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May 2017
Shire Matters is a monthly newsletter which summarises events and news within the Shire of Katanning. Community members can subscribe at and hard copies are still available at the Shire Administration, Library, Visitors Centre and Katanning Leisure Centre. If you have any suggestions or feedback please send them to

Proposal for Extended Retail Trading Hours


The Shire of Katanning is considering a proposal to permanently allow for Sunday retail trading between 10.00am and 5.00pm in the Shire of Katanning.


The Shire of Katanning is seeking the views of key stakeholders including retailers, local trader organisations, tourism interests and the community generally before considering making an application to the Department of Commerce for permanent Sunday trading in Katanning.

Submissions on the proposal to permanently allow for Sunday retail trading between 10.00am and 5.00pm in the Shire of Katanning should be made in writing to:

Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Katanning

By Post: PO Box 130, KATANNING  WA  6317

In Person: 16-24 Austral Tce, KATANNING  WA  6317

By Email:

Telephone: 9821 9999

Closing Date for Submissions: 5.00pm Thursday 8 June 2017


Local traders have the right to exercise individual discretion whether to open or not during the proposed trading extension.  Traders have the right to exercise individual discretion and decisions made by traders will be supported by the Department of Commerce WA.
Further information on retail trading hours is available from the Department of Commerce 

Gallery Update

Next exhibition date:
22 May – 17 June 
Exhibition: BETA BLOCKER
showcases Miik Green’s Xylem series, large-scale paintings on aluminium panels combining unlike material, sealed within layers of resin. The term BETA BLOCKER references a class of drugs that combat various heart conditions, and links the ideas of tension and disequilibrium in arts practice with the biological.
Miik Green’s artworks draw from cell-staining techniques and biological pigmentation, where colour can define abnormalities or infection. In the bio-sciences, colour is often strikingly evident and can be used to identify, map, trace and visualise cells and cell components under a microscope. In a similar manner, Green injects, drags and extracts liquid materials, pigments and chemicals, yet allows the paintings to evolve independently of his hand.

Current exhibition date: 
20 April – 12 May
Remembering Them is a project taking place in regional museums across Western Australia to commemorate the First World War. The exhibitions will look at the social impact and human cost of the war and its effects on rural Western Australia. Themes will include experiences of loss, gallantry and survival – both at home and in combat – and the effect of the war on those left behind. The war had an impact even in communities that did not exist at the time, as it changed the landscape and population of Western Australia.
While many Centenary of Service projects will explore the big stories and grand narratives of World War One, Remembering Them will give communities the chance to anchor the stories of the war in their own homes. Those who served and those who stayed on the home front will be represented, as well as the changing community responses to the war and the ongoing impact.
Opening Hours:   
Monday and Friday: 10.00am - 5.00pm
Tuesday and Thursday: 10.00am - 6.00pm
Wednesday: 1.00pm - 5.00pm
Saturday: 10.00am - 1.00pm
Closed Sundays
Free entry to all Gallery exhibitions- call 9821 4310 for more information.
Katanning 2027- Upcoming Strategic Community Planning
Building a Better Community
What is your vision for Katanning?

The Shire of Katanning is currently undertaking a major review of our Strategic Community Plan, Katanning 2027.

The Strategic Community Plan will become the Shire's highest level strategic document that will outline the long-term vision, values, aspirations and priorities for Katanning over the next ten years.

Katanning 2027 will then drive the development of local plans, resourcing strategies, service levels and other strategic documents required by the Shire of Katanning to deliver on the overall community vision.

Get involved:
1. Pop Up Sessions: Tell us your vision and aspirations for Katanning
Thursday 11 May
3.00pm - 5.30pm

Thursday 18 May
9.00am- 12.00pm

Saturday 20 May
9.00am - 12.00pm

Saturday 10 June
9.00am - 12.00pm

2. My Big Idea
Postcards will be posted to residents and available at various locations around town asking for your Big Idea for Katanning's future. Postcards must be returned by Sunday 11 June 2017.
An electronic postcard is available at

3. Surveys
Hard copies are available at the Shire Administration.

Surveys must be returned by Sunday 11 June 2017.

