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July 2019
Shire Matters is a monthly newsletter which summarises events and news within the Shire of Katanning. Community members can subscribe at and hard copies are available at the Shire Administration, Library, Visitors Centre, Katanning Leisure Centre and the Katanning Hub CRC. Larger prints of this newsletter for readability are available on request at the Shire Administration. If you have any suggestions or feedback please send them to

Ongoing                         Gallery Exhibition: Dead Centre
Fri 5 July                        Social Badminton at Katanning Leisure Centre
Fri 5 July                        Rollerblading Night at Katanning Leisure Centre
Sat 6 July                       School Holidays start
Sat 6 July                       Wanderers Football Club Ball
Thu 11 July                    KA Youth NAIDOC Event at Katanning Palmerston
Fri 12 July                      KA Youth Rollerblading at Katanning Leisure Centre
Sat 13 July                     Katanning Arts and Crafts Society: Saturday Craft
Sun 14 July                    Piesse Lake: NAIDOC Week Family Planting Day
Sat 20 July                     Katanning Farmers Market
Sun 21 July                    School Holidays end
Tue 23 July                    Public Ordinary Council Meeting July 2019
Sun 28 July                    Piesse Lake: National Tree Day Planting & Celebration
To have your local event listed, please submit information to
At the Ordinary Council Meeting held 25 June 2019, Council resolved to adopt the 2019/20 Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Pursuant to s6.19 of the Local Government Act 1995 the Shire of Katanning hereby gives notice of its intention to introduce the 2019/20 Schedule of Fees and Charges from 1 August 2019.

A copy of the 2019/20 Schedule of Fees and Charges is available on the Shire of Katanning website at

Julian Murphy

RFT AC01-2019 (03-2019)
Operation and Management of the Katanning Aquatic Centre

The Shire of Katanning invites tenders from suitably qualified and experienced contractors to operate and manage the Katanning Aquatic Centre for a period of 3 years.

Tenders close on Wednesday 31 July 2019 at 5.00 pm and may only be lodged through Tenderlink.

Tender documents are available through

Tender enquiries should also be made through Tenderlink or by telephone 9821 9999 to Janelle Nehme, Executive Support Officer.

Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Canvassing of Councillors will disqualify.

Julian Murphy


The Shire Administration and Civic Centre was officially opened by Hon. Alannah MacTiernan MLC Minister for Regional Development; Agriculture and Food; Ports; and Shire President Liz Guidera in a formal ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday 14 June 2019. Guests included neighbouring Shire Presidents and CEOs, former councillors, local dignitaries, and many of the people directly involved with the project.

The New Shire of Katanning Administration and Civic Centre was designed by Chris Egan of i2C Architects and built by Firm Construction. The building accommodates the Council Chambers as well as around 40 staff and has sufficient capacity to meet anticipated future staffing needs. The New Administration and Civic Centre is located within the Austral Terrace Heritage Precinct and compliments the heritage values of the existing streetscape. 

The project was funded by the Shire of Katanning with support from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

Shire President Liz Guidera (left) and Hon. Alannah MacTiernan MLC (right) at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the front of the Shire Administration and Civic Centre
Please ensure to press the STOP button when using the standpipes if the water does not flow after swiping your card. The card would have engaged the system and water will start to flow without notice once the system is sufficiently charged. This will result to a water usage charge on your card as it was last recorded.
As of Monday 1 July 2019 the Shire Refuse Site will become a cashless facility. Only EFTPOS payments and prearranged account payments will be available. These changes are being made in the interest of public safety and the safety of Shire employees. For further information about prearranged accounts, please contact the Shire of Katanning on 9821 9999.
Southern Dirt TECHSPO aims to be Western Australia’s premier technology and innovation event for the Agricultural community and associated industries. We are bringing technology developers, farmers, advisors, expert researchers and officials together for one day of advanced agriculture technology, information sharing and collaboration. Starting with a full conference in which all is provided, you will then have the opportunity to go in-field and see both livestock and cropping technologies in action.

To keep up to date on all things TECHSPO, visit New information on speakers and exhibitors will be available frequently.
Storms may bring heavy rain, damaging winds, lightning, hail, floods and tornados to the southern half of Western Australia between May and October each year. However storms can occur during the warmer months so it is important to stay prepared all year round.

Storms develop when warm, humid air near the ground is pushed rapidly upward into an unstable atmosphere.

Damaging winds, flash floods, lightning, hail and tornados can cause damage to homes, cars and the environment. They can even cause injury or loss of life.
Most storm damage to homes occurs from:
  • loose and broken roof materials
  • fallen trees and branches
  • flooding from blocked gutters and downpipes
People can stay safe and reduce damage to their homes by being prepared.

