Biosis #51
Summer 2016
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Dr. Verigin's Comment

True Healing Can ONLY Begin with Improving the State of the Terrain

Last December, I was in consultation with a patient who was trying to understand the concept of how a body gets so polluted that serious illness results. A 50ish woman, she was trying to grasp why we needed to improve the health of her biological terrain first, before removing her mercurlightbulb with filament spelling ahay amalgam fillings, root canals, and cavitations.

After about 20 minutes of my showing her pictures and explaining things like regulation and homeostasis, her eyes suddenly got big. So did her smile. She said, “The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain!” We both laughed.

If you’re not familiar with the classic musical My Fair Lady, that line comes right after the “ah-ha!” moment – when flower girl Eliza first speaks “proper” English without her usual Cockney accent.

There in my office, the patient’s “ah-ha!” was understanding the terrain – a concept she discovered that she could connect to her life in a very real way...

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JoAnne's Motivational Minute

Connection & Community

By JoAnne Boettcher-Verigin

Escalon welcome sign

When would-be patients call us, one of their first questions is often, "If Doc is so good, why is he in such a little town?"

It’s simple, really. When we were ready to set up our practice, we decided that we wanted to raise our family in a safe environment – a place where we could know our neighbors and feel connected with the community.

After settling in Escalon, it wasn't long before we were enjoying friendships with many of the townspeople and becoming active in community life. We felt cared about. Our children had lots of friends. It was safe for them to walk to school. If any of us needed anything, there was always a friend or neighbor nearby to help.

Fifty years later, we’re still here, still providing the best biological dental care we can, building relationships with patients from all over the country who entrust us with their care.

Our town has grown, too, of course. But even though it hasn’t grown as explosively as others, it’s hardly been immune to the social changes that have affected cities, large and small, across our nation.

As David Brooks recently noted,

The weakening of the social fabric has created a range of problems. Alienated young men join ISIS so they can have a sense of belonging. Isolated teenagers shoot up schools. Many people grow up in fragmented, disorganized neighborhoods. Political polarization grows because people often don’t interact with those on the other side. Racial animosity stubbornly persists.

"Strong identities,” he added, “can come only when people are embedded in a rich social fabric.”

Happily, it seems that more people are now seeking to restore and enrich that fabric.

Maybe you saw in the news how more millennials are now opting to live at home with their parents, even after they’ve finished school and started on their careers. Interestingly, it’s not just about saving money. The change began even before the Great Recession hit.

Or maybe you’ve heard about the rise of a new kind of communal living, where people have private apartments but they’re clustered around shared community spaces. The promise of social connection is a selling point.

Such trends suggest that we’re finally recognizing the need for connection with others – that we can’t just go it alone, that we need to matter to others…and that others really do matter to us.

How will YOU nurture your family and social connections today?

Image by Gomez1209, via Wikimedia Commons

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