4. Coffee Catch Ups: Drop in, enjoy a coffee and discuss your ideas with us
Wednesday 10 May
9.00am - 11.00am
The Daily Grind

Monday 15 May 
10.30am - 12.00pm
Emu Lane Cafe

5. Community Workshops
Visioning & Planning
Wednesday 17 May
10.00am - 12.00pm
Katanning Town Hall

Harvesting the Vision
Wednesday 14 June
9.30am - 1.00pm
Katanning Town Hall

For more information visit or call 9821 9999.
Community Financial Assistance Program
Round 1 2017/2018 Applications Open
 The Shire of Katanning Community Financial Assistance Programme (CFAP) provides funding support in 2 categories of up to, and over $5,000 each, to enable the Shire to support projects that promote community capacity, improve social participation and inclusion as well as enhance community harmony and social cohesion.
Each application will be assessed against the following criteria:
  1. Does the project meet a community need?
  2. Does the project benefit a sufficiently broad, or diverse, target group?
  3. Does the organisation have the capacity to undertake and manage the project?
  4. Does the application represent value for money?
  5. collaborative community wide projects are encouraged;
  6. demonstrating alignment with the Shire of Katanning community vision
To submit an application for CFAP funding, applicants must complete an application form located on the Shire of Katanning website at or at the Shire of Katanning administration building.
Please read the guidelines located on the website prior to submitting an application. Applications are to be received by Wednesday 14 June 2017.
Further enquiries about the CFAP should be directed to Amy Kuchel on 9821 9999 or
Welcome Precinct & Piesse Lake Master Plan Underway
Architects Hames Sharley have been appointed by the Shire of Katanning for the Heritage Centre Project with key stakeholder and community consultation set to commence in the following weeks as part of the master planning process.
The Project will build on the previous investment of both state and local government to establish a strong foundation for the future growth of Katanning.  The project will see the development of the Katanning Welcome Precinct and Piesse Lake to improve amenity, recreation and tourism facilities; supporting economic diversification and population attraction/retention. The project will involve construction of infrastructure including: improvements to Katanning's Iconic All Ages Playground; creation of one of WA’s first regional Botanic Gardens; landscaped green spaces; amphitheatre, park and tourism facilities. A quality medium density residential land development will offer a diversification of land options and accommodate population growth and sewer installation to Andover Street. The project will also include associated works to relocate lawn bowls to a co-located recreation facility.
Throughout the months of May and June Shannon O’Shea from Hames Sharley and Damien Pericles from REALM Studios will be based at the Katanning Hotel where they will hold a number of focus group meetings and community open day. Key dates and follow-up information will be made available on the Shire website and Facebook page.
Appointed community representatives Lisa Blacklow, Devon Gilmour and Cameron Taylor joined fellow Project Advisory Group (PAG) members from the Shire on 27 April to kick off the planning process with the Hames Sharley architects.
The project PAG and the Shire of Katanning are urging strong participation in the engagement by the community to shape the plans for the Welcome Precinct and Piesse Lake.
The master plan will be completed by the end of June and the project is set for completion by February 2019.
For further information contact Sam Davis at or 9821 9999 or or Shannon O’Shea at or 9381 0236. 
From left to right: Shire of Katanning Executive Manager Projects & Community Building Sam Davis, Hames Sharley consultant for Landscape Design/Place Making Damien Pericles, PAG member Lisa Blacklow , Shire of Katanning Shire President Liz Guidera, PAG member Devon Gilmour, Shire of Katanning CEO Julian Murphy, PAG member Cameron Taylor and Hames Sharley Lead Urban Designer/Place Making Shannon O’Shea at the Katanning Hotel on 27 April 2017.

Only Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives

Working and well placed smoke alarms can provide the critical early warning needed to save lives.
Most residential fires occur at night when people are asleep so it’s important to position smoke alarms in areas where people sleep.

In SINGLE-LEVEL homes smoke alarms must be installed on or near the ceiling:

  • In all hallways leading to bedrooms
  • Where there is no hallway, in an area near the bedrooms.
In MULTI-LEVEL homes smoke alarms must be located:
  • On each level containing bedrooms (see above instructions for a single level home), and
  • On every other level not containing bedrooms and where people travel, such as on a wall or ceiling in the stairway.
Once you have your smoke alarms installed correctly, it’s important to maintain them regularly.
  • Each month, test your smoke alarm by holding down the test button until you hear a loud alert tone.
  • Every six months vacuum your smoke alarm with a soft brush attachment to remove the build-up of dust and cobwebs.
  • Replace your smoke alarms every 10 years.
And remember, smoke alarms are extremely sensitive and may detect smoke and moisture created by common household activities. To reduce the likelihood of your smoke alarms going off unnecessarily, avoid installing them near the kitchen,
laundry and bathroom and near temperature controlled devices such as air conditioners, heaters and fans.
For more information:
  • Visit the DFES website at;
  • Contact Community Emergency Services Manager Cindy Pearce 0417 017 567
Illegal Rubbish Dumping and Parking
There has been an increase in incidents of rubbish being dumped in public places and reserves.  These issues create a public nuisance by being unsightly, encourage further dumping and associated costs incurred by the Shire to remove rubbish and clean up the site.

