New Non-Stop 'Bus Bridge' from Olde Town!

Here's really big news: RTD has announced a new transitional service from the Olde Town Arvada park-n-ride operating daily beginning December 18, 2016. The new route is meant to bridge the gap between the A-Line shuttle, which stopped operating on November 1, and the start of the G-Line train in 2017. In addition to facilitating airport access, it's a terrific way to get downtown for cultural and other events. Some features of this brand new service:

  • Hourly, non-stop service to and from Union Station, dropping you underneath the train platform, an easy and comfortable walk away.
  • The CU A-Line train takes you the rest of the way to DIA. Trains depart every fifteen minutes through most of the day, every day.  
  • Very affordable rates: $2.60 to downtown or $9.00 all the way to DIA.
  • Seniors and kids go for half-price ($1.30 to downtown or $4.50 to DIA).
  • Free parking at the Olde Town Arvada park-n-ride -- with a good number of spaces currently available.
  • For most trips, you'll ride in a big, plush motorcoach with many amenities and driver assistance with luggage.
  • Preliminary: Ride Provide is working on a program for volunteers who can guide you and assist with your transfer downtown.

Week Day Schedules and Pick-Up Locations

In a nutshell, the 55L departs the Olde Town p-n-r, Gate B, every fifteen minutes (approximately) from 6:09 a.m. until 8:01 a.m. After that, the bus (then called the 55S) departs the Olde Town p-n-r, Gate A, hourly at :13 minutes after the hour, from 9:13 a.m. through 9:13 p.m. The trip is non-stop to Union Station and drops you one level below the train platform.

On the return from Union Station, the departure time is always :46 minutes after the hour, from 8:46 a.m. through 9:46 p.m. 

Weekend Schedules and Pick-Up Locations

The weekend schedule is an easy one: the 55S departs the Olde Town Park-n-Ride, Gate A, every hour at :13 minutes after the hour starting at 6:13 a.m. and continuing through 6:13 p.m. On the return, the 55S departs Union Station from Gate 9 every hour at :46 after the hour starting at 5:46 a.m. and continuing through 6:46 p.m.

Service is provided on all holidays, including Christmas and New Year's, according to the Weekend Schedule.

NOTE: Two different vehicles will be used for this service. The 55S is an over-the-road coach with separate luggage storage and the driver will assist with your bags. The 55L is a regular RTD bus and it operates in the early morning hours on weekdays only. To board the 55L with your luggage, merely ask the driver to lower the lift to allow you to roll your luggage aboard. You can stow it on the floor in the front of the vehicle -- but please be considerate of others and careful to preserve room for the aisle.

We wanted to get this information to you in time to plan your holiday travel. For general information, visit RTD's call center can confirm schedule details: 303-299-6000. And if you'd like, Ride Provide can help you plan - just contact us by replying to this email or via phone call to 303-420-2589.

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