Preparing your family and home for a storm is your responsibility. If you live in a storm prone area, you should make it a priority between March and May to get your home ready inside and out. There are a few simple steps that could help you minimise damage:
  • Check your roof and gutters for damage or loose material
  • Clear gutters and downpipes of leaves and blockages
  • Trim branches near your home and hire a contractor to clear trees from powerlines
  • Clear rubbish from your yard, balcony or patio and put away any loose objects
  • Prepare an emergency kit with portable radio, torch, spare batteries, first aid kit and family emergency plan
  • Ensure your family understand storms and the risks
  • Prepare an emergency plan including a relocation plan in case your home becomes flooded. Consider what you will do with your pets and know how to turn off the gas, electricity and water supplies (refer to the DFES website for more information) 
  • Display a list of emergency phone numbers
  • Check you have adequate home and contents insurance
You can keep up to date with latest storm warnings and advice:
  • through news bulletins on radio, TV or online
  • on the DFES website
  • on the Bureau of Meteorology’s website or by calling their Land Weather Warnings and Flood Warnings Advice Line on 1300 659 213
  • Secure or remove loose material and rubbish from around your home or work because strong winds during storms can turn loose items into potentially deadly missiles
  • Weigh down loose objects using plastic bags filled with sand, rather than bricks that can be blown around in strong wind
  • Ensure your emergency kit is up to date 
  • Ensure your pets and animals are in a safe area 
  • Move your vehicles under cover 
  • If you are away from your home you should contact family or friends to ensure your home is secure
  • Construction site workers should put away any loose building material and secure their sheds
  • Boat owners should make sure their boats are securely moored
  • Campers should find alternative shelter
  • Close your curtains and blinds and stay inside away from windows 
  • If caught outside find safe shelter away from trees, powerlines, metal objects, storm water drains, rivers and streams 
  • If boating, swimming or surfing leave the water 
  • If there is lightning, unplug electrical appliances and do not use landline telephones 
  • If there is flooding you can create your own sandbags by using plastic bags or pillow cases filled with sand
  • If driving in heavy rain take extra care on the roads:
    •  slow down, turn your lights on and keep a safe distance from other drivers
    • If you cannot see, pull over and park with your hazard lights on until the rain clears
    • Do not drive into water of unknown depth and current
  • Assess your home and property for damage
  • Check on friends and neighbours to see if they need help
  • Keep children away from flooded drains, rivers, streams and waterways
  • Keep away from fallen powerlines as they are dangerous and should always be treated as live
  • Be careful of fallen trees and damaged buildings
  • If driving slow down, keep a safe distance from other drivers and take care in areas that have been flooded
  • If roads are flooded do not drive into water of unknown depth and current
  • Avoid gravel roads as surfaces will be slippery and muddy, and vehicles could become bogged
For life-threatening emergencies call 000
If your home has been badly damaged and you need help, call the SES on 132 500.
SES volunteers will attend as soon as possible. Assistance is prioritised, please be patient.

  • Start cleaning up around your home – stack loose material such as branches and debris away from water meters, valves and telephone lines 
  • Call your local government to get advice about the removal of green waste and other materials such as asbestos fencing
DFES State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers help the community of Western Australia during storms and other
natural hazards and emergencies.

SES volunteers assist the community by:
  • Making temporary repairs to homes and businesses. It is your responsibility to organise permanent repairs. Contact your insurance company 
  • Clearing fallen trees
  • Rescuing trapped or injured people
  • Sandbagging areas in danger of flooding
  • Assisting in relocating people
Such assistance is usually minimal in areas well prepared for storm season, which is why SES volunteers actively educate the community on ways to reduce the impact of storms on life and homes. This group of dedicated people are not paid and give up their time, often braving cold, wet, windy and dangerous conditions to come to the aid of hundreds in need of emergency assistance.

During a severe storm there may be many calls for emergency assistance so calls are prioritised. SES volunteers will attend as soon as possible.

Police, Fire, Ambulance (for life threatening emergencies)             000
State Emergency Service (SES) assistance                                   132 500
Western Power                                                                                131 351
Horizon Power                                                                                 132 351
Water Corporation                                                                           131 375
Alinta Gas emergencies and faults                                                  131 352

DFES website                                                                       
BoM Storm Warning Advice Line                                                    1300 659 213
Weather and storm forecasts                                                
Road conditions (Main Roads WA)                                                 138 138

Advice and further information are available on the DFES website in Chin, Dinka, Farsi, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Arabic, Indonesian, Somali, Swahili, French, Cantonese, Amharic, Nuer, Karen, Dari, Kirundi, Sudanese Arabic.
Katanning Leisure Centre
Address: 4 Pemble Street
Phone: 9821 4399


Opening Hours

Monday - Friday                          6:00am - 8:30am (Members only)
Monday - Thursday                     8:30am - 8:30pm
Friday                                          8.30am - 7.00pm
Saturday                                      9:00am - 1:00pm
Sundays and Public Holidays:    Closed except by special request, private booking
                                                    or other arrangement.

