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January 2021 Happenings
Hope House in Mexico


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Here is our monthly (más o menos) newsletter to keep our friends and family updated on what is happening with Hope House Children's Relief (HHCR) and Hope House in Mexico. For those who don't know, HHCR is our not-for-profit 501(c)3 and all donations received are directed solely to Hope House (Casa Hogar Mi Esperanza en el Corazon) in Ixtlahacan de Los Membrillos, Jalisco, Mexico. The newsletter will provide updates on the boys - especially the new ones - a little insight into the staff, teams, vocational training, projects, and items of special interest.  If you know of someone that would be interested in HHCR/Hope House, Mexico updates, they can subscribe here.

A copy of last month's newsletter can be found here.  If you go to this website there is a link to all previous newsletters.
Please Read This Inspiring Section
First of all, Happy New Year. We are anxious to see what this year has to bring.

In the November Newsletter we laid out a situation that HHCR is facing and indicated the funding required to carry Hope House further. HHCR is now the primary provider of financial support to Hope House. After a couple of very generous donations, God gave us wisdom to lay aside a reserve that would allow Hope House to continue until the end of 2022. In this last month (January) additional one time donations were received that help considerably in carrying our ability to support Hope House further into the future. Currently there is a monthly shortfall of approximately $1,500 to $2,000 in recurring donations to meet operational expenses. However, with the reserves we have, HHCR can support Hope House now to mid-2023. Hope House is extremely grateful for the generosity of HHCR donors.  

The generous response of donors has been a real inspiration to us and motivation to continue on with what we are doing. There were a number of significant one time gifts in addition to another generous recurring gift. Recurring gifts are what we rely on most to meet Hope House expenses, as they are the foundation of stable support. When we see the generosity of donors caring for these boys, we feel so blessed. We have never considered ourselves to be fundraisers, and you, our friends and donors, have made our job much easier.  Thank you!
New Video
As a part of the ongoing effort to seek additional funds, Hope House has prepared a video that gives a complete overview of this wonderful facility for formerly abandoned and abused boys. The video can be found here. Please share this video and newsletter with as many people as you can! We have found that visibility is a key ingredient of raising funds. We would also be amenable to combine your use of this video with a Zoom or Google Meet chat so that questions can be answered. If this sounds like something that you would like to do with your work, church, or friends, contact us at our email.
The Boys
Currently Hope House remains at fourteen boys., primarily because Pandemic restrictions make it difficult to bring in more boys. The administrative staff continues to seek additional boys so that more are kept off the streets and are provided a safe and secure home in addition to providing them hope and skills for the future.

Gerardo and Ulises were the two oldest boys that moved to the Transition House and then at Christmas returned to spend time with their individual families. While there, they, in agreement with their families, decided the boys were ready to come home and begin helping support the family. It is difficult to see them go but it says a lot for Hope House that they now have been given the necessary tools to move on in life. We wish them the best!

One new boy came to Hope House. His photo is below. His name is Cristian, and he is fourteen years old. This photo is of his first day at Hope House and he is just beginning to learn what his new life is about. We are sure we will see a difference in his appearance after he has acclimated himself. Welcome Cristian!!

Because of the pandemic, activities of the boys have been somewhat curtailed. So it is a challenge to get interesting photos. However, thanks to Christmas, Birthdays and King's Day we do have some nice photos. 
Birthdays Continue
Dani had his birthday this month. That is Dani in the photo lower right .  Upper left are the boys celebrating his birthday with him. Next to that is the single candle that burns like a flare. "Mordita" is a Mexican tradition where they push the birthday persons face into the cake. That is the lower left photo. Happy Birthday Dani!!.
Christmas 2020

December has Christmas, but January brings "King's Day", which is celebrated every January 6. This is where the children wake up very early in the morning and run to open the gifts that the Three Kings of the East have left at the Christmas tree or near the representation of the Nativity. Not only was King's Day celebrated but due to Pandemic complications, some of the gifts that typically come in mid-December from the states came in January this year, meaning additional celebration for the boys.

Below is a collage of gifts provided by Jaime Gonzalez. For this the boys published on Facebook a thank you for the gifts received. The gifts consisted primarily of clothing and shoes.
Last month we mentioned the way Christmas gifts usually arrive from Creekside Bible Church (Formerly Grace Bible Church, GBF) to Hope House. Because the Creekside staff could not fly down this year, CBC shipped the presents to us in Phoenix where we spent Christmas with our daughter and her family. We then brought them though customs, with no request for duty, and they arrived at Hope House mid-January. The first photo below is the boxes as loaded in our pickup truck. The collage below is of photos of the boys as they received and opened the gifts. 
King's Day

As mentioned, King's Day is a special day in Mexico on January 6. It means another day to open presents. This year gifts were provided by Soriana, through a local lady who obviously loves the boys. The collage below is a collection of some of the photos. We didn't include all of the photos but just selected a few.  The photo on the bottom row far right also shows some of the baked goods associated with King's Day.
Facility Upgrade
Typically December and January are characterized by the generosity of people providing gifts in the way of clothes, shoes, school supplies, games, or crafts. Rather than overwhelm the boys with too many new clothes or supplies all at once, some things are stored and given when needed as the boys grow and wear out their clothes. This requires storage and organized shelves or cubbies to store all of this for later use. Additional storage was made by converting the showers in the area on the second floor of the dining facility and new storage areas behind the dining facility. The photos below show these new areas. The top photo are two additional rooms in a former shed behind the dining facility and the bottom photo on the left is the converted shower. The photo on the right is the construction material used to build these new facilities.
Financial Status
As Hope House continues to expand and improve facilities to provide for the boys, additional funds are always needed. Just remember, a donation doesn't just provide funds for a charitable organization, this is an investment in providing for the future for these boys. Your love and consideration for the boys is greatly appreciated.

HHCR is committed to provide financial support to meet budget requirements each month. At this point we have been blessed to provide for all operational expenses for the next two years.  But we need to go beyond that and that is what we will be seeking in the future. Special projects, however, come out of reserves. We are looking for donors that might be willing to replenish these reserves so that there are funds available for future maintenance and repairs as well as unanticipated emergencies that may arise. 
Remember, HHCR has been approved by PayPal as a legitimate 501(c)3 charity. This makes HHCR part of the PayPal Giving Fund. The impact is that all donations made through the PayPal Giving Fund are free of any fees. And since HHCR operates without any management fees, every dollar donated through use of the PayPal Giving Fund button goes 100% to Hope House. Some of our donors have already made use of this opportunity to donate to HHCR.  Donations, including recurring donations can also be made via Clover Donations through our website, PayPal, bank transfer, or via check to our Laredo address.  At this time the PayPal Giving Fund only works for one-time donations. Recurring donations can be made through the regular PayPal link.

HHCR is now also registered for Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) with Fidelity Charitable. 

You too can make a difference.

Even the smallest donation helps a boy have the safety, security, and love of a home environment, plus the education to succeed in life.

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