with many needs, and thankfully also many generous people. Fund raisers are especially popular around Christmas time when people tend to be more inclined to donate, and the "snow birds" are in town for the winter. The photos below are representative of the events that typically take place; a fund raising dinner where the donation is part of the entrance fee. Fortunately Hope House is the beneficiary of some of these events.The attendees receive a good meal and Hope House benefits from the event financially. We are so thankful for the local businesses who love our boys!
Work Shop Repairs
In the last few newsletters we have shown the progress on the improvements being made to the structure of the workshop and upstairs apartments. The collage below shows several volunteers doing the final painting of the walls. The workshop now is ready to have all the equipment brought back in and set up.
In-house Tutor and Workshop Instructor
Hope House is extremely grateful for the response received in providing scholarship funds for the boys' education. One of the strains on the daily budget is tutoring boys in their regular schooling. The tutoring program is very successful, and the boys in this program are performing significantly better in school as a result. A tutor in the morning works with the boys attending school in the afternoon, and a tutor in the afternoon helps the boys attending school in the morning. The cost is $75 USD per tutor per week, or $150 per week for all tutoring. If you would like to help with this, it makes a huge difference in giving the boys hope for the future. Donations can be made here.

Hope House is currently needing to add a teacher in the woodwork shop. Hope House has one of the most complete workshops in the area that is now primarily used to complete projects. We have been blessed with this workshop and it is beneficial and prudent to use it for training the boys in carpentry, as there is always a market for young men skilled in carpentry in the area. Donations can be made at the same link above. Two classes per week, each of three hours, is the goal.
Sponsor a Child
Just to remind you that Hope House has a program available for donors who would enjoy sponsoring a particular boy.  In this program a specific boy would be assigned to you. More information on how this program works, and how you can be part of it can be obtained by contacting Karlee here.  This program is administrated through Shepherd's Heart Ministries, one of many partners in supporting Hope House.
Financial Status
As mentioned before, HHCR recurring donations have almost doubled because of the employer matching funds To be able to bring in more boys, we have chosen to increase the monthly recurring donations to $4,000. This places monthly financial giving to 65% of our new goal of $4,000. You can see that by using a seemingly small thing like applying for matching donations through your employer can have a huge impact. We would love to achieve the new monthly goal so that Hope House will be able to take in more boys. 
HHCR has been approved by PayPal as a legitimate 501(c)3 charity. This makes HHCR part of the PayPal Giving Fund. The impact is that all donations made through the PayPal Giving Fund are free of any fees. And since HHCR operates without any management fees, every dollar donated through use of the PayPal Giving Fund button goes 100% to Hope House.

You too can make a difference.

Even the smallest donation helps a boy have the safety, security, and love of a home environment, plus the education to succeed in life.

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