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Business Spotlight
Primex Garden Center

Welcome to the Jungle
by Julia Neff

Spring is here! If you're looking for a way to fill your home with vibrancy, Primex Garden Center is the place to go! Located at 435 W Glenside Ave, Primex has been the perfect Independent Garden Center stop for anything plant-related since 1943- from an outdoor vegetable garden to a collection of succulents!

Right: photo from Primex's Facebook page
Contact (215) 887-7500 with any questions.

One of the most notable features of Primex is its year-round tropical greenhouse. The greenhouse has a wide selection of houseplants, annuals, and perennials that make any plant lover fall head over heels. I visit the greenhouse at least once a month and always walk out with a plant in hand!

Don't have the greenest thumb? Don't worry!

The first time I visited Primex, I did not know about plant care.   

Which is the best beginner plant?
What soil is the best choice? How much sun is needed? etc.
At Primex, even if you aren't a seasoned gardener, the employees are sure to point you in the right direction and will offer any knowledge they have. I even got a little sheet of facts about how to care for my plant! Fair warning- once you have one houseplant, you will never stop growing your collection!

In all, Primex is the perfect stop for anyone at any experience level, and Spring is the perfect time to begin your new hobby.

Happy gardening!

Spring Events 2022

Mark your calendars!

Every Wednesday:
Franklin's Pub Trivia Night

8:00 PM - 6 MAX per team


April 23:
Downtown Glenside Arts Festival

11 AM-5 PM on Easton Rd & Glenside Ave

Come out and enjoy.

- Over 70 artists & crafters

- Food and beverage

- Local shopping

April 30:
Glenside Farmers Market

9 AM - 1 PM at the Glenside Train Station every Saturday until the weekend before Thanksgiving

Blast from the Past

Did you know?

Glenside was founded in 1683 as part of Cheltenham Township, which became part of the County of Philadelphia a year later. Philadelphia County dissolved on the 10th of September 1695, and Montgomery County was formed instead!

Neighborhood Eats

Featured Restaurant
The Ways

by Beth Mackey

If you're looking for a restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere and delicious food, The Ways is the way to go. Whether it be a night out with friends or a casual family dinner, The Ways has an option for everyone. Located at 11 South Easton Road, the brewery and restaurant have pub-style food and uniquely crafted beers. Both indoor and outdoor dining is available, including bar seating inside. If you don't like beer, there are also wine and mixed drink options. All of their mixed drinks are created with local PA liquors.

The restaurant and brewery were opened in 2019 by two brothers, Tim and Steve. Before opening, Steve ran an award-winning food truck, Smokin' Tacos, and has had 15 years of beer crafting experience. His brother Tim was an ER nurse for 13 years before taking a year to learn all about the beer brewing business.

Catch Up With a Knight

Featured Resident
Madeline Lynch

by Meaghan Airey

Madeline Lynch is a third-year Arcadia student who recently returned from Spain! As she was gathering her things, excited to come back to campus, she planned her first stop when she stepped back into the town of Glenside. When she got back to town, her first meal was going to be from Jasmine's Asian Bistro!

Before COVID, this was a great place to bring your friends, order all the food you could eat, and have a great night out. Now, Jasmine's offers the same experience in the comfort of your own home. 

It is located at 138 S. Easton Road Glenside, PA 19038 (Easton Road, between W. Waverly Rd and W. Glenside Ave.) The restaurant is located approximately one block away from the Glenside Regional Rail Station. Jasmine's food is unlike any other in the area!

Madeline said she is "excited to order her favorite meal, Sweet and Sour Chicken!" Madeline is my old roommate; I can contest that there were many nights we treated ourselves to Jasmine's and created many unforgettable memories in our apartment.

Whether you're looking for some take-out ideas for nights where you don't feel like cooking or a caterer for your party, Jasmine's is the place to go! 

Check them out at

A Day In the Life

Featured Resident
Ginny McNally

by Jaylin Redman

An interview with resident Ginny McNally.

Downtown Glenside is a great local spot for all of my dining and shopping needs. When I need to pick up a gift for someone, I’ll swing by Sweet Magnolia and The Nest. Not only do I come away with the perfect unique gift, I often find something for myself as well. Through the years I’ve also made great use of running local errands within walking distance of my home with the convenience of stores such as Lewis Paint and Wesley Pharmacy. It’s been great finding products that I need without ever traveling further than a quick walk in the neighborhood. You get those personal touches and conversations that just don’t come with a trip to the big box stores. 

My kids love taking a trip to Game Junkie for all of their gaming needs, followed by a delicious ice cream cone at Dreams!

When it comes to Glenside restaurants, I make good use of them all. Rocky’s is a family favorite for delicious takeout, where we are known on a first-name basis. Nowhere else have I ever experienced such personal customer service. Next is Elcy’s, with its cozy setting to start my day with friends over a cup of coffee. The backdrop of the train station makes it stand out. Date night dinners at Trevi and Jasmine’s always bring a meal that never disappoints. And a night on the town is never complete without a nightcap at the Glenside Pub, where you are bound to run into some familiar faces that give you the feel of this being your local watering hole. A night with live music is even better!

Downtown Glenside is also a very festive destination for holiday festivities, a car show, or a food truck event. These local events really highlight what our great Glenside community is all about! Next on my list, I’m looking forward to checking out Moody Jones Gallery, Franklin’s Pub, and Pinto Nacho spot!

Meet Our Board Members


Maureen Half
Owner, Sweet Magnolia

Vice President

Gina Burke
Owner, Trevi Restaurant


Daniel Sierchio
Glenside Resident


Jerry Clarke 
Attorney, Clarke and Associates

Liaison: Cheltenham Township Economic Development Taskforce

Deb Campbell
DC Interiors LLC



Nancy Bower
Glenside Resident
CPR Trainer with Cardiac Care and Safety


Laura Baldwin

Glenside Resident & Vice President for Marketing and Communications, Arcadia University

Just Jokin' Around
  • What do you call a rabbit with fleas?
  • Why did the bird go to the hospital?
  • Why couldn't the flower ride its bike?
Bugs Bunny
It needed tweetment!
It lost its petals.

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