Where possible offenders will be identified and may be prosecuted or at the very least issued with a $200 or $500 litter infringement notice depending on the type of rubbish dumped.

To assist with the management of illegal dumping standalone remote field cameras will be deployed in known areas of dumping, these high-resolution images and videos along with audio will be used as evidence to undertake legal proceedings.

With the forthcoming verge waste collection residents are reminded that items to be collected should only be placed on the verge one week before the start date of the collection service in your area. 

Items placed out before the nominated date may incur an infringement notice of $200 for littering, this practice also encourages scavenging and often results in the rubbish being scattered about or left in an untidy manner. In addition, this may result in items being disturbed by the wind and create a nuisance or hazard to pedestrian and motor vehicles for which the resident may be liable.

A courtesy reminder to all motorists that parking bays set aside for disabled drivers is actively being patrolled by the Ranger, these bays are for the exclusive use by those that have a genuine need to use them.  Current ACROD permits must be displayed to avoid an infringement notice being issued, the Shire recognises both interstate and international permits issued by a recognised authority.

The time limited parking bays in Austral Terrace and Clive Street are also being managed and any vehicles overstaying the time limit may be issued with an infringement notice.

Council Meeting Highlights
March 2017
Council approved:
1. Accepts the Audit Report for the 2015/16 financial year as presented; and;
Adopts the Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 2016 as presented.

Community Strategic Plan Achievement:

Development & Leadership
  • Governance
2. Endorses the new Katanning Administration & Civic Building Sketch Design (Schematic Design 20/3/2017); and;
Endorses the new Administration & Civic Building Project Management Plan Draft 20/3/2017; and;
Confirms the membership of the new Administration & Civic Building Project Advisory Group community members being Doug Cherry and Ainsley Evans.

Community Strategic Plan Achievement:
Facilities and Services
  • Facility Development
3. Appoints the following members to the Katanning Townscape Advisory Committee:
Councillor McGrath;
Councillor Van Koldenhoven;
Councillor Goodheart as Councillor proxy;
Rosemary McFarland from the Katanning Action Network;
Barbara Groves from the Katanning Garden Club;
Fiona Taylor and Rachael Newman as community members;
Shire of Katanning Manager Operations or his delegate; and;
Adopts the revised committee Terms of Reference as proposed.

Community Strategic Plan Achievement:
Development and Leadership
  • Governance
4. That prior to considering the request from the National Retail Trading Association, undertakes community consultation to ascertain views in the community on permanent Sunday trading between 10.00am and 5.00pm in the Shire of Katanning.
Community Strategic Plan Achievement:
Development and Leadership
  • Economic Development
April 2017
Council approved:
1. Accepts the offer of $30,000 from Gregory Webb as Trustee for the Herman Trust for Lot 512 Daping Street, Katanning, subject to:
a. Installation of a new stormwater drainage infrastructure, designed and constructed to the satisfaction of the Director Engineering and Development Services, aligned to the north-western boundary of Lot 512, in lieu of the existing open drain.
b. Establishment of a drainage easement, in favour of the Shire of Katanning.
c. All statutory and administrative fees associated with the land transfer being met by the applicant; and;
Authorises the President and Chief Executive Officer to complete all relevant documentation, sign and affix the common seal on behalf of the Council.

Community Strategic Plan Achievement:
Development & Leadership
  • Governance: Legal & Ethical Compliance [CBP Ref. P10.5.3]
  • Old Saleyards site - LIA [CBP Ref P6.5.28]
2. The Project Schedule for the consultation and development of the Shire of Katanning’s Strategic Community Plan.
Community Strategic Plan Achievement:
The report and officer recommendation is consistent with the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996 and the Department of Local Government and Communities’ Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework and Advisory Standard.

3. Authorises the Chief Executive Officer to develop and enter into a three year licence agreement with Katanning World of Multicultural Music for the shared use of the Katanning Town Hall and storage provision for the group’s equipment; and;
As part of the licence agreement, negotiate with Katanning World of Multicultural Music a nominal annual fee to assist with the recovery of Town Hall electricity costs.