Term 2 – Group Fitness Timetable is as follows:
6.15am                 HIIT Step – early morning (members/concession ticket holders only)
9.30am                 Body Attack
10.00am               Meta Pwr
6.00pm                 Body Pump
6.30pm                 Body Balance
9.30am                 Body Pump
10.00am               HIIT Step
1.30pm                 Seniors Gym
5.45pm                 RPM – bookings essential
6.20pm                 Meta Fit
5.30pm                 HIIT Step
6.10pm                 Meta Pwr
6.30pm                 Body Balance
9.30am                 Body Pump
10.00am               CX Worx
1.30pm                 Seniors Gym
6.00pm                 Body Attack
6.15am                 RPM – early morning bookings essential

Seniors Quiz
1st Wednesday of each month: 1.00pm-3.00pm
Cost: $3 - Lots of Prizes to be won

Seniors Pingo
2nd Wednesday of each month 1.00pm-3.00pm
Cost: $3 - Lots of Prizes to be won

Seniors Autumn Club Luncheon
3rd Wednesday of each month 12.00pm-1.30pm
Cost: $10 per month. Requires membership to Autumn Club for $5 per year.
Public Library
Address: 16 Austral Terrace
Phone: 9821 4300

Become a member

A Katanning Library membership gives you free online access to free online movies, ebooks, and audiobooks. Ask us at the library, we will show you how it works.

Library Club - Every Monday 2:30pm

Story Time- Every Tuesday 10.00am

Toy Library
Tuesdays and Saturdays
Katanning Library Community Room

Genealogy Thursdays
1:00pm – 4:00pm

Have you ever wanted to trace your family history but don’t know where to start?
Have you already begun the journey but have hit a wall?
Do you have the skills, time and know-how to help others in their ancestry search?
Drop in on Thursday afternoons during school terms to meet Wyn and Irene of the Katanning Genealogical Society. 

Did you know…?
You can have full access to free from within the Library! is an amazing tool for researching and mapping your family tree and normally full access requires an ongoing membership that costs $30 a month.

Life Long Readers Book Club
Meeting Date: Friday 5 July 2019
(First Friday of every month)
Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Where: Library Community Room

Lost & Found by Brooke Davis
Millie Bird is a seven-year-old girl who always wears red wellington boots to match her red, curly hair. But one day, Millie’s mum leaves her alone beneath the Ginormous Women’s underwear rack in a department store, and doesn’t come back.

Agatha Pantha is an eighty-two-year-old woman who hasn’t left her home since her husband died. Instead, she fills the silence by yelling at passers-by, watching loud static on TV, and maintaining a strict daily schedule. Until the day Agatha spies a little girl across the street.

Karl the Touch Typist is eighty-seven years old and once typed love letters with his fingers on to his wife’s skin. He sits in a nursing home, knowing that somehow he must find a way for life to begin again. In a moment of clarity and joy, he escapes.

Together, Millie, Agatha and Karl set out to find Millie’s mum. Along the way, they will discover that the young can be wise, that old age is not the same as death, and that breaking the rules once in a while might just be the key to a happy life. 

New arrivals at the library

Public Art Gallery
Address: 16 Austral Terrace
Phone: 9821 4310

Free entry to all Gallery exhibitions- call James on 9821 4310 for more information.

Current Exhibitions
24 June 2019 - 20 July 2019 Dead Centre - Art on the Move

Dead Centre aims to contextualise a group of artistic voices from around the country
that explore and celebrate marginalised identities in the broader spectrum of a
multicultural society. The exhibition articulates some of the problematic expectations on
the individual in finding their place in a social landscape characterised by simplistic and
divisive assumptions.

Image Credit: Angela Tiatia, Walking the Wall, 2014, single channel HD video, 13.04 minutes. Still image courtesy the artist and Sullivan+Strumpf

Upcoming Exhibitions
29 July 2019 - 24 August 2019:  Ngala Wongga (Come Talk) - Arts on the Move
Ordinary Council Meeting Highlights
June 2019
The following items were approved at the Ordinary Council meeting:
  1. Development Approval for Lot 123 (78) Katanning-Dumbleyung Road, Pinwernying for the purpose of Addition to Dwelling, oversize Outbuilding, Rainwater Tanks and Swimming Pool subject to conditions.
  2. Adopted the proposed Fees & Charges for 2019/20 as detailed in Schedule of Fees & Charges 2019/20 to be effective from 1 August 2019.
  3. Endorsed the 2019-2020 Shire of Katanning Fire Management Requirement Brochure as presented.
  4. Endorse the appointment of authorised Fire Control Officers.
All Council Agendas and minutes can be found at
Copyright © 2019 Shire of Katanning, All rights reserved.

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