Community Strategic Plan Achievement:
Pursue Community Development
  • Image and esteem
All Council Agendas and minutes can be found at
Library Update
Life Long Readers
Meeting date: Friday 2 June
Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Next Book: Saving Fish from Drowning
Author: Amy Tan
San Francisco art patron Bibi Chen has planned a journey of the senses along the famed Burma Road for eleven lucky friends. But after her mysterious death, Bibi watches aghast from her ghostly perch as the travellers veer off her itinerary and embark on a trail paved with cultural gaffes and tribal curses, Buddhist illusions and romantic desires. On Christmas morning, the tourists cruise across a misty lake and disappear. With picaresque characters and mesmerizing imagery, Saving Fish from Drowning gives us a voice as idiosyncratic, sharp, and affectionate as the mothers of The Joy Luck Club. Bibi is the observant eye of human nature–the witness of good intentions and bad outcomes, of desperate souls and those who wish to save them. In the end, Tan takes her readers to that place in their own heart where hope is found.

Author Visit 
Linda Bettenay 
Date: Wednesday 10 May
Time: 1:30pm – 3:00pm
Two soldiers who survive the horrors of POW camps and Nagasaki; a young Aboriginal boy abandoned and found in a chook pen fighting dogs for scraps; a murder and brutal attack which happened in a family and was not spoken about for over 85 years - themes from hill's author Linda J Bettenay's three amazing stories from WA's past.
Katanning book lovers are sure to be fascinated as Linda talks about her latest book and her passion to tell Australian stories. After the amazing success of her first two books 'Secrets Mothers Keep' and 'Wishes For Starlight', Linda has just released 'The Apple Core Wars'.
Linda will present her books and she will also explain how she uses historical fact to weave historical fiction. She is not only a gifted storyteller but she is an inspirational and entertaining speaker.
So why not come along?

Library Community Room
Toy Library
Tuesdays & Saturdays
10:30am – 11:30am
Why buy toys when you can borrow something new and different each week at your local toy library!
1:00pm – 4:00pm
REGISTER NOW or workshop may be cancelled if minimum numbers are not met.

The Perth Wildcats are pleased to announce it will once again be touring regional Western Australia during the 2017 NBL off-season.

Throughout May, June and July, Wildcats championship players and coaches will be visiting 11 towns as far south as Albany and as north as Broome for YOUTH clinics, events and community engagements.

Perth Wildcats vice-captain Greg Hire said he and his teammates are looking forward to the opportunity.

REMINDER: Upcoming Hardwaste Verge Collection

The Shire of Katanning is providing one hard waste verge collection for residential properties that currently receive a rubbish (or bin) service. This is all residential properties within the town site. As verge collection are picked up by mechanical means, please follow the information below to avoid any concerns.
Please Do:
  • Place your waste neatly on the verge no more than 7 days prior to the scheduled start date for your area
  • Have your waste on the verge by Monday 6.00am on the scheduled start date for your area as the contractor will only check your verge once
  • Allow 5-7 working days for your collection
  • Residents who have restricted verge access are requested to contact the Shire for advice prior to the collection commencing in your area
Please Do Not:
  • Obstruct the footpath, your normal bin service or the line of sight of pedestrians, cyclists or car, place your waste next to trees, power poles, walls, streets signs, sprinklers or water meters (as these may be damaged)
  • Place your waste inside your property line
  • Waste placed on the verge more than 10 days prior to your area collection commencing, or after the truck has passed, may render you liable to a litter infringement notice
  • Place your waste on other verges as it will not be collected from vacant properties or public reserves, and may render you liable to a little infringement notice.
 What will be collected:
  • Old furniture
  • White goods (fridges, stoves etc)
  • Scrap metal Timber Products (up to 2m in length)
  • General junk
  • Up to 3 cubic metres of material (ie 1x1x3 metres)
 What will NOT be collected:
  • NO green waste
  • NO asbestos or fibre cement products
  • NO foodstuff or domestic rubbish
  • NO bricks, sand or building rubble
  • NO tyres, batteries or oil
  • NO car bodies or vehicle parts
  • NO liquid waste
  • NO household hazardous, medical or veterinary waste
  • NO cement or concrete
  • NO stumps, palm logs or tree roots
  • NO paints, chemicals, oils or acids
  • NO object exceeding 2m in length
How to pile your collection:
  • Place your bulk rubbish on the verge without obstructing footpaths into two separate piles
  • Pile 1: White goods only         
  • Pile 2: General goods only
To prevent the risk of child entrapment, doors MUST be detached from fridges & freezers. The truck collecting metal products is a separate truck from the general collection vehicle.
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